How to Tell wild Animals class 10 Poem 4 English First Flight summary

How to Tell wild Animals class 10 Poem 4 English First Flight summary

How to tell wild Animals class 10 summary “is written by Carolyn wells’ it is a humorous poem. the poetess suggests some dangerous ways to identity wild animals. there are six stanzas in the poem which help the readers to identify seven different wildlife creatures. A wild animals is defined with his characteristics and features in each stanza.

How to tell wild Animals class 10 summary

In the first stanza the poetess talks about an Asian lion. she says that if an animal with yellowish -brown skin colour roars. at the reader and he gets so scared that he dies out of fear, then it is certain that the reader has met an Asian lion.

In the second stanza, the poetess has described a royal animal. this animal has black stripes on its yellowish skin and if found roaming freely in the jungle. one can be certain that it is a Bengal Tiger if he starts eating the person.

In the third stanza. the poetess talks about an animal that walks in a slow and relaxed way. the body of this animals. is fully covered with small spots’ giving it a pepper appearance. if that animal jumps on the reader. then her or she will get to know it is a leopard. Even if the reader would cry, the leopard would not leave him.

In the Fourth stanza, the poetess says that if the reader is walking and he sees an animal who hugs him or her very tightly, then the reader must be sure that it is a bear. if in case the reader has some doubts. then one can confirm it hugs the reader again. however when a bear hugs a person in reality. then it will kill him with his tight hug.

In the fifth stanza, the poetess questions the reader whether they know how to identify animals when they hunt their prey she tells that when hyenas kill their prey, they smile similarity. Crocodiles have tears in their eyes when they eat their prey.

In the last stanza, the poetess tells about a small reptile that can change its skin colour it looks like a lizard. but it does not has any ears or wings when there is no one on the tree. then one can this chameleon.


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