Birth class 11 Chapter 7 Explanaton Question and Answer

Birth class 11 English Chapter 7 Explanation Question and Answer

Birth class 11 taken from NCERT Book Chapter 7 Read there full Information are covered like. Explanation word-meaning Question and Answer or MCQ Also .

Birth by

(A.J, Cronin)

Birth class 11

Birthclass 11 Introduction

This chapter is an extract from A.J cronin’s novel, The citadel” (1937), it describes how a young doctor revives a child that is thrown away as stillborn, joe Morgan and his wife are a middle-aged couple they have been married for twenty years, but haven’t any child so far now Mrs, Morgan is expecting her first child Both her husband and her mother are feeling very nervous because the delivery of the child is going to be before,

time A young doctor named Andrew is called in the doctor has to put n hard labour in the delivery of the child, when the child is born , it seems to be stillborn , this shock could be too much for the Morgans to bear while the doctor is attending to the mother, the nurse places the baby under the bed among dirty newspapers,

after assuring himself that the mother is safe, the doctor looks for the baby finding it under the bed he at once pulls it out , it was a boy perfectly formed the body was warm but was not breathing, at once the doctor sets to revive the child;s breath after half an hour’s terrible efforts he is at last successful , he thanks god and hands the child to the nurse, while going in the streets he keeps thinking I” have done something: oh God! have done something real at last , the whole description of the child’s birth is full of deep pathos

Birth class 11 characters
  1. Dr, Andrew Manson: newly out of medical school
  2. Joe Morgan; a well built person in forties lives, in a small welsh town
  3. Mrs, Morgan: wife of joe Morgan
  4. Christine: a school teacher
  5. Morgan,s mother: a tall grey hired woman of nearly seventy
  6. The Midwife: An Experienced Nurse to help in the Birth of the child
Birth class 11 Explanations;

Andrew Mason was a young doctor, he had newly passed out of a medical school , he had joined was in the small welsh town of blaenelly it was a mining town, the part of the town where the doctor’s surgery was situated was known as Bryngower , Andrew lived close to the surgery joe Morgan was a resident of this town, he was a well-built person and worked as a driller at the mines he lived with his wife,

they had been married for about twenty years, but so far they didn’t have any child now Mrs Morgan was expecting her first child it was about midnight Andrew loved a girl named Christine after spending a disappointing evening with her, came back home he found Morgan waiting for him restlessly

An expression of relief came on Morgan’s face at the sight of the doctor he told the doctor that he had been waiting for him for an because the child was expected to be born before time,

Andrew went into the house for his bag Together they set out for Morgan’s house which was at 12, blaina Terrace Andrew was feeling very dull and tired, he had no idea that this night call would prove unusual he had even less idea that it would influence his whole future in blaenelly when they reached the door of number 12, Morgan stopped outside the door he said that he won’t go in his voice showed sings of worry when he said to the doctor,”i know you II do well for us

birth class 11
Birth Child

Inside a narrow stair led up to a small bedroom it was clean but poorly furnished it was lit only by an oil lamp Mrs Morgan’s mother was sitting beside the patient she was a tall grey -hired woman of nearly seventy an elderly midwife was also there both of them watched andrew’s expression as he moved about the room, let me make you a of tea . doctor said Mrs, Morgan’s mother after a few moments Andrew smiled a little he saw that the old woman was wise in experience she there was a period

of waiting and she was afraid that the doctor would leave the case saying he would later, Don’t worry mother,” said andrew ,’II not run away down in the kitchen, he drank the tea which she gave him though he was very tired he knew he could not have even an hour’s sleep if he went home he knew too, that the case there would demand all his attention so he decided to remain until everything was over,

An hour later, he went upstairs again he noted the progress made and came down once more he sat down by the kitchen fire. there was no sound except the beat of Morgan’s footsteps as he paced in the street outside , the old woman sat opposite him she remained quite motionless with her eyes never leaving his face , Andrew was lost in his thoughts about Christine

At last the nurse’s voice was heard calling from the top landing andrew looked at the clock , it now showed half-past three her rose and went up to the bedroom he saw that the could now begin his work An hour passed it was a long hard struggle then as the first rays of dawn appeared , the child was born

lifeless As Andrew looked at the lifeless form as shiver of horror went through his body he had never imagined such thing would happen after all that he had promised ! his face , heated with his own exertions chilled suddenly, he couldn’t decide whether to resuscitate the child first or attend to the mother

who was herself in a serious state Instinctively , he gave the child to the nurse and turned his attention to susan Morgan who now lay collapsed almost pulseless he gave her an injection , and after a few minutes of feverish effort, susuan’s heart gained strength now he could safely leave her,

swinging round to the nurse he asked where’s the child ?, The midwife made a frightened gesture she had placed the child under the bed In a flash Andrew knelt down fishing among the sodden newspaper below the bed the pulled out the child, it was a boy perfectly formed the body was yet warm it was tender, the soft as tallow the skin was smooth and tender, the head lolled on the thin neck the limbs seemed boneless

when Andrew looked at the child he at once knew that it was a case of asphyxia (unconsciousness due to lack of oxygen ) Instantly he was on his feet get me hot water and cold water he said to the nurse ,and basins too quick !quick ! he took a blanket and laid the child upon it then he began the special method of respiration the basin, onto the other he mixed water as hot as his hand could bear then like a crazy juggler, he hurried the child between the two basins now he plunged in into the icy water now into the hot one

fifteen minutes passed sweat was now running into Andrew’s eyes his breath was coming pantingly but no breath came from the body of the child A terrible sense of defeat came on his he felt the midwife watching him the old lady stood with her back pressed against the wall she had remained there all the time with her hand pressed to her throat andrew remembered her longing for a grandchild it was as great as her daughter ‘s longing for this child all hopes had dashed away all efforts had proved futile beyond remedy

The floor was now all wet and in a mess the towel on which Andrew held the child was also all wet the child had become so wet and slippery that Andrew almost dropped it It looked like a strange white fish for” mercy’s sake doctor, said the midwife it’s stillborn Andrew did not heed her having laboured in vain for half an hour he still made one last effort he rubbed the child with a rough towel he pressed and released the little chest with both his hands thus he tried to get breath into that limp body

And then as by a miracle the little chest gave a short heave another— and another Andrew continued with his efforts feverishly the child had started gasping deeper and deeper A bubble of mucus came from one tiny nostril the limbs were no longer boneless the head no longer lay back spinelessly the skin was slowly turning pink and then exquisitely came the child’s cry Dear father in heaven, said the nurse through her tears of joy it’s come–alive

Andrew handed the child to the nurse he was feeling weak and dazed about him the room was in a litter of all sorts of things upon the bed the mother still dreamed through the anaesthetic the old woman still stood against the wall but her hands were together her lips moved without sound she was praying

Andrew pulled on his jacket and said i, II’ fetch my bag later nurse he went downstairs and took a long drink of water he took his hat and cost and felt the house outside he found joe standing on the pavement with a tense expectant face All right,” joe said andrew both all right

it was quite light nearly five o” clock A few miners were already in the streets as Andrew walked with them he kept thinking unconsciously I” ve done somethings, oh God ! I “ve done something real at last,

Birth class 11 word-Meanings
  1. surgery--अस्पताल
  2. Burly–हट्टा कट्टा
  3. contemplation–विचार
  4. midwife--दाई
  5. grate–चूल्हा
  6. anesthetic--पेहोश करने की दवा
  7. asphyxia–दम घुटना
  8. convulsive–हिलते हुए
  9. exquisite–शानदार
  10. pavement–पटरी
Birth class 11 Question And answers

Question:1 who was Andrew Manson?

Answer: Andrew Mason was a young doctor , he had newly passed out of a medical school he was working as an assistant to Dr, Edward page their surgery was in a small mining village of welsh i was in the town of blaenelly

Question;2 who was joe Morgan?

Answer: joe Morgan was a sturdy driller he worked in the village mines he lived with his wife susan they had been married for twenty years but as yet they had no child

Question;3 why did joe Morgan go to Bryngower?

Answer: Morgan’s wife was expecting her first baby she was having pains the delivery was going to be before time the case was serious so Morgan went to fetch Dr, Andrew Mason who lived at Bryngower

Question:4 what did Andrew Mason find when he reached his house at about midnight?

Answer: Andrew found joe Morgan waiting for him he was walking up and down with short steps On seeing Andrew Morgan’s face had an expression of relief

Question:5 what did Andrew do when Morgan told him about the purpose of his visit?

Answer: Andrew asked Morgan to wait, he went into the house for his bag then be set out with Morgan for 12, Blaina Terrace where Morgan lived

Question:6 Give an account of the attempts made by Andrew Manson to revive the child ,

Answer: from the whiteness of the child’s body Andrew decides that it is a case of asphyxia he at once starts the treatment he known has been used ealier he gets two bowls, one of hot water and the other of cold water he puts the child into them alternately in quick succession he keeps repeating the process for fifteen minutes but there is no result still Andrew does not give up he decides to make one last effort he rubs the child with a rough towel then he presses the little chest with both his hands and releases it as by a miracle the body gives a short heaven then there is another and another thus at last Andrew known that he has done something real,

Question:7 I have done something oh, god! ve done something real at last , why does Andrew say this? what does it mean?

Answer : Andrew does all he can to Resusciate the child first he gets two basins, one of hot water and the other of cold water he puts the child into them alternately , he keeps doing it for fifteen minutes but no breath comes into the child’s body Andrew does not give up he makes one last efforts he rubs the child with a rough towel he presses its little chest with both hands and then release, it as by miracle the child starts breathing what a great joy and satisfaction it was for Andrew ! that it why he says later, I have done something, oh God ! I ve done something real at last , Andrew means to say that by reviving the child, he has done something big for the Morgans

Birth class 11 MCQ

Question:1 But her hands were together, her lips moved without sound. who is her ?

  1. Susan
  2. Midwife
  3. Mrs. Morgan’s mother
  4. Not clear from the story

Question:2 After how many years were Joe and Susan blessed with a child ?

  1. Five years
  2. twelve years
  3. twenty years
  4. fifteen years

Question:3 How has the author described Mrs. Morgan’s mother ?

  1. Wise and grey-haired
  2. In her seventies
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of these

Question:4 when Andrew approached Susan was accompanied by her mother and ……………

  1. Joe
  2. Father
  3. A Midwife
  4. Mother-in-law

Question:5 what all things did Andrew use in the treatment ?

  1. Hot and cold water
  2. Basins and towels
  3. A blanket
  4. All of the above

Question:6 while waiting at Joe’s house. what did Andrew think about ?

  1. About baby’s birth
  2. Failed marriages and Christine
  3. About his childhood
  4. Nothing

Question:7 what was the name of Dr. Andrew’s girlfriend ?

  1. Kristine
  2. Christine
  3. Christina
  4. Susan

Question:8 what can you say about Dr. Andrew after reading “birth?

  1. He did not put all his efforts
  2. he fulfilled his obligations well as a doctor
  3. His skills were not enough
  4. he was arrogant

Question:9 why did the Child become slippery in Andrew’s hand?

  1. Because of atmosphere in the room
  2. Because Andrew was losing his focus
  3. Because of constant Juggling between waters
  4. None of the above

Question:10 what does the author refer to as a miracle “?

  1. Life getting into the stillborn
  2. Morgan family welcoming a child
  3. Susan getting consciousness
  4. None of the above

MCQs Answers

Question NoAnswer Question NoAnswer

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