Father to son class 11 poem 5 English Hornbill Question and Answer

Father to son class 11 poem 5 English Hornbill Question and Answer

Father to son class 11 Poem 5 Question and Answer NCERT Solution for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these Father to son Question and Answer for class 11 effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts 

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Question”1 Does the poem talk of an exclusively personal experience or is it fairly universal?

Answer”The poem does talk of an exclusively personal experience. however we can also call it fairly universal because a conflict like this is quite common in many households. it is also known as generation gap.

Question”2 Identify the phrases and lines that Indicate distance between father and son,?

Answer” Phrases / lines that Indicate distance between the father and the son are;

  1. I’do not understand this child’
  2. I know / nothing of him.
  3. we speak like strangers’
  4. there’s no sign/ of understanding in the air’
  5. silence surrounds us’

Question”3 Does the poem have a consistent rhyme scheme?

Answer”No. the poem does not follow a consistent rhyme scheme.

Father to son class 11 short Question and Answer ( 2 marks each)

Question”1 why doesn’t the father know anything about his son though they have lived in the same house?

Answer” The father-son relationship is actually non-functional. the father doesn’t understand the aspirations, longings arid cravings of the son. they do not communicate with each other and behave like strangers. therefore, the father doesn’t know anything about his son.

Question”2 Is the father responsible for the present situation ? what are your vies?

Answer“Yes, I think the father is responsible for the present situation. we do not get to hear the son’s version about his relationship with the father here but the father is guilty of allowing continued silence non-communication between them and also not understanding the son’s aspirations and feelings.

Question”3 Father and the son behave like strangers to each other. what can be the possible reason with for this?

Answer”They both act and behave like strangers due to lack of understanding with each other. A growing son has his onw ambitions and aspirations. Elder must try to act like friends rather than commands their children to behave according to their orders.

Question”4 what does the poet mean by silence surrounds us”?

Answer“The father feels helpless as he has no dialogue with his son. they don’t understand each other and they are living like strangers to each other in spite of their living under the same roof for years. their outlook and temperament are so different that they remain separated from each other. they have a communication gap along with the generation gap, which causes the silence.

Question”5 How does the father feel when his relationship with his son comes under strain ?

Answer” Father feels very helpless at this situation when both father and son do not understand each other. it saddens him to understand that he has never tried to understand his son’s perspective and his son has distance himself from him from long.

Question”6 what is the father’s attitude towards his son in the third stanza?

Answer” The father wants to rectify the situation in the third stanza. the father wants his son return to the home that he has left. the father is willing to forgive his son and restart their relationship

Question”7 what does the father wish for ?

Answer“The father is unhappy and helpless. he wants to maintain a healthy relationship with his son. the father wants that his prodigal son many return to his home and start living under the same roof with him. he doesn’t want that he should create and live in a world of his own

Question”8 The father is ready to have his prodigal son return. what Inference can you draw from this?

Answer”Prodigal means wastefully extavagant. here the reference is to the story in the bible in which a father gives his Inheritance to his sons. the younger brother leaves, wastes his fortune and returns to his father’s home .still the father is ready to take him back and forgive him so that they live peacefully together again.

Question”9 The poet cause of the generation gap presented in the poem lies in the fact that it is only the father taking to his son rather than hearing or understanding him. Explain

Answer”One of the reasons of the generation gap is absence in this poem we hear only the father’s point of view. we do not hear anything from the son’s side. the root cause of the generation gap has been lack of sharing of interests or not paying attention to the child’s emotional needs, when he is growing up. the child should be allowed to express his opinions freely and adults should not behave like dictators.

Question”10 what do the word’s an empty hand’ signify?

Answer“The word’s empty hand’ signify that both the father arid the son want to forgive each other. and extend a hand of friendship to each other. but neither of them is willing to be the first one to do. so this means that although they are longing to forgive each other, their egos are coming in the way so that none of them wants to be the first one to do so.

Father to son class 11 Long Question and Answer

Question”1 The poem talks about the universal problem of generation gap. why does such a situation exist? how can someone avoid such confrontations? Express your views In 120-150 words.

Answer” Generation gap is a psychological and emotional gap between parents or elder people and the younger ones. this creates misunderstanding and lack of attachment between parents and children. the success of parenting lies in how effectively. they avoid the generation gap or ignore differences with their children.

Generation gap is the result of the fast paced development of society. In earlier times. two or three generations lived in the same lifestyles and environment as development was slow. today parents do not even know many of the modern technologies and equipment children use.

Being up to-date is the only way to cope with the generation gap. moreover, generation gap occurs when there are differences of opinion one should be flexible in approach and must try to understand the reason of a particular behaviour.

Question”2 In the fast-moving materialistic world, parents are busy in earning while their children grow without them giving enough time to them. this is a major factor in creating a generation gap. there should be a balancing act on the part of parents. Discuss.

Answer”In today’s materialistic world parents especially fathers are busy with their careers. finding very little time for their children. childhood is a tender age and the child needs his/ her parents at every stage of his growing up. in the pursuit of money or career. children are left at the mercy of caretakers. or maids who may provide or fulfill the child’s basic need but their emotional and Intellectual needs are left unfulfilled bonding between parents and children keeps on diminishing until it reaches an alarming level.

Parents needs to understand that between career and children, a balancing act has to be practiced children need their parents to guide them, to share their likes and dislike to spend quality time with them. no parents should allow such a situation where they may not understand their children or there may be no communication at all between the. Emotional bonding is a must for a family to stay together.



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