NCERT-solution for class-11, the summer of the beautiful white horse chapter-1 Explanation , Question and Answer

NCERT-solution for class-11, the summer of the beautiful white horse chapter-1, Explanation , Question and Answer


(William saroyan)

Introduction to the story

This is the of two boys-Aram and Mourad of an Armenian tribe, for their family in spite of their deep poverty , honesty was a point of honour, they never stole or did anything wrong Aram and Mourad were cousins, while aram was nine years old, Mourad was thirteen Mourad was considered crazy by all who knew him, In fact this family had a crazy streak their uncle khosrove was also a crazy person to whatever one said he would say” it is no harm; pay no attention to it one day his son came running to him and said that the house was on fire, to him also khosrove said it’is no harm pay no attention to it there was such a streak in Mourad also, one day at four in the Morning he awoke aram by tapping at the window of his room when aram looked out of the window he saw Mourad riding a beautiful white horse Aram at once understood that Mourad has stolen the horse since they were too poor to buy such a fine horse of their own, it was something shocking for their tribe but when Aram found that Mourad had come to give him a ride he saw the stealing a horse for in a different light, he said that stealing something else, the two went for a ride and then hid the horse in a deserted vineyard Mourad had already been doing it for a month the horse belonged to a farmer named John byro the two would have a ride every morning and then hide the horse at the same place, it kept on for quite some days, Mourad wanted to return the horse to the owner but aram had not yet learnt riding properly, so he wanted to keep the horse till he had learnt it one morning byro, the owner of the horse, saw the two boys with the horse, he looked into the mouth of the horse and said tooth for tooth, I would swear it is my horse if did not know your parents the fame of your family for honesty is well known to me yet the horse is the twin of my horse A suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of his Good days, my young friends ,

main characters
  1. Aram
  2. Cousin–Mourad
  3. khosrove –Uncle
  4. John byro–farmer
  5. Arab –khosrove son
  6. Zourab–Mourad father
  7. Aram--mother

This is a of two Armenian boys who belonged to a tribe known for its honesty the two boys were Aram and Mourad –one nine and the other thirteen years old the story has been narrated by Aram he recalls the episode as it had then taken place aram begins the story by saying that it happened in the good old days, he was then nine years old, the world seemed to be full of joys he had a cousin named Mourad everybody who knew him considered him to be crazy but aram ‘s didn’t think so one day Mourad came to Aram’s house at four in the morning he tapped on the window of his room and woke him up Aram jumped out of the bed and looked out of the window he couldn’;t believe what he knew that he was light enough for him to see and he knew that he was not dreaming his cousin Mourad was sitting on a beautiful white horse, Aram stuck his head out of the window and rubbed his eyes, yes it’s horse ” said Mourad you are not dreaming make it quick if you want to ride,’

Aram knew that Mourad always loved to enjoy himself but this was something more than the could believe, they were too poor to buy a horse of their own they belonged to the Garoghlanian (Armenian ) tribe living in such poverty that didn’t get even enough to eat, however they took pride in their honesty and never did anything wrong they never took advantage of anybody and they could never dream

of such a thing as stealing but Aram knew that Mourad couldn’t have bought that horse, he must have stolen it so he said Mourad where did you steal this horse? leap out of the window , said Mourad if you want to ride it was thus clear that Mourad had stolen the horse he had come to invite Aram for a ride and the temptation was too much for aram to resist, now Aram saw the whole thing in a different light it seemed to him

that stealing a horse for a ride was not the same thing as stealing money perhaps it was not stealing at all it was not stealing until they sold the horse and such a thing they would never do they were just crazy to ride horses, Reasoning thus in his mind , Aram said let me put on some clothes Aram hurriedly put on his clothes jumped down from the window and leaped up on to the horse behind his cousin Mourad

they lived at the edge of the town behind their house there were vineyards orchards irrigation ditches and country roads they took the horse to that side and had a pleasant ride in the cool air, the feel of the horse running under them was wonderful Mourad began to sing in a roaring voice,

Every family has a crazy steak in it somewhere and Mourad had that streak in him before him their uncle khosrove has it in him he had a furious temper and became irritated very soon if one said anything the didn’t like he would shout, it is no harm pay no attention to it one day he was having his big moustache trimmed at a barber’s shop his son Arak came running and said that the house was on fire, khosrove sat up in the chair and roared , “it is no harm pay no attention to it,

but the boy says your house is on fire,” said the barber Enough,” roared khosrove it is no harm I say” that morning Aram and his cousin Mourad had a wonderful ride, Mourad kept singing while they rode they let the horse run as long as it wanted to at last Mourad said to Aram get” down I want to ride alone,” will you let me ride alone? Aram asked that is u to the horse ,” said Mourad get down

The horse will let me ride ” said Aram we shall see, ” said Mourad don’t forget that I have a way said Aram for the sake of your safety, let us hope so; said Mourad get down ,” Aram got down and Mourad kicked his heels into the horse and shouted ,” Vazire, run the horse stood on its hind legs and started running in a most graceful manner, Mourad raced the horse across a field of dry grass and came back as the sun was coming up ,

Now” it’s turn ride’ said Aram

Mourad got off the horse

Aram leaped to the back of the horse, but the horse did not move ,

kick into his muscles ,; said Mourad ,’ what are you waiting for ? we, ve got to take him back before everybody is up and about ,” Aram kicked into the muscles of the horse and it began to run but instead of running across the field the horse ran to a vineyard where it began to leap over vines, Aram fell down but the horse continued running Mourad came running down the road, ” I am not worried about you” he shouted we, ve got to get that horse, you go this way and I” II go this way”

It took Mourad half an hour to find the horse and bring him back, the” whole world is awake now” said Mourad what” will we do? said Aram we, II either take him back or hide him until tomorrow morning said ‘ Mourad he didn’t seem worried at all where will we hide him? said Aram I know a place said Mourad how long ago did you steal this horse?” said Aram

who said anything about stealing a horse ? said Mourad

but how long ago did you begin ridding every Morning ? said Aram

Not” until this morning ,’said Mourad

Are you telling the truth ? said Aram

“of course not” said Mourad ,”but if we are found out that’s what you’re to say ,’ all right,’ said Aram he walked the horse quietly to the barn of a deserted vineyard and left it there then the two boys walked back home, it wasn’t easy to get the horse to behave so nicely, said Mourad at first it wanted to run wild but as I ve told you , I have a way with a horse I can get it to do anything I want to do horses understand me,

How do you do it? asked Aram you re still a small boy,” said Mourad , when you get to be thirteen , you II Know how to do it, ” that afternoon uncle khosrove came to Aram ‘s house he sat in the parlour, sipping coffee when another visitor arrived he was a farmer named John byro, he was also offered coffee and he sat down to talk to uncle khosrove he sighed sadly and said , ” my white horse which was stolen last months is still gone, I cannot understand it”

Khosrove became very irritated and shouted, it’s no harm what is the loss of a horse? that may be all right for you who live in a city,” said John byro,” but what of my surrey (horse car)? what good is a surrey without a horse? I had to walk ten miles to get here,’ pay no attention to it you have legs , said khosrove

my left leg pains me’ said the farmer

pay no attention to it,” khosrove roared

that horse cost me sixty dollars,” the farmer said

“I spit on money” khosrove said when the farmer had gone Aram ran over to his cousin Mourad’s house and said to him ,” John byro the farmer visited our house he wants his horse you, ve had it a month I want you to promise not to take it back until I learn to ride” it will take you a year to learn to ride, said Mourad we could keep the horse a year,’ said Aram what ! roared Mourad are you telling a member of the Garoghlanian family to steal? the horse must go back to its true owner ,” when ? asked Aram

In six months at the latest,’ said Mourad Early every morning for two weeks Mourad and Aram took the horse out of the deserted vineyard and rode it but when it was Aram’s turn to ride the horse would throw him over the grapevines and run away however he hoped that in time, he would learn to ride the way Mourad did One morning on their way to the deserted vineyard they suddenly saw John byro who on his way to twon , let me do the talking , ; Mourad said I” have a way with farmers,’ good morning John byro ” said to the farmer,

The farmer looked at the horse eagerly and said good morning son of my friends , what is the name of your horse? “my Heart, said Mourad A lovely name said John byro, for a lovely horse I could swear it is the horse that was stolen from me many weeks ago, I look into his Mouth?” of course,” said Mourad the farmer looked into the Mouth of the horse and said ” Tooth for tooth ,” he said I would swear it is my horse if I didn’t know your parents the fame of your family for honesty is well known to me yet the horse is the twin of my horse A

suspicious man would believe his eyes instead of his heart good day, John byro , said Mourad early next morning the two boys took the horse to John byro’s vineyard and put it in the barn Mourad put his arms around the horse he pressed his nose into the horse’s nose and patted it then they went away there were dogs, but they didn’t bark Mourad said they would bark at somebody else, but I a way with dogs

that afternoon John byro came to their house in his surrey he showed them the horse that had been stolen and returned I do not know what to think,” he said the horse is stronger than ever, better-tempered too I thank god khosrove who was in the parlour became irritated and shouted,” Quiet , man quiet your horse has been retuned pay no attention to it ,

  1. Tribe–कबीला
  2. Mysterious–रहस्यमय
  3. Longing–प्रबल इस्छा
  4. Poverty–गरीबी
  5. Stricken–पीड़ित
  6. yard–आंगन
  7. edge–किनारा
  8. Vineyard–अंगूरों का खेत
  9. Dripping–टपकता हुआ
  10. awful–भयानक
Question and Answer

Question:1 who were Aram and Mourad?

Answer: they were cousin, Aram was nine years old Mourad was thirteen both of them were fond of horse riding they belonged to the Garoghlanian tribe of Armenians

Question:2 what did Aram think of the world when he was nine?

Answer: he thought that the world was full of every kind of magnificence he thought of life as a delightful and mysterious dream,

Question;3 who was Mourad? what did everybody think about him?

Answer: Mourad was Aram’s cousin everybody who knew him thought him to be crazy but Aram did not think so he shared with Mourad his fondness for riding horses,

Question:4 what do you learn about the narrator’s uncle khosrove?

Answer; the narrator’s uncle khosrove was a crazy person he was a big man with a powerful head of black hair, he had the largest moustache in that area he had a furious temper, he was very irritable and impatient he would stop anyone from talking by roaring ,


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