Albert Einstein at school class 11 chapter 4 Most MCQs Question and answers

Albert Einstein at school Most important MCQs Question and answers

Question:1 The Extract Albert Einstein at school is taken from ———-

  1. The young Einstein
  2. Einstein ‘s Expulsion
  3. The story of Einstein
  4. The famous Einstein

Answer:(1) The young Einstein

Question:2 what was the name of Albert Einstein’s history teacher?

  1. Mr, Weil
  2. Mr, Braun
  3. Mr, Koch
  4. Not Mentioned in the lesson

Answer:(2) Mr, Braun

Question:3 According to Einstein learning facts is not——

  1. Avoidable
  2. wasteful
  3. Education
  4. easy

Answer:(3) Education

Question:4 what was Albert’s theory of education?

  1. Giving importance to idea than to facts
  2. Learning all important facts
  3. Memorizing
  4. written everything

Answer:(1) Giving importance to idea than to facts

Question:5 how did Albert feel about going to school every day?

  1. Cheerful
  2. scared
  3. Miserable
  4. Grateful

Answer:(3) Miserable

Question:6 how long did Albert’s father want him to attend the school for?

  1. Until he comes to love the school
  2. Until his father called
  3. Until he completes his diploma
  4. None of the above

Answer:(3) Until he completes his diploma

Question:7 where did Albert Einstein reside during his schooling ?

  1. at home with his family
  2. at a quarter in Munich
  3. at his friend; s house
  4. at a place provided by the school

Answer:(2) at a quarter in Munich

Question:8 The place where Einstein lived had ——-

  1. No comfort
  2. bad food
  3. dirt and squalor
  4. all of the above

Answer:(4) all of the above

Question:9 Albert Einstein had a friend named ———–

  1. yuri
  2. Elsa
  3. Braun
  4. koch

Answer:(1) Yuri

Question:10 Yuri Mentions a fight in which a scare is a ———–

  1. Symbol of defeat
  2. badge of Honour
  3. Proof of weakness
  4. None of the above

Answer:(2) badge of honour

Question:11 what was the name of Albert Einstein ‘s cousin ?

  1. Yuri
  2. Koch
  3. Elsa
  4. Braun

Answer:(3) Elsa

Question:12 what was Albert’s cousin’s suggestion to him to help him get through his exams?

  1. To understand everything that was taught
  2. To learn without understanding
  3. To pay attention in the class
  4. To find a good tutor

Answer;(2) To learn without understanding

Question:13 According to Einstein what was a good enough reason (s) to study something ?

  1. It has to be a part of curriculum
  2. when the reader is forced to study
  3. If the reader likes it
  4. all of the above

Answer:(3) if the reader likes it

Question:14 Apart from books on science what comforted Albert Einstein ?

  1. playing on streets
  2. Drawing and painting
  3. calligraphy
  4. Music and playing violin

Answer;(4) Music and playing violin

Question:15 how did Albert Einstein plan to leave the school?

  1. By getting a certificate of nervous breakdown from a doctor
  2. By running away
  3. By calling his father to help him get out of school
  4. by Making the head teacher expel him

Answer:(1) By getting a certificate of nervous breakdown from a doctor

Question:16 what does to pull the wool over his eyes’ mean?

  1. To play a prank
  2. To cheat someone
  3. To Mock at someone
  4. To wear woollen glasses

Answer:(2) To cheat someone

Question:17 who helped Albert in finding a doctor who would help him in fulfilling his plan to leave the schools?

  1. His father
  2. Elsa
  3. Yuri
  4. No One

Answer:(3) yuri

Question:18 he’s not a Fool” Yuri warned Albert who is he?

  1. The head teacher of school
  2. Albert’s Maths teacher
  3. Albert’s father
  4. Doctor Ernst Weil

Answer:(4) Doctor Ernst weil

Question:19 Albert was ——-about his appointment with the doctor,

  1. worried
  2. Thrilled
  3. annoyed
  4. passive

Answer:(1) worried

Question:20 what did Albert plan to do after he left school?

  1. Look for a job
  2. Get into college or Institute
  3. start his business
  4. Do nothing

Answer:(2) Get into college or institute


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