A photograph book Hornbill class 11 summary

A photograph class 11 summary

A photograph class 11 summary

Introduction” It is a beautiful poem presented as a tribute to her mother by shirley toulson, her mother is not alive but her memories in a tangible form like photograph continue to reside with the poetess

Description” the poem begins with the description of a photograph in which mother of the poetess ( around 12 years old at that time ) is standing and enjoying holidays at the beach with two of her Cousins, betty and Dolly Each of them is holding her mother’s hands at the seashore the photograph was being taken by an uncle of the poetess and it shows three girls standing at the shore getting their feet washed by sea water, the second phase describes the period 20 or 30 years later, poetess mother would laugh at the way they were being dressed up for the beach holiday ,here the poetess says that the sea beach holiday was her mother’s past but her mother’s laughter is a past her now the photograph revives the memory of losing her mother in the poetess the third phase describes the death of the mother and tells us that when the poetess looks at the photograph she remembers her mother she says nothing and accepts the silence of the Circumstance

Conclusion” The poem is actually presenting an ironical situation on one side it is describing the happiness and happy moments in the photograph on the other side it is describing the loss and the silence that prevails after the death of a loved one,


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