summary of On the face of it class 12 English vistas book

On the face of it class 12 summary

On the face of it class 12 summary

Introduction: this is a play about young boy, Derry and an old man Mr, lamb it has been written by an English author, susan Hill it reflects the pain or inconvenience suffered by a disabled person, Moreover, it teachers lesson of having a positive attitude towards life,

Brief Description: Derry is a young boy of 14 years whose one side of face is burnt by acid he looks ugly so people avoid him he also thinks that people are not friendly so he likes to remain aloof, One day he scales a wall to enter into a garden he wants to spend some alone time there but when he sees Mr, lamb the owner of the garden he is startled, he wants to go back but Mr, lamb speaks to him in a very kind tone, he is a man of wisdom he always sees the life in a positive view he tells derry that the real worth of a person is not in his looks rather it is in him only he also talks about his physical deformity he tells children call him lamely-Mr lamb but he does not mind he reminds derry of a fairy tale “the beauty and the beast he” consoles derry but the latter says that he has heard a woman saying that disabled people should live with other disabled people only he also says to Mr lamb that his parents are also worried about would take care of derry Mr, lamb does not agree with this point, of view he encourages him, after that derry goes to tell his mother that Mr, lamb is a different and nice person, he promises to return back but when he returns, he finds that the old man has fallen off the ladder while trying to reach apples, he finds him to be dead and becomes very sad,


The story beautifully portraits the need of possessing courage and never losing hope it is expected that derry’s brief association with Mr, lamb will bring a great change in his life that he will lead in near furure,


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