Introduction to Essential tools-meaning of Microsoft word processor and power point

Introduction to Essential Tools


what is Microsoft-word

word processing means typing and formatting of any e kind of text based document this document can be anything like letters memorandum account related documents Reports Act job of the word processor is to process the words to generate meaningful information, almost all type of document that we use in our routine life can be created using word processor, A software that provides common set of tools for creating , editing, formatting, and deleting text is known as

what is word processor

word processor is the way of producing documents in effective and efficient manner A word processor enables us to create a document, store it electronically on a disk, display it on a screen, modify it by entering commands and print it on a paper, MS-WORD, is one of the various word processing packages that are being widely used everywhere today,

Each individual document is called a file that has a certain location each file has the extension “:, docx,” MS-WORD is a word processor is used for documentation and mailing purposes in schools, offices and by individuals at home,

Inserting shapes

you can insert different shapes to yours document available in the gallery , the available shapes include lines, basic geometric shapes, arrows, equation shapes, flowchart shapes, start banners, and call outs, not only the shapes but also you can add text bullets, numbering and quick styles to them,

Do the following steps:

  1. on the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click shapes,
  2. A dropdown menu will appear, click the shape that you want to add to the document,
  3. click at the place where you want to place the shape
word Art

word Art adds special text effects to the document, this word art becomes an object that you can move or position in your document to decorate or emphasize , you can modify or add to the text in an existing word art object whenever you want,

To add word art to text in your document, follow the following steps:

  1. on the Insert tab, in the text group, click word art.
  2. A dropdown menu will appear, click the word art style that you, want ,
  3. A text box will appear with the word enter your text here,” Enter your text in the box,
  4. place the text box at the desired place,
Adding column breaks

once column have been created, the text will automatically flow from one column to the , sometimes though, the user might want to control exactly where each column begins, it can be done by creating column breaks,

  1. To add column breaks,
  2. place the Insertion point where you want to insert the break
  3. click the page layout tab,
  4. click the breaks command in the page setup group, A drop-down menu will appear,
  5. select column from the list of break types,
  6. The text will shift to reflect the column break,
Header and footer

header is a special text that is inserted on the top of each page or first page of the document generally header is used as the title of the document, or name of the organization and this could be used in subsequent pages as well ,

Footers; is a text/ graphics that is printed at the bottom of every page , footer area of a document can be used to show page number or some comments regarding the document,

Text as well as graphics can also be used as Header & footer


  1. open the document
  2. click on view menu–> select header & footers
  3. word activities header and footer Toolbar and header and footer area as boxes appears on the top and the bottom of the document respectively,
  4. Now user can type the text/ graphics that has to appear in the header and footer area of the document, user can choose date, time or page number for this purpose, available on header and footer Toolbar, in the form of bottoms,
  5. click on close bottom,
Bullets and numbering

In order to highlight key points in a document, sometimes it is necessary to get an itemized view of list of statements, for this numbered and bulleted list can be created word offers various styles of bullets and numbering bullets, are useful for unordered lists while numbering is useful for lists in which each item is part of a sequence and ought to be followed in that order,

  1. select the list of statements,
  2. click on format menu -> select bullets and numbering
  3. choose one of the styles (bullets / numbering )
  4. click of Bottom

Power point


Microsoft power point 2007 is a sophisticated presentation making software, presentations created using power point have revolutionized the way professionals deliver their idea, MS POWER point has become the standard and sole medium of almost all presentations world over, its features include wide collection of fonts and colors, innumerable templates for the background, library of pictures from clip art Gallery Infinite ways of manipulating text image and sound you can clip, paste , superimpose, zoom animate line in power point, it also enables you to publish your presentations on internet, one of the added features is a multiple view within the same window,

power point presentation is a collection of slides, handouts speaker’s notes and outline all in one file, all presentation in the form of slides is created ,

Slides: slides are individual pages of a presentation slides can consist of titles, texts graphs , freeform art, shapes , clipart , and visuals created using other applications,

Handouts: these are printed version of slides, it allows having two, three or six slides, per page,

A speaker’s notes: speakers notes can be created on each slide, it is basically a speaking aid, it can contain an image and some text with it,

outlines: the titles are main text appear in the outline,

presentation files; all power point slides for a particular project are kept in a single power point file called a presentation file

Masters; masters are created to hold information that will appear on multiple slides in your presentation,

Features of power point

The new user interface that’s common to the main office 2007 programs is very user friendly , some of the new features of MS-power point are as follows:

  1. Ribbon; the Ribbon users tabs to group commands and features in logical, task-oriented categories, In power point 2007, In addition to the familiar home, Insert Review, view and add-ins tabs which are common to other office programs, you will find tabs labeled designed , Animations and slide show that are dedicated to those presentation elements,
  2. Context menus and tabs: power point 2007 has new context menus and tabs which makes working very easy,
  3. Quick style Gallery: the quick style gallery with new themes, helps you to put together professional -looking presentation much more quickly because you don’t have to select colors and style options individually, now you can be sure that your graphics elements, tables and charts all match, when you apply a new style or theme, all of these elements change so that they go together and use the same color set,
  4. Themes: they are meant to contain design information only, you can create your own themes, save them, and reuse them just like templates themes are made up of sets of theme color theme fonts and theme effects, which are various treatments of shapes,
  5. Smart Art: smart art graphics are visual representation of information and ideas that the are color coordinated and pre-constructed for common purpose, such as listing a number of components or subjects, showing hierarchical relationships illustrating the steps of a process or procedure, creating a matrix and so on
  6. Custom Layouts: you can create your own layouts and save them in your templates and themes templates and themes now include all the layouts,
  7. Tables and charts: these are important elements of many slide presentations and power point 2007 makes it easier to create and edit them it’s simpler to cut and paste information from Excel spreadsheets and adding a table or chart to a slide is done from the Insert tab,
  8. Live preview: one of the most useful features of power point, 2007 is the live preview features, you can see how various color themes and effects will look on the slide before selecting them for Example , if you click the color down arrow in the theme section of the design tab as you scroll through different themes, they are instantly displayed on the slide,
  9. presenter’s view: Another new feature in power point 2007 is the ability to run the presentation on one monitor while the audience views it on a second monitor, In presenter view, what you see on your monitor (like your laptop) and what the audience sees on the second monitor (like on projector screen) is different, The audience sees only the slide itself but you see the current slide along with your speaker notes and previews of the next several sliders in sequence , you can click any of those slides to go to it instantly, and you can darken or lighten the audience screen without affecting your own,

power point gives you several ways to create a presentation creating, slides is the root of all your work with power point, you can get your idea across with a series of slides, Adding text will help you put your idea into words, the multimedia features makes your slides sparkle, you can add clip art sound effects music video clips etc, preparing a presentation is easy in power point once you have created slides, you can put them in order time your slide show and present them to your audience

Creating a new presentation

As soon as you power point you get a new blank presentation power point includes all the features you need to produce professional looking presentations power point presentation is made up of a series of slides the slides contain the information you want to communicate with your audience this information can include text, picture chart video sound and more.

Opening an Existing presentation

The steps to open an existing presentation are as follows;

  1. click the Ms office button
  2. clip open the open dialog box appears,
  3. navigate to the location of file you want to open
  4. click the file to select and click open to open the file you have selected
Working with power point

before you begin adding information to slides, you need to know the basics of working with slides now you will learn how to start a new presentation, insert new slides modify a layout move and copy slides how placeholders work, as well as how to save your presentation,

Blank presentation

you can create and use a blank presentation in case you don”t want to use any of the pre-defined styles and want to design a presentation yourself, the steps to create a blank presentation are as follows:

  1. click the Ms office button
  2. click new, the new presentation dialog box appears with several options for Example, blank and recent, installed templates installed themes etc,
  3. click the blank presentation option to select it,
  4. click the create button, A new blank presentation is available on the screen,

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