NCERT solution for class 11 English Poem-1 A photograph Question and answers

A photograph class 11 Question and answers English Poem 1

Question”1 What does the word” Carboard denote in the poem? why has this word been used?

Answer” The word Carboard denotes the photograph pasted on a hard thick paper, this word has been used to indicate the past when photograph were pasted on carboard and framed with glass front to preserve them

Question”2 what has the camera captured?

Answer” The camera has captured the three girls- the poet’s mother and her two cousins, betty and Dolly, in their swimming dresses

Question”3 what has not changed over the years ? does this suggest something to you?

Answer” The sea has not changed over the years It reminds us that at one side sea remains Unchanged after so many years but human beings face change as the time passes

Question”4 The poetess” s mother laughed at the snapshot? what did this laugh indicate?”

Answer” This laugh ” indicated her joy at remembering an incident connected with her past life, when she was quite young and free from the tensions and worries of life

Question”5 what is the Meaning of the line” both wry with the laboured eases of loss”

Answer” The line refers to the sea holiday as remembered by her mother and the poet remembering her mother’s laughing face both of them are now part of past her mother is no more now

Question”6 what does” this circumstance” refer to?

Answer” This words this circumstance refers to the present situation of the poet which is the painful memories of her mother who have been deceased twelve years ago while looking at the old photograph of her mother’s childhood makes her miss her more she remembers her laughing and how the photograph was her favourite past memory

Question:7 The three Stanzas depict three different phases Name them ”


  1. The Girlhood of the poet’s Mother— the period before the birth of the poet
  2. Her Middle age — the period during the childhood of the poet
  3. Period after the death of the poet’s mother

Question”8 what is the meaning of the line washed their terribly transient feet?

Answer” This line contrasts the transience of human beings with the permanence of the sea while the sea remains for ever almost the same human beings changed very fast their physical appearance’

Question”9 Explain: The sea holiday was her past mine is her laughter”

Answer” The poet compares the sea holiday of her mother with her mother’s laughter the sea holiday was her mother’s past the mother’s laughter was the poet’s past

Question”10 who have been captured by the camera on the carboard photograph?

Answer” The carboard photograph shows three figures– two cousins and the poet’s mother


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