class 12th English deep water Most Important MCQ’s chapter 3

class 12th English deep water Most Important MCQ’s chapter 3

deep water class 12 MCQ’s

Question:1 who is the author of deep water ?

  1. william Douglas
  2. Alphonse Daudet
  3. Anees jung
  4. None of these

Question:2 how old was Dauglas when the misadventure took place?

  1. Nine years old
  2. Ten to Eleven years old
  3. Eleven to twelve years old
  4. Twelve to thirteen years old

Question:3 Name the treacherous River Mentioned in the chapter “deep water ?

  1. Yakima River
  2. Teton River
  3. A and B both
  4. None of these

Question:4 which word does the Eighteen years old boy use while bullying the author at the pool side?

  1. Lamb
  2. William
  3. Skinny
  4. Garry

Question:5 the boy who threw Douglas into the pool was about

  1. 20 years old
  2. 18 years old
  3. 22 years old
  4. 15 years old

Question:6 what is the Misadventure that William Douglas speaks about?

  1. Being pushed into the pool
  2. Being swept by waves at a beach
  3. being Trained by the instructor
  4. both A and B

Question:7 the Famous Quote on fear by Roosevelt is

  1. all we have to fear is fear itself
  2. all we have to fear is death itself
  3. all we have to fear is failure itself
  4. all we have to fear is Dangers itself

Question:8 how did Douglas develop Extreme fear of water?

  1. Misadventure at lake wentworth
  2. Misadventure at beach
  3. Misadventure at yakima River
  4. Misadventure at YMCA pool

Question:9 what plans did he make to come to the surface of the pool?

  1. Tried to jump and push himself up
  2. shouted
  3. cried
  4. none of these

Question:10 why has the author given an autobiographical note In deep water?

  1. Because of fear of swimming
  2. people
  3. swimming instructor
  4. Because of fear of water

Question:11 when did Douglas finally conquer his fear?

  1. when his instructor gave his approval
  2. when he tried swimming alone at different places
  3. A and B both
  4. None of these

Question:12 Douglas father took him to A beach In ———

  1. Germany
  2. California
  3. Brazil
  4. England

Question:13 what do you Infer from the line the instructor was finished ?

  1. he gave up
  2. his task was complete
  3. A and B both
  4. None of these

Question:14 at what age” did Douglas decide to learn swimming?

  1. 7-8 years
  2. 8-9 years
  3. 9-10 years
  4. 10-11 years

Question:15 why did mother continuously warn Douglas against Yakima river?

  1. Because swimming in Yakima was very expensive
  2. because Yakima was far away from there
  3. Yakima river was auspicious
  4. Yakima river was treacherous

Question:16 what was the depth of the pool at shallow end?

  1. 2-3 feet
  2. 3-4 feet
  3. 4-5 feet
  4. 5-6 feet

deep water class 12 MCQ’s

Question:17 what was the depth of the pool at deep end?

  1. 6 feet
  2. 7 feet
  3. 8 feet
  4. 9 feet

Question:18 Douglas imagined that the would bob to the surface like a ————-

  1. coke
  2. bottle
  3. cork
  4. cotton

Question:19 In the deep end of the pool, what had happened to Douglas’s lungs?

  1. swollen
  2. ached
  3. weak
  4. broken

Question:20 what had happened to Douglas’s screams in the water?

  1. were very strong
  2. were very clear
  3. were very enchanting
  4. were frozen
Q.No Answer Q.NO Answer

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