Discovering Tut, the saga Continues class 11 Book Hornbill chapter 3 Most Important MCQ’s

Discovering Tut, the saga Continues class 11 chapter 3, Most Important MCQ’s

NCERT Solution for class 11 English chapter 3 Discovering Tut’ the saga Continues MCQ’s are Provided here with simple step by step Explanations these solution for Discovering Tut the saga Continues class 11 chapter 3 MCQ’s Extremely popular among class 11 students for English Discovering Tut the saga Continues class 11 chapter 3 MCQ’s solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams all

Discovering Tut the sage Continues MCQ;s

Question:1 who was Tutankhamun?

  1. A Geologist
  2. A scientist
  3. An Egyptian king
  4. A historian

Question:2 when did Tut die?

  1. when he was a teenager
  2. when he was old
  3. when he was in middle age
  4. when he was a child

Question:3 who discovered Tut’s tomb and when

  1. Adam Cooper in 1901
  2. Howard Carter in 1922
  3. Howard Carter in 1930
  4. Sam show in 1890

Question:4 After being buried for—Years, Tut’s body was taken for CT scan

  1. After 1 year
  2. after 80 years
  3. after 50 years
  4. after 30 years

Question:5 For almost show many years did Amenhotep III rule Egypt?

  1. 5 years
  2. 20 years
  3. 10 years
  4. 40 years

Question:6 who Promoted the workship of Aten ( the sun disk)?

  1. Tutankhamun
  2. Amenhotep III
  3. Amenhotep IV
  4. Noe of the above

Question:7 what name did Amenhotep IV Change to?

  1. Amarna
  2. Atul
  3. Akhenaten
  4. Amenhotep III

Question:8 for about how many years did Tutankhamun rule Egypt?

  1. Nine
  2. Eleven
  3. Two
  4. Five

Question:9 what was Found with Tutankhamun’s body

  1. Diamonds, Jewellery , Cigars
  2. Fruits, Vegetables, snacks
  3. Nothing as such
  4. Gold, wealth , Bronze razor, games, clothes, cases of food and wine

Question:10 how would you describe Tut’s tomb?

  1. Had inscriptions On the walls
  2. Made of bricks, with designer marble on walls
  3. Made of Marble, had inlay work on walls
  4. Rock-cut, 26 feet Underground, which had wall paintings

Discovering Tut the sage Continues MCQ;s

Question:11 what was in the first coffin?

  1. Garlands of willow and olive Leaves, lotus petals, and Cornflowers
  2. Flowers and silver Coins
  3. Gold, wealth Bronze razor, games clothes cases of food and wine
  4. It was empty

Question:12 why did the third coffin put carter in trouble?

  1. It was empty
  2. The resins used had hardened
  3. The Material found inside was already looted
  4. None of the above

Question:13 how did Carter Remove the resins?

  1. With the help of chisel and hammer
  2. with me help of Chemicals
  3. with the help of machinery
  4. With the help of man power

Question:14 how did Carter cut the body of tut?

  1. First head and then every joint was separated
  2. First leg and then head
  3. First legs, head and then Limbs
  4. Limb, hand only

Question:15 what did carter and his men do after cutting down his body?

  1. They sent it for X–ray
  2. They examined them carefully
  3. They placed it on the layer of sand in a wooden box
  4. They clicked photographs

Question:16 when was the mummy examined in X-Ray by the anatomy professor?

  1. In 1945
  2. In 1986
  3. In 1968
  4. Never

Question:17 what facts were revealed when the mummy was x-Rayed in 1968?

  1. His several possessions were missing
  2. His hip bone was missing
  3. His Breast bone and front ribs were missing
  4. His feet bone was missing

Question:18 when was Tut’s body taken far CT scan in the 21th Century ?

  1. January 05, 2005
  2. January 10,2007
  3. June 09, 2001
  4. February 12,2009

Question:19 what does CT scan stand for ?

  1. Computed Telegraphy
  2. Computed Tomography scan
  3. Car Topology
  4. Computer Technology

Question:20 how did the workmen lift the body for the scan?

  1. Through the stairs
  2. On a hydraulic trailer
  3. Through sliding
  4. Through lift
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