Silk Road class 11 Important Question and answers ,Hornbill English

Silk Road class 11 Important Question and answers ,Hornbill English

Section First I

Question:1 The article has been titled silk” Road “

Answer” The article has been titled silk Road because the author of this article travelled through the old silk route to Mount Kailash this historical route connected Afro-Eurasian countries and established trade of Chinese silk Indian” textile and spices to the world

Question:2 Tibetan Mastiffs were Popular in China’s imperial courts

Answer” Tibetan mastiffs were popular in China’s imperial court because they were popular as big hunting dogs they were Furious stout and Fearless and brought along the silk road as a tribute from tibet

Question:3 The author’s experience at hor was in stark contrast to earlier accounts of the place”

Answer” Hor was a grim and miserable place where there was no vegetation there were only dust rocks and heap of long accumulated rubble and refuse everywhere but Earlier visitors felt Spirituality and sanctity there it was the contrast to author’s view

Question :4 The author was disappointed with Darchen

Answer” The author was disappointed with Darchen because high altitude was giving him health issues he was not able to sleep at night due to cold Pilgrims were also not there as the author arrived earlier than pilgrimage Season the place was dusty and partially derelict

Question:5 The author thought that his positive thinking strategy worked well after all”

Answer” The author thought that his positive thinking strategy worked well after all because after much disappointed and health issues with Darchen he finally met Norbu he understood the author’s language’ so the author decided to complete his remaining Journey with the new companion because Norbu too wanted to complete Kora”

Second Section”II Briefly comment on”

Question:1 The purpose of the author’s Journey to Mount Kailash ‘

Answer” The purpose of the author’s Journey was to go to Mount Kailash to complete Kora it is a Meditation Performed by Buddhist Believers”

Question:2 The author’s physical condition in Darchen

Answer” when the author reached Darchen he was not physical well he was not able to sleep at night due to frequent sinuses blockage along with cold next day he went to the Tibetan doctor who gave some medicines the author slept very soundly after taking those mediciens

Question:3 The author’s meeting with Norbu “

Answer” The author was feeling solitary because Tsetan left him and there were no Pilgrim also Coincidentally he met Norbu at local cafe he was also an academician and was there to visit Kailash the author decided to go with him for Kora”

Question:4 Tsetan”s Support to the author during the journey “

Answer” Tsetan was an experienced Taxi driver who drove the author up to Darchen he gave Various Information about the places during Journey he also took care of the author and took him to Medical college when the author became ill’

Question:5 As”a buddhist he told he knew that it didn’t really matter if I passed away but he thought it would be bad for business

Answer” Tsetan was a Buddhist and a Buddhist believes that death is not the end of life if author would die, he would directly go to Heaven as the Kailash is considered a heavenly place but he would lose his business and Credibility if the author would die,

Section Third (Discuss in group of four )

Question:1 The sensitive Behaviour hill-folk

Answer” Th hill-folk are very innocent and simple they are very hospitable and religious they believe in their customs and fear to God

Question:2 The Reasons why people willingly undergo the Travails of difficult Journeys”

Answer” There are Various reason why people willingly undergo the travails of difficult Journeys some people do it for merely adventure some for educational purpose” some for religious Purpose and some for Gaining experiences of Odds of life”

Question:3 The account of exotic places in Legends and the reality”

Answer” There are many accounts of exotic places in legends and the reality some Prominent places are Kailash , himalaya and Various other religious places

Question”4 Notice the kind of English Tsetan uses while taking to the author how do you think he picked it up”

Answer” Tsetan was a taxi driver and used to speak basic English he has picked it up by his interaction with English speaking Tourist

Question:5 The narrative has many Phrases to described the scenic beauty of the mountain side like” the flawless half-moon floated in a perfect blue sky” Scan the text to locate the search picturesque Phrases


  1. Extended banks of clouds like long French loaves glowed pink
  2. Mountain top with a rose tinted blush
  3. Plumes of dust billowed into Crisp clear sky
  4. we entered a valley where the river was wide and mostly clogged with Ice” Brilliant white and Glinting in the sunshine”

Question:6 Who Gave the narrator’a farewell present and what was the [resent given at Ravu”?

Answer” It was time for leaving Ravu the narrator was to head towards mount Kailash to do the Kora Lhambo, a Tibetan woman, wanted to give him a farewell present, she wanted that the narrator ought to get some warm clothes she gave one of the long sleeved skeepskin coats that all the men wore”

Question:7 who was Tsetan and what possible problems could be faced after leaving Ravu?”

Answer” Tsetan was a taxi driver he was engaged to take the narrator to mount Kailash he knew a short route that would take then to south-west almost directly towards mount Kailash there were many fairly high mountain passes but Tsetan saw no problem if there was no snow

Question”8 Describe Tibetan Mastiffs why did they become popular in China’s imperial court”

Answer” Tibetan mastiffs were huge black dogs the narrator calls them shaggy monsters blacker than the darker night’s they barked Furiously at anyone who approached them with their massive jaws”these ferocious dogs stood guarding the nomads’ dark tents the ferocious Tibetan mastiffs became popular in China’s imperial courts as hunting dogs”

Question:9 why did the narrator’s head begin to throb horribly and what did he do to comfort himself”

Answer” The party was regaining the height the narrator checked his watch they crept past 5400 metres they continued to climb in the bright sunshine the narrator’s head began to throb horribly it was due to the effect of the high altitude he took gulps from his water bottle to help a rapid ascent”

Question:10 why did all of them take a turn round the cairn?”

Answer” Finally, they reached the top of the pass it was at the height of the 5,515 Matres it was marked by a large cairn of rocks they were festooned with white silk scarves and ragged prayer flags they followed the Buddhist tradition and took a turn round the cairn in a clockwise direction”


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