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why i started this blog

Why did I start this blog,( I started this blog so that the knowledge that I have can reach more people, I have good knowledge in education and want to reach all of you in this knowledge, in this blog class 9, 10, 11 , and I will write the best notes for the children of 12 so that they can help the children a lot and they can move ahead in the exam and in their career, this is my purpose from this blog thank you

who am i know about me

My name is Janu and I have just completed my graduation and I live in Delhi and we are two brothers and one brother, we are three brothers, and my mother is also not a father, she had died, now something else in the morning get up and go to gym first and then after coming from he go to his work i work in amazon i get salary of 8,000 rupees a month, have to work from 10 am to 4 pm Because of all, I thought that I should make my own blog and share the knowledge I have to more people, I have good knowledge in education and I try my best to reach out to people. Thank you.