Lesson-3 Two stories About Flying class 10 Important Question and answers

Lesson-3 Two stories About Flying class 10 Important Question and answers

Question”1 why did the young Seagull feel very miserable on the ledge?”

Answer” The young Seagull felt miserable on the ledge as he was alone and his family had already flown away he was feeling very hungry and had nothing to eat his condition was worsening because he could not even dive for fish

Question”2 when did the Seagull get his fear of Flying over the Sea”?

Answer” The Seagull was afraid of flying over the sea because he thought that he would drown his family decided to teach him a lesson they left him Unattended the mother tore at a piece of fish that lay at her feet now and then in his front since the Seagull was hungry too much he was compelled to attempt his first flight in order to get food he was successful this is when he got over his fear Flying over the sea

Question3″ Describe the first flight of the Young Seagull

Answer” The young Seagull dived at the fish due to hunger and fell Outwards and downwards into space he thought of getting drowned but his wings spread outwards automatically he moved downwards and outwards and landed safely on the sea and floated on it without any fear

Question”4 Describe author’s feeling while he was Flying his aeroplane back to England? what risk did the writer take while Flying? why?

Answer” The author was very Excited while he was Flying his aeroplane back to England because hw wanted to spend his holiday with his family at home the writer decided to risk to Fly through the storm clouds because he wanted to enjoy his holiday with his family back in England

Question”5 what did the writer feel inside the clouds”?

Answer” when the writer entered the clouds it became impossible to see outside the aeroplane the aeroplane jumped and twisted in the air and all the instruments like compass etc stopped working due to the weather condition

Question”6 why did the writer follow the pilot of another aeroplane “?

Answer” The writer followed another aeropane because he had lost the way in the storm and was Unable to see anything the pilot of another aeroplane was helping him to get out of the storm and land safely

Question”7 why did the woman in control room get shocked when the writer asked about another aeroplane “?

Answer” The woman in the control room was shocked when the writer asked about another aeroplane because there was no such plane Flying in the sky that night as she saw on the radar

Question”8 Match the Phrases given under Column a with their Meanings given under Column B

1Fly a flag aMove quickly/ Suddenly
2Fly into rage bBe successful
3Fly along cDisplay a flag an a long pole
4Fly High dEscape from a pole
5Fly the coop eBecome suddenly very angry


1Fly a flag aDisplay a flag an a long pole
2Fly into rage bBecome suddenly very angry
3Fly along cMove quickly/ suddenly
4Fly high dBe successful
5Fly the coop eEscape from a place

Long Question and answers

Question”1 how did the mother make the young Seagull come out of his fear and teach him the art of Flying ?

Answer” The young Seagull was afraid of Flying because he thought that his wings won’t support him and he would drown when his family left him alone of the ledge he felt alone and was very hungry they tried hard to make him Fly but he never showed the courage to try his mother knowingly tore a piece of fish near him and flew across to him with it she came close to him but did not go nearer already mad by hungry he dived at the fish but fell into space after sometime his wings spread outwards and he began to Fly his family landed on the sea ahead of him they backoned him so he landed on the sea and began to sink into water but when his belly touched the water he floated without any fear and difficulty

Question”2 The author asks a question at the end who” was the pilot on the strange black aeroplane “? answer this question

Answer” The black Aeroplane is an interesting story the writer is a pilot One day he was returning from france in his Dakota aeroplane he was going to England suddenly he saw huge storm clouds on his way he had not much fuel in his plane so he could not fly around the clouds he took a risk and entered the clouds his compass and other instruments failed his radio also went out of order the writer’s life was in danger suddenly he saw a black aeroplane near him the pilot of the plane gestured him to follow him the writer followed him and landed his plane safely but when he looked back he did not find the black aeroplane anywhere the woman at the control tower told him that there had been no other plane that night then who saved the writer’s life who was the pilot of the black aeroplane ? the writer had no answer to these questions thus it is a mysterious story”

Question”3 why was the young Seagull afraid to fly? do you think all young birds are afraid to make their first flight or are some birds more timid than others? do you think a human baby also finds it a challenge to take its first steps?

Answer” The young Seagull was certain that his wings would not support him when he would try to Fly he feared that he would fall down into the sea Yes” all birds are afraid to make their flight but some are able to conquer their fears and take the first plunge while few are more timid than others and take a while to get rid of their fear it is the same with the human babies too the first step is always challenging for them but sooner or later they are able to overcome their fears and take the first step

Question”4 Have you ever had a similar experience where your parents encourage you to do something that you were too scared to try? Discuss this in pairs or Groups

Answer” yes, had a similar experience like the young seagull as a child I was afraid of water and the depth of the Pool made me dizzy I refused to go near a pool and learn to swim but my parents supported me and helped me to get rid of my irrational and apprehension sometimes later after a lot of Counseling and encouragement I agreed to take my first dip in the pool


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