NCERT-Solution for class-11chapter-5 The Ailing planet: The green movement’s Role , Explanations, word-meanings Question and answers

The Ailing Planet The Green Movement’s Role-chapter-5 class 11, Explanation word meanings

The Ailing planet :the green movement’s Role by

(Nani Palkhivala)

The Ailing planet class 11 Introduction to the chapter

In this chapter the writer underlines the damages man has done to the planet on which he lives he has destroyed forests, fisheries grasslands and croplands, the destruction of forests has led to the extinction of many wild species the main factor responsible for this has been the fast growing population of the world, more children does not mean more work it means more people with no work thus man has endangered his own future on this planet In the words of lester brown ,”we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers, we have not inherited this earth from our children we must return it to them in good condition Fortunately , man has now woken up to this responsibility he now understands, that development should be sustainable it means development that meets the needs of the present but does not affect the ability of the coming generation to meet their needs the realization has come , only it has to be put into effect in a sincere and responsible manner,

Article by Nani palkhivala

The following article was written by Nani Palkhivala and published in the Indian Express on 24 November 1994 the issue that he raised regarding the declining health of the earth continue to have relevance,

The Ailing planet class 11 Explanations

The author begins by commenting on the great attention received by the green movement the word’s first nationwide Green party was founded in new Zealand in the year 1972 and the movement has been a great success since then A revolutionary change has come in the the perception of the human beings bringing in a holistic and ecological view of the world the earth itself is a living organism and it has its own metabolic needs and vital processes which need to be preserved Earth is like a patient in declining health thus as we have to realise or ethical responsibility of guarding the planet

the world Commission on environment and development propagated the concept of Sustainable Development in 1987 sustainable development calls for well-balanced development so as to meet the demands of present and not do to deprive for future generation for the resources man has been considered as the most dangerous being on the planet however due to the efforts of a number of agencies all over the world men is learning to live in harmony with the other living species on the planet man’s existence is shifting from the system of domination to that of partnership

Mr L.K jha raised the question are we leaving our successors a scortched planet of advancing desert, Impoverished landscapes and ailing environment? Mr, brown points out in his book The Golden economic prospect for principal biological system fisheries, Forest grasslands and croplands they form the foundation of the Global economic system as they supply food provide raw materials for industry except Minerals and petroleum derived synthetic the demand of the human beings on these systems is increasing to such an unstainable extent that the productivity of these systems is being and hampered,

the tropical forest or the powerhouse of evolution are eroding as a result several spies of life are facing Extinction article 48A of the Indian Constitution states that the state shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country however India is Losing its forests at the rate of 3.7 acres, a year

The Ailing planet class 11 word-Meanings
  1. Gripped–जकड लिया
  2. Revolutionary–क्रांतिकारी
  3. Consciousness–चेतना
  4. Organism–जीव
  5. Preserved–संरक्षित
  6. Stewards–प्रबंधक भंडारी
  7. Domination–प्रभुत्व
  8. Compromising--संकट में डालना
  9. impair--बिगाड़ना
  10. perpetuation–स्थाई बना देना
The Ailing planet class 11 Question and Answers

Question:1 Bring out the facts that support the title, Ailing planet–

Answers: the planet on which we live is indeed ailing it is in poor health, its forests fisheries grasslands and croplands have been destroyed many of its species have almost become extinct the land rivers, and seas have been polluted the fertility of soil has gone down, all natural resources have depleted badly, it is indeed an ailing planet

Question:2 how are the earth’s principal biological systems being depleted?

Answers: The earth has four principal biological system, they are fisheries forests grasslands and croplands they form the foundation of the world’s economy they supply food for us, they provide almost all the raw material for industry but sadly, the are being depleted and it is being done at a very fast rate,

Question:3 what is meant by sustainable development? when did this concept become popular?

Answer: The concept of sustainable development became popular in 1987, it means development that meets the needs of the present but doesn’t but doesn’t affect the ability of future generations to meet their needs

Question:4 what are the principal biological systems of the earth? how are they useful to us?

Answer: The principal biological system of the earth are fisheries, forests grasslands and croplands, they supply food for us, they provide all the raw material for our industry ,

Question:5 why have several species of wildlife become extinct?

Answer: Human beings cut down forests in their greed forests are the homes of wild animals, thus the destruction of forests has made our wildlife homeless, several species of wildlife have almost become extinct,

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