NCERT solution for class-11 chapter Ranga’s married , explanation word-meanings Question and answers

Ranga’s Marriage class-11 chapter 3 , Explanation , word meanings, Question and Answers


(Masti venkatesha Iyengar)

Introduction to the Story

This is a Humorous story of a village boy who has come back home after studying in the city he has now some Progressive views about Marriage and happiness he says that for a happy Married life one needs to find the right kind of girl both the boy and the girl must be mature physically as well as mentally he has decided that he won’t get married until he finds the right kind of girl but all his new gained idea vanish at once when he sees an eleven -year-old girl named Ratna he is so charmed by her beauty and sweet voice that he at once agrees to marry her he invites the narrator to the third birthday of his son, and his wife is eight months pregnant already thus the writer tires to show that all idea and principles fail in matters of the heart

About the Author

Masti venkatesha Iyengar , (6 june 1891–6 june 1986) was a well know writer in kannada language he was the fourth among kannada writers to be honored with the jnanpith Award the highest literary honor conferred in India he was popularly referred to as masti kannada Aasti which means masti kannada’s treasure

  1. Shyama-–The narrator, lives in hosahalli village
  2. Ranga--Son of the village accountant
  3. Rantna–Rama Rao’s niece 11 year old
  4. Shastri ji–village astrologer


Hosahalli is a village in mysore the village accountant was the first one who had sent his son Ranga to Bangalore for studies, when the boy came back home after six months there was a great excitement in the village people rushed to his house saying come Ranga is here let’s go and have a look seeing so many people in the courtyard Ranga came out with a smile on his face everyone was surprised to see that Ranga was the same as he had been six months ago, when he had first left the village an old lady who was near him, ran her hand over his chest, looked into his eyes and said The janewara is still there he hasn’t lost his caste ” she went away soon after that Ranga laughed

Once they had realised that Ranga still had the same hands legs eyes and nose they all melted away slowly but the narrator continued to stand there, and asked how are you Rangappa ? Ranga did a namaskara respectfully saying I am all right with your blessing he bent low and touched the narrator’s feet

May you get married soon” said the narrator after a little pleasant talk he left the place that afternoon when the narrator was resting Ranga came to his house with a couple of oranges in his hand for a while they talked about this and that then the narrator said” Rangappa when do you plan to get married?

I am ” not going to get married,;’ he said why not?

I” need to find the right girl if one gets married it should be to a girl who is mature, otherwise one should remain a bachelor that’s why I am not marrying now ‘it there any other reason?’ A man should marry a girl he admires what we have now are arranged marriages how can one admire a girl with milk stains on her face? or one so young that she doesn’t even know how to bite her fingers?

One a neem fruit the other a bittergourd Exactly ” Ranga said laughing

The narrator had thought that Ranga would make a good husband for any girl bot now he was distressed to find that boy had decided to remain a bachelor after chatting for a little longer, Ranga left the narrator made up his mind right then that he would get Ranga married There was one Rama Rao in the village he had a niece who was a pretty girl of eleven her name was Ratna both her parents had died Rama Rao had brought het to live with his family she was

from a big town and she knew how to play the veena and the harmonium she also had a sweet voice the narrator thought that Ranga was the most suitable boy for her and Ratna was the most suitable bride for Ranga, so the very next morning the narrator went to their house and said to Rama Rao’s wife I” II send some buttermilk for you ask Ratna to fetch it”

Rama came she was wearing a grand saree the narrator told her to sit in his room he requested her to sing a song he sent for Ranga also while she was singing Ranga reached the door he stopped at the threshold he did not want the singing to stop but was curious to see the singer carefully he peeped in the light coming into the room was blocked Ratna looked up and seeing a stranger there at once stopped Ranga was disappointed when she stopped her singing

You sent for me ? he asked as he came in and sat on a chair , Ratna stood at a distance with her head lowered Ranga repeatedly glanced at her No one spoke for a long while it was my coming in that stopped the singing let me leave said Ranga but they were mere words the fellow said he would leave but did not make a move Ratna ran inside overcome by shyness,

after a while Ranga asked who is that girl swami ?

what does it matter to either of us whos she is?

said the narrator I”m already married and you aren’t marrying then ?

Ranga asked very hopefully she was married a year ago, Ranga’s face shrivelled like a roasted brinjal he left afte a while saying I” must go I have work at home the narrator went to the village shastri the next morning and said to him keep everything ready to read the stars, i II come later” he told the shastri all that he wanted him to say , The narrator met Ranga in the afternoon and found no change in him but he said’ what’s the matter? you seem to be lost in thought”

Nothing nothing’s wrong believe me”

Headache? come, let’s go and see a doctor ‘

I have no headache I’m okay”

The same was the case with me when the process of choosing a girl for me was going on but I don’t think it could be the reason for your present condition” Ranga stared at the narrator “come let’s go and see shastri and shani are favourable for you or not ” Ranga accompanied the narrator without any protest, as soon as shashtri saw them he exclaimed what a surprise haven’t seen you for a long time ‘ then he turned to Ranga and said when did the young son of our accountant come home? what can I do for him? it’s very rarely that he visits us’

Take our your panchang our Rangappa seems to have something on his mind can you tell us what’s worrying him? today we shall put your science of astrology to the test shastri took out some cowries and a book he moved his lips fast as he counted on his fingers, and then asked what’s your rashi ? Ranga didn’t know never mind shastri said with a shake of his head he did some more calculation and then said in a serious tone, it’s about a girl “

the narrator had been controlling his laughter all this while but now he burst out laughing he turned to Ranga and said Exactly what I had thought, who is that girl? shastri thought for a while before replying ,” she probably has the name of something found in the ocean”

Kamala ? said the narrator


if it’s not kamala it could be Ratna “

Ratna ! exclaimed the narrator the girl in Rama Rao’s house is Ratna tell me is there any chance of our negotiation bearing fruit?” Definitely ” he said after thinking for some time there was surprise as well as happiness on Ranga’s face but that girl is married —“said the narrator then he turned to Ranga and saw that his face had fallen ,

I” don’t know all that ,” said shastri there may be some other girl who is suitable I only told you what our shastra says’, both of them left the place on the way . they passed by Rama Rao’s house Ratna was standing at the door, the narrator went in alone and came out a minute later, surprising he said to Ranga this girl ins’t married someone told me the other day that she was what shastri told us has turned out to be true after all ! but Rangappa, I can’t believe that you have been thinking of her swear on the name of god and tell me is it true what shastri said”

Ranga at once admitted there’s greater truth in that shastra than we imagine what he said is absolutely true ” shastri was at the well when the narrator went there that evening he said shastriji repeated everything I had taught you without giving rise to any suspicion, what a marvellous shastra yours is” Rangappa had come the other day to invite the narrator for dinner,” what’s the occasion?, he asked

it’s shyama’s birthday, he is three,” it’s not a name –shyama said the narrator ,’why did you have to give that golden child of your such a name? what a childish couple you are, Ratna and you your wife is eight months pregnant now, who’s there to help your mother to cook?

my sister has come to her,” the narrator went there for dinner, shyama rushed to him when the narrator walked in and put his arms round his legs the narrator kissed him on his cheek placed a ring on his tiny little finger,

  1. Rare–दुर्लभ
  2. folk–साधारण लोग
  3. pursue–पूरा करना
  4. absolutely–पूरी तरह से
  5. muttering–बड़बड़ाहट
  6. mature–परिपक्व होना
  7. suitable –उपयुक्त
  8. betray–भेद खोलना
  9. stared–घूर कर देखना
  10. shrivelled–झुरिया पड़ गई
Question and Answer

Question: 1 how does the writer describe his village?

Answer: The writer belongs to a named Hosahalli, he says that it is a small village , NO mention of this village can be found in any geography book yet he calls it one of the famous villages of Mysore,

Question:2 How does the writer describe the village doctor?

Answer: The writer says that there is a doctor in his village his name is gundabhatta the doctor has seen a number of places yet he is very modest if anyone asks him how many places he has seen he says he hasn’t seen many ,

Question:3 how does the writer describe the mango trees in his village?

Answer: The writer says that there are some mango trees in his village when he was a child he once took a mango home chutney was made out of it the children of the family ate, it as a results they got cough.

Question:4 how does the writer describe the creeper growing in his village pond?

Answer: The writer says that there is a creeper growing in his village pond, it is covered with flowers these flowers look very beautiful the leaves of the creeper are wide, two leaves can serve as a plate on which the afternoon meal can be served

Question:5 how was Ranga;s homecoming a great event?

Answer: Ranga was the village accountant’s son he was the boy in the village to be sent to the city to study, so Ranga’s homecoming after completing his studies was a great event, people of the village rushed to have a look at Ranga,


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