Landscape of the soul class 11 chapter 4 Most Important MCQ’s

Landscape of the soul class 11 chapter 4, Most Important MCQ’s

NCERT Solution for class 11 chapter 4 ,Landscape of the soul MCQ’s Questions for class 11 English Hornbill With Answers were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. we have Provided Landscape of the soul chapter 4, MCQ’s Question and answer to help class 11 students understand the concept very

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Question:1 what two forms of art does the author Contrast in this Chapter?

  1. Indian Ancient art and Chinese art
  2. Chinese art and European art
  3. American art and European art
  4. European art and Greek art

Question:2 who did the Tang emperor Xuanzong Commission to decorate a wall in the palace?

  1. Axi Xiami
  2. Vi Quizi
  3. Wu Daozi
  4. Wu Shawmi

Question:3 who was the Chinese Emperor During the Eighth Century?

  1. Tang Emperor Xuanzong
  2. Yongle Emperor Zhu di
  3. Jianwen Empror Zhu Yunwen
  4. Tiacheng Emperor Zhu Changluo

Question:4 where did the painter draw the attention in the painting ?

  1. Sun in the sky
  2. palace near the hills
  3. Brids in the sky
  4. A cave at the foot of the mountain

Question:5 what happened when the painter entered the cave?

  1. The entrance closed behind him
  2. The painting vanished
  3. Nothing happened
  4. It was only a dream

Question:6 what happened when the painter clapped his hands?

  1. The painting and the painter disappeared
  2. The emperor entered the cave
  3. painter fell down with a shiver
  4. the wall collapsed

Question:7 why did the painter not want to draw the dragon’s eye?

  1. He feared that the painting would not look good
  2. he feared that the dragon would fly out of the painting
  3. he feared that dragon would seem real
  4. because he didn’t want to work

Question:8 what do the books of Confucius and Zhuangzi Teach ?

  1. They help the master guide his disciple in the right direction
  2. they teach us not fear the superiors
  3. They teach us not to suppress our thoughts
  4. None of the above

Question:9 what was the name of the blacksmith in the fifteenth century, Antwerp?

  1. Adam Mulch
  2. Sadern Metsys
  3. Lori Adam
  4. Quinten Metsys

Question;10 why did the father not approve of the love between his daughter and the blacksmith?

  1. Due to his profession
  2. Due to his caste
  3. Due to his appearance
  4. None of the above

Question:11 what did Quinten do to get into apprenticeship into his master’s studio?

  1. Asked him to admit him too
  2. Painted a fly on his latest panel that looked real
  3. Gave an interview
  4. Painted a dragon that had shining red eyes

Question:12 what did the two forms of art depict?

  1. A perfect, illusionistic likeness in Europe, the essence of inner life and spirt in Asia
  2. A perfect, illusionistic likeness in Asia the essence of Inner life and spirt in Europe
  3. Perfect art form in Asia and Realness In Europe
  4. they depicted nothing

Question:13 what does the wora’ Dao Mean?

  1. Perfection in art Forms
  2. Both the path or the method
  3. Mystery of the Magical world
  4. Royal life

Question:14 what does the Chinese Landscape Depict?

  1. They are not real and one can enter from any viewpoint
  2. They produce an actual viewpoint
  3. they are not imaginary
  4. None of the above

Question:15 what does’ landscape Movement’ Mean ?

  1. Relaxed Movement
  2. Hurried action
  3. To crawl like a snake
  4. None of the above

Question:16 what did the Chinese painter want the viewer to do?

  1. He wants the viewer to enter his mind
  2. He wants the viewers to admire his painting
  3. he wants them to Imagine the scene
  4. He wants them to feel like they are inside the scape

Question:17 what does the concept of shanshui” Represent ?

  1. An imaginary place
  2. worshipping the mountains
  3. Mountain and water, which when used together represent the word landscape “
  4. None of the above

Question:18 what does Yin Mean ?

  1. Water:” Horizontal and resting on the earth fluid, moist and cool
  2. Mountain: Vertically towards Heaven, stable warm and dry in the sun
  3. A neutral action
  4. None of the above

Question:19 what does Yang Mean ?

  1. Mountain: vertically Towards Heaven, stable warm and dry in the sun
  2. Water:” Horizontal and resting on the earth fluid, moist and cool
  3. A Neutral action
  4. Receptive Feminine aspect of Universal energy

Question:20 what is the role of man in between Heaven and earth?

  1. he is walking on a path
  2. he is sinner
  3. He is meant to do actions
  4. He becomes the conduit of Communication
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Landscape of the soul MCQ’s Answers

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