CBSE Revision Notes Bholi class 10 chapter 9 English Book Footprints without feet

CBSE Revision Notes for class 10 English Footprints withoutBholi chapter 9

CBSE book Footprints without feet class 10 chapter 9 Bholi Revision Notes detailed Notes of the Lesson along with highlights of chapter 9 were prepared based on the latest exam pattern we have provided Bholi class 10 chapter 9 Revision Notes to help students understand the concept very well
Chapter sketch

Bholi’ is the story of Sulekha she is a young girl neglected by ball Education transforms her it inspires courage and confidence in her she raises her voice for her rights

About the Characters
  • Bholi” Hr real name is Sulekha and she is Numberdar Ramlal’s youngest daughter school education changes her outlook on life
  • Ramlal (Bholi’s father) ” he is a prosperous father of seven children who has a narrow mindset for him daughters are born for marriage only
  • Bholi’s mother” she is a typical conservative mother she does not take proper care of Bholi
  • Bholi’s schoolteacher ” she educates Bholi and encourage her
  • Bishamber” Bholi’s prospective husband who is a greedy man and a dowry-seeker
Overview of the chapter

Bholi’s first few years “

Bholi was one of seven children of Ramlal ‘ Ramlal is a well to do man as he is the Numberdar of the village there was no lack of comforts in his home but Bholi was still neglected she fell off her cot when she was just ten months old her brain suffered some damage and she was slow in learning things so everyone called her Bholi an attack of smallpox at the age of two years leaves her pock marked on her entire body she learned to speak when she was five but she stammered Everyone made fun of her even her parents took her to be just an ugly burden

Bholi’s Goes to school”

Once the Tehsildar came to inaugurate a new Primary school in the village he asked Ramlal to send his daughters to school Ramlal could not say no t him wife objects that no one would marry the girls if Bholi is ugly and it will be difficult to get her married so they decided to send only bholi to school

Bholi prepares for school”

Bholi was fearful of going to school at first then she was given new and clean clothes to wear she was given a bath and her hair was oiled now she felt better she thought of school as a nice place all these years no one had taken so much ca Te of her

Bholi’s first day at school”

Bholi finds the classroom full of girls like her she was afraid and sat in one corner she was attracted to the colorful pictures on the wall she was much impressed by the realistic pictures of birds and animals the teacher asked her name Bholi stammered and then started crying after the other children leave the teacher came back to her she called her lovingly this time bholi was able to speak her name better the teacher encouraged her she asked her to be fearless she also told her to come to school every day bholi felt as if a new life was beginning for her

A Match for Bholi’

After a few years bholi’s parents get a marriage proposal for her Ramlal is not very happy the man was a widower with Grown up children but his wife was unconcerned she just feels that as bholi was so ugly that the proposal was good for her father wants to know how bholi felt about the proposal but her mother refused to ask bholi about it

Bholi stands up for her Rights”

when the wedding was about to take place bishmber nath asks for five thousands rupees to marry bholi as she had pock mark he also threatens to walk away from the ceremony Ramlal was afraid of the humilitation and so with tears in his eyes he hands the dowry money to bishamber Bishamber Proceeds to garland bholi but bholi throws the garland away she asks her father to take back the money and refuses to marry the greedy coward everyone goes away Ramlal asks her what she will do now she just tells him she would work as a teacher in the same school where she had studied her education has changed her outlook

Chapter Highlights ”
  1. Bholi, the fourth daughter of Numberdar Ramlal in a village, was a simple and pock marked girl her real name was Sulekha
  2. At ten months she fells off her cot damaging her brain and making her a simpleton
  3. At two years she was a victim of smallpox which left her pock marked
  4. she learned to talk at five years but used to stammer
  5. when a primary school was opened in the village the tehsildar told Ramlal to send his daughters to school
  6. Though Ramlal’s wife felt that sending daughters to school affected their chances of marriage bholi’s parents decides to send bholi to school because they felt she would be difficult to get married anyway as she is ugly
  7. Bholi was initially afraid of going to school, but due to the encouragement of her teacher she continued her studies
  8. After a few years the village became a small town and bholi received an offer lame but rich he also did not ask for any dowry
  9. at the time of the wedding the bridegroom saw bholi’s pock marked face and demanded? 5000 as dowry which Ramlal gave
  10. Bholi refused to marry the greedy widower she later on said that she will take care of her parents and teach in the same school where she got her education
word Meanings

The given page nos. correspond to the pages in the prescribed textbook.

Grocer one who sells food and household goods

Pock – marksMarks on the skin left by the small – pox disease
Mimicked Copy the behavior or speech of other people
Stammered To speak with many pauses or repetitions because of having a speech problem
Disfigured To spoil or damage the appearance of
Revenue The income that a government receives regularly, or an amount representing such income
Matted ( of hair ) Tangled into a thick mass
squatted sat with knees bent
Scurried To move quickly with short steps
Soothing Having a gently calming effect
Blossomed ( of a tree or plant )To Produce flowers
Throbbing To beat with a strong steady rhythm
witless very foolish or stupid
Prompted To cause (someone ) to do something
Poised Not moving but ready to move
Humiliate To make someone feel very ashamed or foolish
streaming Flowing
Muttered To speak quietly so that it is difficult for other people to hear what you say

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