The browning Version class 11 chapter 6 Important Question and answers

The browning Version class 11 chapter 6 Important Question and answers

Question:1 comment on the attitude shown by taplow towards crocker-Harris

Answer” Taplow is a student of Mr, crocker Harris he likes him and admires him for his principles Although Mr, Crocker-Harris is very strict and follows the rules Taplow likes his sense of discipline he says that he is not a sadist he does not like being liked Mr Crocker-Harris is not biased he says to Taplow that the will give what he deserves, nothing less and nothing more

Question:2 Does Frank seem to Encourage Taplow’s comments on Crocker-Harris ?

Answer” Yes” Frank seems to encourage taplow’s comments on Mr. crocker-harris he encourage him to give answers to his question about him he also asks him to imitate the way Mr, Crocker-harris speaks frank did not like the effect Mr, Crocker harris has upon his students

Question:3 what do you gather about crocker-harris from play?”

Answer” Mr, Crocker-harris is a middle aged school master who is a strict man and believes in discipline and rules he seems to hate people who like him he is so frightening that no student can absent in his he called Taplow for extra work even though it is his last day in the school

Question”:4 Talking about teachers among friends,

Answer” students often discuss about teachers among friends it is their favourite past time they are quite intelligent and observe every action of their teacher they imitate the teacher’s style speaking writing and sense of dressing some students consider his teacher as their role model A teacher attracts his students not only by his knowledge and teaching style but the way he communicates and interacts with students good relation between teacher and students is necessary so that students can learn without Fear,

Question:5 The manner you adopt when you talk about a teacher to other teachers

Answer” We should respect our teachers and address them with resect and politeness when we talk about a teacher to other teachers we should not forget normal courtesy the dignity of a teacher should not be lowered before another our remarks should not be abusive or derogatory we should never call them with their names,

Question:6 Reading plays is more interesting than studying sceince”

Answer” Reading plays is more interesting than studying science” Reading plays builds linguistic skills it makes readers able to dive in imagination plays are full of interesting plot Various character of different traits witty dialogues we never feel bored while reading a play on the other hand, Science is based on facts concepts principles and its applications it demands reasoning and concentration of mind to solve the complex problems

Question:7 who is frank? what impression do you form about him?”

Answer” Frank is a science teacher he does not know Taplow who is the lower fifth standard Even then he tries to Instigate Taplow against crocker-harris he is full Jealousy and prejudice he does not seem to be objective and sincere,

Question”8 what is remove?” what does Taplow think about it?”

Answer” The certificate which one gets on passing a class in a school is known as” remove it is as a rule declared by the head master Taplow” is not sure of getting a remove” as his teacher crocker-harris is not in the habit of felling the result before hand, like other teachers

Question:9 Frank”says bad luck still there is one comfort what a bad luck and what is the comfort?”

Answer” Frank says that it is the bad luck of Taplow to come for extra work on the last day of the school and that also in such a weather, but there is comfort for him that being a good boy he will get his remove”

Question:10 why does frank envy crocker-harris?”

Answer” Frank admits that he envies crocker-harris for having an effect on the boys all the boys seem to be scared of him he asks Taplow if Mr, Harris beats them

Question:11 why doesn’t Taplow call Crocker-Harris a sadist?”

Answer” Taplow says that crocker harris is not even a sadist Mr, Harris has not any feelings so he doesn’t get any pleasure out of the pains of others’ hence it will be wrong to call him a sadist person who has some feelings”

Question:12 how does Taplow react when frank asks him to cut”?

Answer” Mr, Frank is not favourably disposed towards Mr, crocker-harris Mr harris doesn’t come on the right time frank asks Taplow to cut” crocker’s extra work period Taplow can’t even imagine of doing such a thing no student has ever done such a thing in the whole teaching career of Mr harris

Question:13 How do Mr, Frank and Taplow react to the sudden arrival of Millie Crocker?”

Answer” Frank and Taplow react differently to the sudden arrival of Mrs. millie crocker frank turns to welcome her is he is infinitely relieved” at seeing her on the other hand Taplow is scared he fears if she has heard what he spoke about Mr crocker harris if he has heard him she can report his words to Mr crocker harris Taplow fears that he might not get his remove

Question:14 what do you gather about crocker harris from the play?”

Answer’ Crocker harris who teachers latin and classic Literature at a British public school is a good teacher he does not beat his students of course he punishes them for mistakes in his own way Taplow who misses a day of school because of illness is called by him for extra work he is a sticker for accuracy and discipline he expects his students to study hard the classics have a lot of Greek words he Punishes the boys if they do not get them right he is a strict follower of rules it is the headmaster who announces results on the last day of the term as such he does not announce the result to his class students while other teachers do so Taplow does not like this habit in him he feels bitter because he has not announced his result Unfortunately others including his students do not appreciate his quality of Strictness and discipline Taplow calls him Inhuman and even worse than a sadist frank a teacher at the same school seems to enjoy the low opinion of the boy about crocker-harris

Question:15 what was funny about Crocker-harris telling a joke?”

Answer” Crocker harris one day made one of his classical jokes but nobody laughed because only to please crocker harris , harris asked Taplow to explain the joke to the other students


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