Evans Tries an O-level class 12 chapter 7 English Vistas summary

Evans Tries an O-level class 12 chapter 7 English Vistas summary

Evans Tries an O-level class 12 summary

The story begins with a criminal named Evan. is already known for his escape. which is why he is now in Oxford prison. we saw that the secretary of the examination committee. received the warden of S.M.he learned that Evan had already started

Taking higher-level German evening courses. therefore he hopes to obtain a degree. therefore, they have made the necessary arrangements for it. after questioning them, they learned that Evan had no history of violence, on the contrary, he was a lot of fun. In the end, they decided to preside

Over the exam in Evan’s room and send a supervisor from St Mary mags. the governor was very attentive from start to finish, because he knew what Evans could do.

Therefore, the authorities did everything possible to help Evans achieve excellent results on the exam. they hired a German tutor for him. he taught Evans for six months. and Evan even befriended him during that time. the tutor wished him luck,

But felt that he had no chance to pass the exam. however Evans told him that it could surprise everyone. therefore, the day of the test has come and his cell is now being inspected. the police took everything he might have used to hurt himself.

They tried to remove his hat, but Evan insisted it was his lucky charm. also they eavesdropped on Evan’s cell phone and let the governor hear everything. the guard was searched and then came to his cell to carry out the examination. A Police officer has been spying on the cell to make sure everything is normal.

Th Exam went on smoothly, and Stephen escorted the invigilator to the front door. In Evan’s cell’ they found that the volunteer police officer was injured. they went to Evans, only to find that he had escaped from prison. In addition. when they cannot find a guard in the hospital,

They will go to his residence. they only found out that it was a hoax when they got there. finally, the governor put together the missing pieces of the puzzle. he found out that the vigilante was Evan’s friend, swapped positions with him. and tricked everyone. they immediately went to the hotel where Evans was staying and caught him,

The Governor thought his game was over, was very happy and sent him to the prison wagon. however Evans managed to complete the last stunt, because prison officials and prison cars were also part of his plan. In the end he became a free man.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, Evans Tries an O-level summary, we learn about an interesting clash between criminal and law enforcement and how a person’s wit can take him very far.


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