Bholi class 10 chapter 9 NCERT Solution for class 10 Question and answers

Bholi class 10 chapter 9 NCERT Solution for class 10 Question and answers

Bholi class 10 chapter 9 Question and answers NCERT Solution for class 10 Question and answers English Footprints without feet were Prepared based on the latest Exam Pattern we have Provided Bholi class 10 chapter 9 Question and answers to help students understand the concept very well

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Question”1 why is Bholi’s father worried about her?

Answer” Bholi’s father was worried about her as she had neither good looks nor intelligence he did not know how he would find a suitable groom for her

Question”2 For what unusual reasons is Bholi sent to school?

Answer” Bholi is sent to school because there is little chance of her getting marrried with her ugly face and lack of sense

Question”3 Does Bholi enjoy her first day at school?

Answer” Yes bholi enjoys first day at school as she was glad to find so many girls almost of her own age present there she hoped that one of these girls might become her Friend

Question”4 Does she find her teacher different from the people at home ?

Answer” Yes she finds teacher different from the people at home as the teacher was polite and this touched her heart

Question”5 why do Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal?

Answer” Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal because if they don’t accept it she would not be married for the rest of her life

Question”6 why does the marriage not take place?

Answer The Marriage does not take place because the groom demanded dowry

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Question”1 Bholi had many apprehensions about going to school what made feel that she was going to a better place than her home?

Answer” Bholi had many apprehension about going to school she remembered how their old cow Laksmi had been turned out of the house and sold when she got a clean dress bathed and oil was rubbed into her dry hair only then she felt that she was going to a better place than her home

Quesrion”2 how did Bholi’s teacher play an important role in changing the course of her life?

Answer” Bholi’s teacher played an important role in changing the course of her life she was polite and friendly which touched her heart she encouraged her every time and was affectionate towards had and said to Bholi to put her fears of not able to speak aside the teacher transformed her into a confident person who could read write and speak clearly

Question”3 why did Bholi at first agree to an unequal match? why did she later reject the marriage? what does this tell us about her ?

Answer” Bholi at first agreed to an unequal match because she was lucky to get a well to do bridegroom who owned a big shop had a house of his own and had several thousand in the bank moreover he was not asking for any dowry bholi also heard her mother saying that he did not know about her pock Marks and her lack of sense if the proposal was not accepted she might remain unmarried all her life she later rejected the marriage because the bridegroom demanded five thousand rupees as dowry on seeing the father pleading and humiliated she decided not to marry him this tells us that she was self respect and knows what is right or wrong and is able to take a wise decision

Question”4 Bholi’s real name is Sulekha we are told this right at the beginning but only in the last but one Paragraph of the story is Bholi called sulekha again why do you think she is called sulekha at that point in the story?

Answer” The world Bholi means a simpleton throughout the story she had been a simpleton hardly expressing her opinion the word sulekha means the person with a beautiful sense of letters In this story this word had a larger meaning of being a literate intelligent and mature individual after her education bholi has really changed to sulekha and her assertion during the marriage is her announcement to the world that she is no more a bholi but sulekha

Bholi class 10 Short Question and answers

Question”1 why is Sulekha called Bholi?

Answer” Sulekha is called Bholi because she is a simpleton due to her suffering some brain damage after falling off a cot when she was ten months old as result she is not as smart as children of her age

Question”2 what happened to Bholi when she was two years old?

Answer” what fell a victim to small pox at the age of two years he face and body became full of pock marks she was still Fortunate as her eyes had remained untouched and were fine

Question”3 How did Bholi react when the teacher asked her name?

Answer” Bholi stammered when she spoke and could not tell her name completely when the teacher asked her to do so she broke tears

Question”4 Bholi was Fascinated by the walls of the classroom why?

Answer” The walls of the classroom had bright and Colourful pictures of a horse a goat a parrot and a cow they all looked familiar to Bholi and were like the ones in the village that is why she was fascinated to see those pictures

Question”5 Bholi found her teacher to be different from others how?

Answer” Others had always neglected Bholi they made fun of her all the time but she found her teacher to be different her voice was calm her manner comforting and touch was full of affection

Question”6 what filled Bholi a dump cow with a new hope in her?

Answer” Bholi’s first day of school brought a hope of a new life she had found a loving and kind teacher the teacher had inspired her and given her a book and made bholi feel confident about herself

Question”7 In what way did the village change over time?

Answer the village changed into a small town over a period of time the primary school had become a high school the village had a train also stopped at the village railway station

Question”8 what Objections does Ramlal have to Bishamber’s Proposal?

Answer” Ramlal was not very happy with the proposal he did not like the fact that Bishamber was of his age he had a limp and children were quite grown up it was not a very satisfactory Proposition

Question”9 why do Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage Proposal ?

Answer” Bholi’s parents accepted Bishamber’s marriage Proposal because they were happy that he was well off and had not asked for dowry

Question”10 why were Bholi’ sister envious of her luck?

Answer” Bishamber Nath was quite Prosperous the Procession for Bholi’s marriage had a brass band and the groom rode a


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