albert Einstein at school-[CBSE]-class 11-chapter 4-lesson introduction explanation word meanings questions and answer

NCERT-solution for class-11 chapter-4 Albert einstein at school

Albert Einstein at school by

(patrick pringle)

albert Einstein at school class 11


Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is regarded as the greatest physicist since newton, in the following extract from the young einstein the well-know biographer patrick pringle, describes the circumstances which led to Albert Einstein’s expulsion from a german school


  1. Albert. Einstein
  2. history teacher–Mr Braun
  3. Albert,s only friend–yuri
  4. The Doctor–Dr Ernest weil
  5. Mathematics teacher–Mr koch
  6. Albert’s cousin sister–Edla


Einstein;s history teacher asked him in what year the prussians had defeated the french at waterloo. he respectfully replied that he did not know ,mr braun , the history teacher , further asked him if he ever tried to learn. einstein told him that he did not see any point in learning dates : one could always look them up in a book. he said he did not think learning facts was education, he thought it was not facts that mattered, but ideas, 

 mr, braun’s eyes grew cold and cruel .he asked einstein to stay in for an extra period .he called him a disgrace and told him to ask his father to take him away. but albert knew that his father would ask him to stay until he had taken the diploma. albert’s father had so little money to spare that albert had to live in a room in one of the poorest quarrters in munich .he did not mind the bad food, lack of comfort and even the dirt and squalor, but he hated the slum violence, his friend yuri told him that at least he had a room of his own, albert replied that having  a room was  not all, the people around should be civilized he told yuri, that he was living among civilized ,people .at this yuri told him that his was not true .one of the men in his  locality was killed in a duel .the one who killed him was upset because the authorities had told him not to fight any more duels in future .he was also grieved over the fact that he hand’t a single scar on his face as a badge of honour, yuri told him that if such boys could be students, then why he could not be one, 

albert Einstein at school class 11

albert’s cousin elsa once came to munich . she lived in berlin where her father had a business. she told him she was sure he could learn enough to pass the exams she, knew lots of boys who were more stupid than he was and they got through the they were they did not have to know anything only they were able to repeat in the exams, 

albert said that the was the whole trouble, he was not good at learning things by hearts, he had interested in book on science and music . his landlady called music a wailing and asked him to stop it he told his friends yuri that it was absurd that he should go on like this, in the end., it would turn out that the he had been wasting his fathers money and everyone’s time it would be better for all if he stopped then . but he was afraid that his father would send him back 

albert asked yuri if he knew any friendly doctors , he said he wanted some doctor to declare that he (albert) had  a nervous breakdown and it was bad for him to go to school . he told yuri to find a doctor who specialised in nervous . the doctor would certainly help him as he had a real nervous breakdown . yuri suggested to him the name of Dr, ernst weil who had recently qualified as a doctor, albert. might, be his first patient. at the same time, he warned him not to try to pull the wool over his eyes, 

albert spent the next day wondering what to tell the doctor. when the time arrived for his appointments, he had worried over it so much that he really was quite nervous . yuri had already given the doctor the history of albert’s case, albert said that was the real trouble, doctor would tell him that nothing was wrong with him and he must go to school the doctor told albert that as , a matter of fact, he was pretty sure he was in a nervous state about that school . then the doctor asked him briskly if he cartified that he had a nervous breakdown and must stay away from school for a while, what he would do, albert said that he would go to ltaly where his parents were, he would join an Italian college, he had learnt all the maths they taough at school and a bit more, he would ask his mathematics teachers to give him some written opinion about his work Dr, wail thought his stay in the school would not do good to anyone and handed him over the certificate , 

yuri advised him if the worst came to worst , he could come back and carry on studying for his diploma . but albert assured him that the he would never come back to that place, he would take the certificate to the head teacher the next day, yuri, reminded him not go forget to get a reference in writing from his mathematics teachers first , Mr, kock willingly gave albert the reference he wanted it was a glowing reference , and mr, kock made the point that alberrt was ready immediately to enter a college or institute for the study of higher mathematics 

albert was summoned to the head teachers ‘s room the head teacher told albert to his surprise that his work had been terrible and he was not prepared to have him there any longer, he wanted him to leave the school. einstein asked the head teacher if it was an expulsion . the head teacher replied the if he went of his own accord , the question won’t arise, einstein asked him what crime he had committed the head teacher told him he refused to learn and was in constant rebelion and no serious work could be done while he was there, albert felt medical certificate almost burning a hole in his pocket, he said that the was going to leave anyway. without another , word holding his head high , he walked out, he left the school where he had spent five miserable years, without turning his head to give it a last look, he felt like seeing only yuri before he left munich elsa, was back in berlin, when he left, yuri bade him goodbye,  and wished him good luck, 


  1. often enough–काफी बार 
  2. unthinking –सादगी भरी 
  3. amaze–चकित करना 
  4. sarcasm–ताना
  5. flushed–आवेश में आ गया 
  6. matter–जिनका महत्व हो
  7. miserable–दुखी 
  8. hateful–घणिटये
  9. lodgings–रहने की जगह 
  10. squalor –गंदगी 

Questions and Answer

Question:1do you think albert is being impolite while answering the history teacher’s questions? 

Ans: albert is not impolite at. all he addresses his as sir, he appears impolite to his teachers. he does not see any point in learning dates because one

Question;2 why did albert see no point in learning dates and facts?

Ans :he did not see any point in learning dates and facts because one can always look them, up in a book 

Question:3 yuri calls albert the word’s worst liar, do you think this is an insult or a compliment to albert?

Ans :saying that a particular person can’t tell lies can never be an insult . it is only as a compliment that yuri says this about his friends 

Question:4 why was albert quite nervous when he met the doctor? what does this nervousness indicate about his nature?

Ans: albert spent the day wondering what to tell the doctor, when the time arrived for his appointment, he had worried over it so much that he really was quite, nervous this nervousness indicates about his nature that he did not want to deceive anyone 

Question:5 what did mr, koch think of albert?

Ans :mr, koch thought that he could not teach albert any more, he also thought probably albert would soon be able to teach him, albert was very bright at mathematics , 

Question:6 write a character-sketch of albert einstein briefly?

Ans: during his school days in a german school , albert was regarded as a dull and problem child, he had a scientific attitude, he thought it is not facts but ideas that matter, he was a boy of determination, he knew that his father would not allow him to leave the school in normal case, so he hit upon a plan with the help of his friends yuri, he got a medical certificate that he had a nervous breakdown he was very good, at mathematics , he was interested in the books on science apart, from books on science his only comfort was music he was a boy of self-respect when the heads teachers asked him to get out of school , holding his heads high he stalked out, 

Question:7 write in your words the dialogue between the history teacher and Albert.

Ans; The history teacher asked Albert in which year prussians had defeated the french at waterloo, albert said that he didn;t know the answer the history teacher, Mr braun , asked him the reason, albert said that he might have forgotten , he asked albert why he didn’t try to learn the dates, albert told him that he didn;t see any point in learning dates, one could see these in books this made Mr, Braun angry, he criticised Albert saying that he didn’t believe in education at all, Albert told him that for him, what mattered in education was ideas, not facts,

Question’8 what do you understand of Einstein’s nature from his conversation with his history teacher, his mathematics teacher and the head teacher?

Ans: Einstein was a self-respecting boy,. he was he true to himself . he never did a thing which he didn’t believe to be right. he was no good at learning facts, he believed that learning facts was not education, so he did not see any point in learning the dates of battles , his history teacher and the head teacher were very angry with him on that score. however, his mathematics teacher had all sympathy for him. he understood how intelligent Einstein really was.


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