NCERT solution for class 12 chapter 5, should wizard hit mommy, Explanation, Question and answers

Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 , Explanation, Question and answers

Should wizard Hit Mommy by

John Updike

Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 Introduction

The story, should wizard Hit Mommy ?” deals with a child’ s view of the world and the difficult Moral question she raises during her story sessions with her father, it also raises the issue whether parents should decide for their children or children should decide for themselves, Jack is the protagonist of the story his story telling sessions with his daughter jo began two years ago, Each story was a variation of a basic story line the main character was always a small creature named Roger who faced a problem to solve his problem Roger would go to the who in turn asked Roger to go to the wizard the wizard would finally solve his problem but of late, the story telling sessions had become tiresome for Jack jo was growing up and questioned everything she heard, One saturday, jack told jo a story about a new animal Roger skunk, Roger skunk smelt very bad so bad that no one played with him all the animals of the forest teased him and called him stinky skunk Roger skunk then, went to the and told him his story the owl sent him to the wizard who made him small like roses for the price of a few pennies, Roger skunk was happy as he could now play with his friends but the skunk’s mother didn’t like the smell of roses she was very angry and took Roger back to the wizard hit him on his head and ordered him to change Roger back to his original smell Roger skunk once again smelt very bad,

Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 Points to Remember
  1. jack fabricated a story to tell to his two year old daughter jo
  2. he created a basic plot where the main protagonist was an animal named Roger, a small creature
  3. The animal had a problem and went to the owl the owl advised him to go the wizard
  4. The wizard solved the problem and charged Roger pennies more than however he also guided him on how to get the required pennies
  5. One day jack told jo a story about Roger skunk who smelled so bad that the other animals ran away from him
  6. Roger skunk went to the owl in turn sent him to the wizard who changed his foul smell to sweet smell of roses,
  7. Roger skunk was ecstatic and ran to the jungle to play with the other animals who loved his smell very much
  8. when he reached his house his mother scolded him for the new smell
  9. the mother took him to the wizard
  10. Roger’s mother shouted at the wizard and hit him hard on the head
Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 characters
  1. Jack–father
  2. jo–Daughter of jack 4 years old
  3. Roger skunk–main character on this story
  4. wise owl
  5. wizard –Old man
Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 Explanations

In the evening and for saturday naps like today’s jack told his daughter jo a story out of his head this custom begun when she was two was itself now nearly two years old and his head felt empty each new story was a slight variation of a basic tale: a small creature usually named Roger (Roger fish Roger squirrel Roger chipmunk) had some problem and went with it to the wise old owl, the owl told him to go to the wizard and the wizard performed a magic spell that

solved the problem demanding in payment a number of pennies greater than the number that Roger creature had but in the same breath directing the animal to a place where the extra pennies could be found then Roger was so happy he played many games with other creatures and went home to his mother just in time to hear the train whistle that brought his daddy home from boston, Jack

Described their supper and the story was over working his way through this scheme was especially fatiguing on saturday, because jo never fell asleep in naps any more and knowing this made the rite seem futile the little girl (not so little any more :the bumps her feet made under the covers were halfway down the bed their big double bed that they let her be in for naps and when she was sick) had at last arranged herself, and from the way her fat face deep in the pillow shone in the sunlight

sifting through the drawn shades it did not seem fantastic that some magic would occur and she would take her nap like an infant of two he brother bobby was two and already asleep with his bottle jack asked who” shall the story be about today?”

Roger —Jo squeezed her eyes shut and smiled to be thinking she was thinking her eyes opened her mother’s blue skunk” she said firmly A new animal they must talk about skunks at nursery school, having a fresh hero momentarily tirred jack to creative enthusiasm all right he said Once upon a time in the deep dark woods there was a tiny little creature by the name of Roger skunk and he smelled very bad”

Yes” jo said he smalled so bad that none of the other little woodland creatures would play with him jo looked at him solemnly she hadn’t foreseen this whenever he would go out to play jack continued with zest remembering certain humiliations of his own childhood all of the other tiny animals would cry,” Uh -Oh here comes Roger stinky skunk and they would run away and Roger skunk would stand there all alone and two little round tears would fall from his eyes” the corners of Jo’s mouth drooped down and her lower lip bent forward as he traced with a forefinger along the side of her nose the course of one of Roger skunk’s tears

Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12

won’t he see the owl?” she asked in a high and faintly roughened voice, sitting on the bed beside her jack felt the covers tug as her legs switched tensely he was pleased with this Moment–he was telling her something true something she must know –and had no wish to hurry on but downstairs a chair scraped and he realised he must get down to help clare paint the living room woodwork well” he walked along very sadly and came to a very big tree and in the tiptop of the tree was an enormous wise old owl”,

Good” Mr Owl” Roger skunk said all the other little animals run away from me because I smell so bad so you do the owl said” very, very bad, what can I do?” Roger skunk said and he cried very hard The wizard jo shouted and sat right up and a little Golden book spilled from the bed, Now” Jo daddy’s telling the story Do you want to tell Daddy the story?”

No, you me” then lie down and he sleepy” her head relapsed onto the pillow and she said out of your head, well the thought and thought at last he said why” don’t you go see the wizard?” Daddy?” what?” are magic real?” this was a new phase just this last month, a reality phase when he told her spiders eat bugs she turned to her mother and asked do they really?’ and when clare told her god was in the sky and all around them, she turned to her father and insisted with a sly yet eager is” he really?’

They” re real in stories jack answered curtly she had made him miss a beat in the narrative the owl said Go” through the dark woods under the apple trees into the swamp over the crick, what’s a crick?” A little river over the Crick and there will be the wizard ‘s house and that’s the way Roger skunk went and pretty soon he came to a little white house and he rapped on the door jack rapped on the window still and under the covers Jo’s tall figure clenched in an infantile thrill, and then a tiny little old man came out, with a long white beard and a pointed blue hat, and said, Eh?”

whatzis?’ whatcher want? you smell awful the wizard ‘s voice was one of jack’s own favourite effects he did it by scrunching up his face and somehow whining through his eyes, which felt for the interval rheumy he felt being an old man suited him , i know it Roger skunk said and all the little animals run away from me the enormous wise owl said you could help me, ”

Eh?” well maybe come on in Don’t get too close now inside jo there were all these magic things all jumbled together in a big dusty heap, because the wizard did not have any cleaning lady” why?” , why?” because he was a wizard and a very old man ,”

will ge die?” No wizard don’t die well he rummaged around and found an old stick called a magic wand and asked Roger skunk what he wanted to smell like Roger thought and thought and said” Roses yes good jo” said smugly jack fixed her with a trance like gaze and chanted in the wizard’s elderly irritable voice,

Abracadabry hocus-poo

Roger skunk how do you do

Roses boses pull an ear

Roger skunk you never fear


he paused as a rapt expression windened out from his daughter’s nostrils forcing her eyebrows up and her lower lip down in a wide noiseless grin an expression in which jack was startled to recongnise his wife feigning pleasure at cocktail parties, and all of a sudden he whispered the whole inside of the wizard’s house was full of the smell of –roses! Roger fish cried and the wizard said very cranky that’ II be seven pennies,



Roger skunk , you said Roger fish

yes” skunk

you said Roger fish wasn’t that silly?

very silly of your stupid old daddy where was I well

You know about the pennies” say it O.K Roger skunk said but all i have four pennies and he began to cry jo made the crying face again but this time without a trace of sincerity this annoyed jack Downstairs some more furniture rumbled clare shouldn’t move heavy things, she was six months pregnant it would be their third

so the wizard said Oh very well go to the end of the lane and turn around three times and look down the magic well and there you will find three pennies hurry up so Roger skunk went to the end of the lane and turned around three times and there in the magic well were three pennies! so he took them back to the wizard and was very happy and ran out into the woods and all the other little animals gathered around him because he smelled so good and they played tag, baseball football basketball Iacrosse hockey soccer and pick up sticks?”

it’s a game you with sticks,” like the wizard’s magic wand?” kind of and they played games and laughed all afternoon and then it began to get dark and they all ran home to their mommies”, Jo was starting to fuss with her hands and look out of the window at the crack of day that showed under the shade, she thought the story was all over jack didn’t like women when they took anything for granted,” he liked them apprehensive , hanging on his words, now Jo are you listening?’

Yes” because this is very interesting Roger skunk’s mommy said what’s that awful smell?’ and Roger skunk said it’s me mommy I smell like roses and she said well of said the wizard and she said well of all the nerve you come with me and we’re going right back to that very awful wizard,”

Jo sat up her hands dabbling in the air with genuine fright,” but daddy then he said about the other little animals run away!” her hands skittered off into the underbrush , all right, he said but mommy all the other little animals run away and she said I don’t care you smelled the way a little skunk should have and I “m going to take you right back to that wizard and she took an umbrella and went back with Roger skunk and hit that wizard right over the head,”

No” jo said and put her hand out to touch his lips yet even in her agitation did not quite dare to stop the source of truth Inspiration came to her then the wizard hit her on the head and did not change that little skunk back”

No” he said the wizard said O.K and Roger skunk did not smell of roses more smelled very bad again but the other little amum-Oh amum–” Joanne it’s daddy’s story shall daddy not tell you any more stories?’ her broad face looked at him through sifted light astounded this is what happened then Roger

skunk and his mommy went home and they heard woo-oo ,woooo-oo and it was the choo-choo train bringing daddy skunk home from boston and they had lima beans celery liver, mashed potatoes and pie-Oh -my for dessert and when Roger skunk was in bed mommy skunk came up and hugged him and said he smelled like her little baby skunk again and she loved him very much and that’s the end of the story”

But daddy”


then did the other little animals run away?’

No” because eventually they got used to the way he was and did not mind it at all” what’s evenshiladee?” In a little while that was a stupid mommy,” It was not he said with rare emphasis and believed from her expression, that she realised he was defending his own mother to her or something as told Now I want you to put your big heavy head in the pillow and have a good long nap” he adjusted the shade so not even a crack of day showed, and tiptoed to the door in the pretense that she was already asleep but when he turned she was crouching on top of the covers and starting at him, hey get under the covers and fall faast asleep bobby’s asleep she stood up and bounced gingerly on the springs,

Daddy” what?” Tomorrow I want you to tell me the story that that wizard took that magic wand and hit that mommy” her plump arms chopped forcefully—Right over the head No” that’s not the story the point is that the little skunk loved his mommy more than he loved all the other little animals and she knew what was right ” No tomorrow you say he hit that mommy –Do it she kicked her legs up and sat down on the bed with a great heave and complaint of springs, as she had done hundreds

of times before except that this time she did not laugh, say it daddy” well we”II see now at least have a rest stay on the bed you re a good girl”, he closed the door and went downstairs clare had spread the newspapers and opened the paint can and wearing an old shirt of his on top of her maternity smock, was stroking the cahir rail with a dipped brush above him footsteps vibrated and he called Joanne! shall I come up there and spank you?” the footsteps hesitated, that was a long story clare, said the poor kid” he answered and with utter weariness

watched his wife labour the woodwork , a cage of moldings and rails and baseboards all around them was half old tan and half new ivory and he felt caught in an ugly middle position and though he as well felt his wife’s presence in the cage with him he did not want to speak with her, work

say it daddy” well, we II see now at least have a rest stay on the bed you, re a good girl ” he closed the door and went downstairs clare had spread the newspapers and opened the paint can and wearing and old shirt of his on top of her maternity smock, was stroking the cahir rail with a dipped brush above him footsteps vibrated and he called Joanne! shall I come up there and spank you?” the footsteps hesitated,

That was a long story clare, said the poor kid he answered and with utter weariness watched his wife labour the woodwork a cage of moldings and rail and baseboards all around them, was half old tan and half new ivory and he as well felt his wife’s presence in the cage with him he did not want to speak with her, work with her touch her, anything

Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 Question and answer

Question:1 How did the wizard help Roger skunk?

Answer: The wizard was moved by Roger skunk’s story On finding his magic wand he chanted some magic words & granted that Roger should smell like roses,

Question:2 who is Jo? how did jo behave in reality phase?”

Answer: Jo is jack’s 4 years old daughter she is not a patient listener she does not take things for granted and tries to see things in her own way,

Question:3 why did jo want the wizard to hit mommy?”

Answer: Jo was drawing a parallel between mommy skunk and her own mother she perceived both of them as an interfering factor in the independent growth of their children, so she wanted wizard to hit mommy as she had failed to empathize with her son’s (baby skunk) problem of not having any friend,

Question:4 how does jo want the story to end ? why?

Answer: children have a very different view of life than that of adults, they dream and live in their imaginative world, jo does not like the ending that mommy should hit the wizard Rather she wants that the wizard should hit the mommy for her failure to realize the problems of Roger skunk she calls her stupid Mommy” and insists for a change in the storyline she has got sympathy for Roger skunk she thinks it to be unfair on the part of the mother to go to the wizard and get Roger his bad smell again

Question:5 Drawing inference from the lesson should wizard hit mommy” elucidate perception of imposing parents?”

Answer: In the lesson should wizard hit Mommy” mother skunk did not support the idea of a changed identity for baby skunk the story says that Roger skunk felt alienated because of his bad smell the elders failed to recognize his feeling and pain his mother vehemently opposed the changed smell she perceived the bad smell as unique characteristics of a skunk, But her reaction was impulsive she could have responded in a subtle manner to make the child understand her point of view A healthy discussion in an amiable environment leads to agreeable solution.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12 MCQs Question and answer

Question:1 who is the writer of the story?

  1. John hoyer updike
  2. John Donne
  3. william blake
  4. William doughlas

Answer:(1) John Hoyer updike

Question:2 what is this story about?

  1. worldview of a little girl and her curious question to her father
  2. worldview of children
  3. world of wizards
  4. None of these

Answer:(1) worldview of a little girl and her curious question to her father

Question:3 how did the wizard help Roger skunk?

  1. by using magic wand
  2. by chanting
  3. by helping him get rid of foul smell
  4. All these

Answer( 4) all these

Question:4 what did the wizard ask Roger?

  1. what did he want to have?
  2. what did he want to eat?
  3. what did he want to smell like?
  4. None

Answer:(3) what did he want to smell like

Question:5 how did jo want the story of Roger skunk to end?

  1. To punish Roger’s mother by wizard
  2. To hit her by Roger
  3. To kill her
  4. To beat her by herself

Answer:(1) To punish Roger’s mother by wizard

Question:6 who hit whom in the original story?

  1. Roger hit his mom
  2. Roger hit the wizard
  3. wizard hit Roger’s mom
  4. Roger’s mom hit the wizard

Answer:(4) Roger’s mom hit the wizard

Question:7 why does Jo call Roger’s mom stupid ?

  1. because she doesn’t listen
  2. because she is stupid
  3. because of her action that Roger started smelling bad again
  4. Noe

Answer: (3) because of her action that Roger started smelling bad again

Question:8 who are the common characters in the stories of jack?

  1. Roger, owl and wizard
  2. Roger, jack and owl
  3. jo, Roger and jack
  4. clare, Roger and wizard

Answer:(1) Roger owl and wizard

Question:9 what did Roger want to smell like?

  1. marigold
  2. sunflower
  3. jasmine
  4. Rose

Answer:(4) Rose

Question:10 what does jo call mommy skunk?

  1. stupid
  2. clever
  3. dump
  4. bad

Answer:(1) stupid


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