A thing of beauty class-12 poem, Explanation , Question and answers

NCERT-solution for class-12 book flamingo -poem , A thing of Beauty

A think of beauty is a source of everlasting happiness in human life tough situation of life can never fade the beauty of lovely nature and great people there is need to feel the impact of natural and man made beautiful things

About the poet

John Keats (1795-182) was a British romantic poet Although trained to be a surgeon keats decided to devote himself wholly to poetry keats secrets his power to sway and delight the leaders lies primary in his gift for perceiving the world and living living his moods and aspiration in terms of language the following is an except from his poem endymion A poetic Romance the poem is based on a Greek Legend in which a endymion a beautiful and young and shepherd and poet who lived on Mount let most had a vision of cynthia the Moon goddess, the enchanted youth resolved to seek her out and so wandered away through the forest and Down Under The Sea

A thing of beauty
Points to Remember
  1. a beautiful think eternal never loses charm and has a lasting impression on our Minds the poet equates beauty to happiness
  2. by beauty,” keats means the sun moon old and young trees that give shade, clear rills musk rose all have the power to uplift man’s spirit by providing sense of peace and serenity ,
  3. Life is full of trials and tribulations, lays of faith sadness, disappointments, death of noble values among people man’s life becomes worth living because of beautiful things which flash upon mind’s screen to lift the veil of gloom,
  4. grand legacies of the mighty dead and the lovely tales have sublimating effects on man,
    1. A thing of beauty is a joy forever
    2. its loveliness increase m it will never
    3. pass into nothingness, but will keep
    4. A bower quiet for us and a sleep
    5. full of sweet dreams, and health and quiet breathing

A think of beauty is a joy forever its loveliness increase it will never pass into nothingness but will keep A bower quiet for us and sleep full of sweet dream and health and quiet breathing therefore on every morrow are we wreathing a flowery band to bind us to the earth spite of despondence of the Inhuman dearth of all noble nature of the gloomy days of all the unhealthy and O,er and darkened ways

beauty flowers

made for our searching yes in spite of all some shape of beauty moves away the Pall from our dark spirits such the sun the moon trees old and young sprouting a shady Boon for simple sheep, and such are daffodils with the green world they live in and clear rills that for themselves a cooling covert make Gainst the hot seasons, the mid forest brake Rich with a sprinkling of fair musk rose dooms we have imagined for the mighty dead, all lovely tales that we have heard or read, An endless foundation of immortal drink pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink

List the thing of beauty mentioned in the poem
  1. The sun
  2. The moon
  3. shady trees
  4. beautiful daffodil flowers
  5. Endymion Diana
Question And Answer

Quesion:1 How is a thing of beauty a joy for ever?

Answer : A thing of beauty is eternal its beauty increase with time and it always gives pleasure to the beholder, it gives everlasting joy,

Question:2 How does its loveliness increase with joy?

Answer: beauty can create joy in the soul that will last forever, its power to heal and give happiness and will keep increasing ,

Question:3 How does nature affects us?

Answer: The beauty of nature exerts power over the gloomy side life The sweetness of the beauty of nature gets sweeter with the passing of time,

Question:4 Describe the kind of joy a beautiful thing provides,

Answer: Anything that is beautiful provides us an unending everlasting and eternal joy because it leaves an indelible impact on our minds and soul, we love to relive the memories of that joyous experience whenever it flashes back in our mind,

Question:5 why does a thing of beauty not pass into nothingness ?

Answer: A think of beauty does not pass into nothingness because it provides us eternal joy the loveliness of a beautiful object does not fade away or die out because the impression it leaves on your mind is Indelible

Question:6 Explain ; wreathing a flowery band to bind us to the earth?

Answer: keats feels every morning we weave a beautiful string of flowers or memories which help us to support ourselves and motivates us to live our life to the fullest instead of Burdening our lives with pain and suffering

Question:7 why is there an Inhuman dearth of noble natures?”

Answer :In this days there are few people who are noble in character and who rise above petty differences by being magnanimous and generous, there is a dearth of such noble souls on our earth” as man is selfish and self-centred

Question:8 what images of beauty has the poet referred to?

Answer: The poet appreciates the simplicity and serenity of beauty through the image of the sun, the moon the trees the sheep , the daffodils, the green pastures the livid streams and a fair bloom of musk -roses,

Question:9 what does’ simple sheep symbolise?

Answer: sheep and lamb are envisioned as symbols of innocence and serene beauty, Jesus Christ was a shepherd and was surrounded by his flock of sheep his followers keats has made special reference to the sheep as symbols of divine beauty,

Question;10 why is grandeur” associated with the mighty dead?

Answer: Grandeur’ is associated with the mighty dead because certain tombs and other grand constructions are created in the memory of their death,


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