CBSE Class 12 poem A thing of beauty summary

A thing of beauty class 12 summary

Introduction: this is a very beautiful poem written by a great British romantic poet, John keats it as extract from his poem Endymion A poetic Romance published in 1818 the poet in this poem states that beauty is intransient and gives us the same joy again and again

Brief Description: The poet says that beautiful thing is the eternal source of joy these things are very soothing when we look at a beautiful thing, we forget our worries for sometime pains and sorrows are unavoidable part of life but the joy given by the beautiful thing removes the pall of despair from our hearts nature is a store house of beauty there are many beautiful things in nature this includes the sun the moon, the trees the flowers and the rivers etc, all these things are very fascinating Apart from nature the world of literature also gives us pleasures the glorious achievements of heroes are as exciting as their fall and death their tales give us joy these tales are an immortal fountain of endless joy they are like the heavenly drink offered to us ,


it can be concluded that a thing of beauty never fades away it has the power to remove darkness and negativity


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