Landscape of the Soul class 11 Important Question and answers

Landscape of the Soul class 11 Important Question and answers

Question:1 Contrast the Chinese view of art with the European view with examples”

Answer” The Chinese form of art is based on imagination and shows inner and Spiritual approach of the artists whereas the European art form is real and reproduces an actual view of the object from the landscape paintings of Wu Daozi and Quinten metsys represent the two form of paintings respectively

Question:2 Explain the concept of Shanshui”

Answer” Shanshui is a Chinese concept of art which Means mountain-water it is used together to represent the word’ landscape it represents the two complementary poles (yang and yin ) reflecting the Daosit view of Universe

Question”3 what do you understand by the term outsider art” and art brut” or raw art”

Answer” Outsider art is the art made by untrained artist with no formal training art brut” or Raw art” are the works of art in their raw state as regard cultural and artistic influences

Question:4 who was the Untutored genius” who created a Paradise and what is the nature of his contribution to art”

Answer” Nek Chand was the Untutored genius who created a paradise he was an 80 years old creator -director who made the world famous Rock garden in Chandigarh he was an outsider artist who sculpted a garden with stone and recycled Materials his artwork has been recognised by UNESCO

Question:5 The emperor may rule over the territory he was conquered but only the artists known way within”

Answer” This sentence explains the fact that an Emperor may rule an entire kingdom and have power over his conquered territory but only an artist would be able to go beyond any material appearance he knows both path and methods of the mysterious work of the Universe true Meaning of his work can be seen only by Means known to him irrespective of how powerful an emperor

Question:6 The Landscape is an inner one’a spiritual and conceptual space”

Answer” This statement means that a Chinese artist wants the viewer to enter his mind rather than borrowing his eyes to view his art piece this needs both physical and mental participation the viewers can enter from any point and travel from one point to another point and then he returns in relaxed state it is not a real art piece instead it is an inner” spiritual and abstract space of the artist ”

Question:7 Find out the correlates of Yin and Yang in other cultures”

Answer” In Indian culture nature and god correlates of yin and yang nature represents the feminine part and God represents the masculine part, and both are known as maya and Brahma” the combination of two creates the whole world”

Question:8 Describe and contrast the features of the Chinese and the European art and landscape”

Answer” A classical Chinese landscape is not meant to reproduce an actual view the artist doesn’t paint the world as it is a Chinese landscape is not the real one and one can enter it from any point whereas a European painter wants you” to borrow his eyes” his art reflects delicate realism Chinese

Question”9 what is the third element or middle void?”

Answer” No doubt the interaction of yang and yin represents the word Landscape there is also the third element or middle void the middle void can be compared to the yogic practice of pranayama breathe in retain and breathe out the suspension of breath is the void In art it is represented by the white Unpainted space in the Chinese landscape

Question” 10 what is the concept of art” brut and raw art” who Originated it”?

Answer” Art brut Means outsider art it is the art of the Untrained artist it is the faster growing area in the Contemporary art this concept was first propounded by a French painter Jean dubuffet in 1940s, art brut” or raw art is the art of an untutored genius; he has not received any formal training yet shown talent and artistic insight” .

Question:11 what is the contribution of Nek Chand in the world of art”?

Answer” Nek Chand is hailed as Indian’s biggest contribution to outsider art he was an untutored genius he received no formal training in art yet he showed rare talent and artistic insight he created a paradise in Chandigarh Known as the Rock garden

Question:12 how has nek Chand’s art received international recognition and acclaim”?

Answer” Nek Chand stands as the most outstanding example of art brut or outsider art he created a paradise in the form of a Rock garden in Chandigarh the swiss commission of UNESCO, and the government of Italy France Belgium and Switzerland Honoured him Realism of Nek Chand ” an interactive show was held at all the leading museums of Europe

Question:13 How does the Horizontal scroll add a dimension of time to a painting”?

Answer” In the case of horizontal scroll the action of opening one section of the painting then rolling it up to move on to the other section one by one adds dimension of time to a painting

Question:14 what is the fundamental notion of Daoism “?

Answer” The fundamental notion of Daoism is that this Universe is composed of two complementary poles” Viz , Yin (Feminine) yang (masculine) the interaction of these two energies”yin the receptive and Yang” the active makes the Universe

Question”15 The Chinese concept of art and painting is difficult from the western figurative painting compare and contrast the two by citing examples from the text”?

Answer” China and Europe are the two difficult world they represent two difficult concepts of art and painting the Chinese landscape is an inner one it represents a Spiritual and conceptual space on the other hand western” figurative painting is more physical it tries to achieve perfect illusionistic likeness , We Daozi’s story represents the revealing aspects of the Chinese painting In the Chinese story the painter wu wants the Emperor borrow his eyes and see the landscape through them A classical chinese landscape does not represents an actual view in a Chinese landscape the painter does not choose a single viewpoint his landscape is not real one” and you can enter it from any point Quinten metsys’s story is representative of western painting


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