Lost Spring NCERT Solution for class 12 Most important Question and answers

Lost Spring : Stories of stolen Childhood NCERT Solution for class 12 Most important Question and answers

Question from Textbook solved

Think as you read

Question:1 who is the author of the chapter lost spring?

Answer” Anees Jung

Question:2 Name the original book from which this prose is an except

Answer” Lost spring stories of stolen childhood

Question:3 who is Saheb?

Answer” Saheb is a Ragpicker from Seemapuri Delhi

Question:4 what is the full name of Saheb?

Answer” Saheb-e-Alam

Question:5 what is the inony in Saheb name?

Answer” The inony in saheb’s name is that his full name saheb-e-Alam Means the lord of the Universe where he was a actually a very poor boy a Ragpicker who didn’t event have shoes to wear

Question:6 sometimes I find a rupee in the garbage -who said this?

Answer” Saheb

Question:7 why saheb and his family was Migrated to seemapuri?

Answer” In Dhaka their fields and home were swept away by many storms so saheb and his family left that place and were migrated to seemapuri

Question:8 whom does the author encounter every morning?

Answer” Every morning the author encounter a young Ragpicker named saheb

Question:9 ” what is Saheb wearing?

Answer” Saheb is wearing discoloured shirt and shorts he is also wearing a pain of tennis shoes, one of which have a hole in if but it doesn’t bother Saheb because someone who has walked barefoot even wearing a shoes with a hole in it is like a dream come true

Question:10 why the garbage is like gold for Saheb and other Ragpickers like him?

Answer” Saheb and other Ragpickers scrounge in the garbage to find coins, notes and other useful things and where they find anything useful from there it becomes a source of , of great happiness for them so garbage is like gold for Saheb and other Ragpickers like him,

Question:11 why doesn’t Saheb go to school?

Answer” Saheb doesn’t go to school because there was no school in his Neighborhood

Question:12 when Saheb said that there is no Saheb in his Neighborhood what did the author ask him? and how

Answer” when Saheb said that there is no school in his Neighborhood the author asked him that if she starts a school then will Saheb come she asked this half joking but Saheb took it Seriously so when a few days later Saheb met the author again he directly asked the author that was her school ready this is because he thought that the author was going to make a school, where the author didn’t Mean that

Question:13 why is the author Embarrassed at having made a promise that wasn’t Meant ?

Answer” The author is Embarrassed Because she couldn’t keep her promise with Saheb even though she didn’t say anything Seriously she half joking asked Saheb that if she makes a school then will he come but Saheb seriously thought that the author was going to make a school so after that when Saheb met the author again he asked her that was her school ready so it became an Embarrassing moment for the author

Question:14 what does the author Mean by but promise like mine abound in every corner of this bleak world ?

Answer” The author felt Embarrassed at having made a promise that wasn’t Meant even though it was a promise only for from Saheb’s point of view then the author thought that but promises like mine abound in every corner of this bleak would which Means that Saheb and often poor boys like him have too many promises made to them and then forgotten these are never filled

Question:15 when does the army of barefoot boys come to room on the streets and when do they dippear?

Answer” the army of barefoot boys come to room on the streets in the morning and they disappear at noon

Question :16 what is the Saheb looking for the garbage dumps? where is he and where has he come from?

Answer” Saheb is looking for gold in the garbage dumps he is in the neighbourhood of the author Saheb has come from Bangladesh he came with his mother in 1971 his house was set amidst the green fields of dhaka storms swept away their fields and homes so they left the country,

Question:17 what Explanation does the author offer for the children not wearing footwear?

Answer” Thousands of children in our country belong to the underprivileged classes they are to poor to afford footwear some of them give tradition as an excuse to remain barefoot but the author thinks it to be just a fake excuse

Question:18 it Saheb happy working at the tea-stall? Explain

Answer” No Saheb is not happy working at the tea-stall though he is now earning ? 800 per month along with two times Meal” yet he has lost the carefree look at his face he is no longer his own master and has lost his freedom

Question:19 what makes the city of Firozabad famous?

Answer” The city of Firozabad is famous for bangles the bangle making industry of Firozabad is famous all over the world it is Indian’s largest glass blowing industry where glass is welded into colourful bangles,

Question:20 Mention the Hazards of working in the glass bangles industry ,

Answer” The glass bangles industry is a real threat to the health of workers the workers in these factories work in dingy cells without sufficient air and light and that too with high temperatures as a result, most of them lose their eyesight and develop lung and brain related diseases,

Question:21 how is Mukesh’s attitude to his situation different from that of his family?

Answer” Mukesh does not want to accept his situation as permanent he is ambitious and wants to be his own master he does not want to spend his life making bangles he wants to do something different he wants to become a motor Mechanic and drive a car Understanding the text

Question:22 what could be some of the reasons for the migration or people from Villages to cities?

Answer” The main reason for the migration of people from villages to cities is the poverty which is due to unemployment it has resulted in exploitation there is no infrastructural development in villages the people have very few opportunities for employment as a result they move to cities to earn their livelihood

Question:23 would you agree that promises made to the poor Children are rarely kept? why do you think this happens in the incidents narrated in the text?

Answer” Promises made to the poor children are rarely kept Saheb along with his family lives in the vain hope that one day their condition will improve Saheb believes in the author that soon she will open a school and he will go to study there but such promises never materialise

Question:24 what forces conspire to keep the workers in the bangle industry of Firozabad in poverty?

Answer” Bangles makers think that it is the only skill they possess they have a belief that it is the only work they can do as they are born in the community of bangles makers moreover they have fallen into the vicious clutches of the Middlemen, politicians, bureaucrats, sahukars and policemen

Question:25 how in your opinion can Mukesh realize his dream”

Answer” Mukesh wants to be motor Mechanic this is totally against the family tradition of making bangles for his family the very thought of doing something else is daring so mukesh has to be bold and confident to fulfil his dream he is strong enough to face and withstand the opposition of his family and society he can do this only by his grit and determination


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