The ball class 10 poem 5 English First Flight MCQ Question and answer

The ball class 10 poem 5 MCQ Question and Answer English First Flight

NCERT MCQ Questions for class 10 English First Flight The ball poem 5 MCQ with answers were prepared based on the latest Exam pattern we have Provided The ball poem 5 MCQ Question and answer to help class 10 students understand the concept very well

  1. First read the questions carefully
  2. Try to answer yourself
  3. Next check my answer
  4. if your answer was correct, then congratulations , give yourself 1 mark
  5. if your answer was incorrect, Don’t worry you will get to learn something new note down the information in a copy
  6. at the end of the questions , comment your marks in the comment section honestly

1. what , what is he to do? I saw it go Merrily bouncing down the street, and then Merrily over-there it is in the water!

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Question”1 what does it, in the third line refer to ?

  1. snow
  2. ball
  3. Tiger
  4. Kite

Question”2 what is the boy playing with ?

  1. bat
  2. ball
  3. bus
  4. car

Question”3 The Expression” what , what is he to do denotes ……….

  1. loss of baby
  2. loss of toy
  3. boy’s frustration over lost ball
  4. boy’s grief over loss ball

Question”4 which literary device has been used in ” Merrily bouncing ?

  1. Oxymoron
  2. Assonance
  3. Alliteration
  4. Personification

Question”5 what Merrily bounce down the street ?

  1. snow
  2. ball
  3. Tiger
  4. Kite

Question”6 which word is synonym of happily?

  1. Friendly
  2. hopefully
  3. merrily
  4. sadly

Question”7 The word “bouncing Means

  1. walking
  2. running
  3. leaping
  4. chasing

2.No use to say “O there are other balls “An ultimate shaking grief fixes the boy as he stands rigid, trembling starting down all his young days into the harbour where

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Question”8 why is there no need to say about other balls according to the poet?

  1. For the child wants the same one he lost
  2. For the child wants the different one from he lost
  3. For the child is no longer interested in that ball
  4. None of these

Question”9 what does the ball represent in the ball poem ?

  1. Lost Childhood
  2. lost time
  3. Lost possessions
  4. all of these

Question”10 why is money or another ball worthless for the boy ?

  1. No money
  2. sense of loss as same ball cannot be found
  3. He don’t want a ball now
  4. None of these

3.His ball went I would not intrude on him A dim another ball is worthless he sense first responsibility In a world of possessions people will take Balls , balls will be lost always little boy

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Question”11 who is I” in the first line ?

  1. Ball
  2. child
  3. poet
  4. girl

Question”12 what is the poet want the child understand ?

  1. There are many balls
  2. That he should the ball and look forward
  3. don’t worry
  4. buy a new ball

Question”13 which word in these lines is synonym of “interfere?

  1. Disturb
  2. Intrude
  3. rigid
  4. dime

Question”14 what does a ball cots ?

  1. 1 dime
  2. 4 dimes
  3. 5 dimes
  4. 10 dimes

Question”15 The word “possession” Means

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Process
  4. Possess

4.And no one buy a ball back money is external he is learning well behind his desperate eyes the epistemology of loss how to stand to knowing what every man must one day know and most know many days how to stand up

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Question”16 which literary device has been used in no one buys a ball back ?

  1. Oxymoron
  2. Assonance
  3. Alliteration
  4. Personification

Question”17 He is learning well behind his desperate eyes

The epistemology of loss what does epistemology of loss Mean?

  1. To understand how to lose something
  2. To understand when something was lost
  3. To understand the nature of loss
  4. None of these

Question”18 According to the poet” what is the child learning ?

  1. To bear loss
  2. to take care of things
  3. to be responsible
  4. to be careful

Question”19 To poet, the loss is not important enough

  1. to worry about
  2. to plan for
  3. to weep over
  4. to laugh at
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(The ball poem class 10 MCQ )

Question”20 The poet says money is external what does it mean in this extract ?

  1. money helps us purchase materials that make life worth living
  2. money promotes materialism and hunger for power among youngsters
  3. money only impact a person’s external environment
  4. money buys materialism things and can be earned again, when lost

Question”21 what does the boy learn by losing the ball according to the extract ?

  1. Loss is the unavoidable truth of life
  2. Material objects can be replace
  3. money buys happiness
  4. losses in life can be prevented with care
  5. life continues despite losses

A. (1),(2) and (5)

B .(2),and (4)

C. only (1)

D. (3) and (5)

Question”22 The the boy is learning how to stand up …

This Means that he is learning to be in the face of difficulties

  1. Patient
  2. resilient
  3. defensive
  4. Judgemental

Question”23 which options lists who is speaking these lines ?

  1. An observe
  2. The boy’s parent
  3. The ball salesman
  4. A friend

Question”24 According to the poet, from whom do we mostly learn about loss ?

  1. Elders
  2. Experiences
  3. Books
  4. Teachers

Question”25 why does the speaker choose not to intrude ?

This is so because the poet

  1. Knows that it would embarrass the boy in his moment of grief
  2. feels that it’s important that the boy learn an important life lesson undisturbed
  3. realise that he doesn’t have sufficient funds to purchase a new ball for the boy
  4. Experiences a sense of distress himself by looking at the boy’s condition


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The ball class 10 MCQ Answers
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