Fire and Ice class 10 Poem 2 Important Question and answers

Fire and Ice class 10 Poem 2 Important Question and answers

Question”1 what has to perish twice?

Answer” This world has to perish twice once through fire and then through the ice,

Question”2 what does the poet know enough?

Answer” The poet knows that there is enough hatred in this world

Question”3 what is the also great destruction?

Answer” Growing hatred in humans is great for destruction

Question”4 what does Ice” symbolise in these lines?

Answer” Ice here symbolises cold which means hatred

Question”5 what do people think the world will end?

Answer” Hatred and desire

Question”6 what is the prediction of the people about how the world will come to an end?

Answer” some people say that the world will come to an end in a fire while others say it will come to an end in ice

Question”7 what is a fire symbol of ?

Answer” Fire” is a symbol of lust and endless desires

Question”8 what is” ice a symbol of ?

Answer” Ice is a symbol of hatred

Question”9 why does the poet hold with those who favour fire?

Answer” The poet holds with those who favour fire because the desire for ,material things is increasing Fastly

Question”10 who is the poet of the poem fire and ice”?

Answer” Robert Frost

Question”11 what is the underlying idea of the poem fire and ice”?

Answer” The poet equates fire and with desire” and ice with hatred” both of these are growing with enormous speed if we don’t check them from growing the world will perish so we must restrain our desires and love our fellow-beings

Question”12 For Frost, what do fire and ice” stand for?

Answer” The word fire stands for desire in the poem it indicates all types of greed and lust In today’s world mankind’s greed is endangering the very existence of the planet earth the word’ ice in the poem indicates hatred and Indifference which is as cold as ice

Question”13 Briefly write about the ideas about how the world will end (CBSE 2006)

Answer” The world will end as a direct result of either fire or ice’ some scientists believed that the world would meet its end because of Earth’s fiery core while others were convinced that coming ice age would destroy all living things Frost introduces a more emotional side’ associating desire with fire and hatred with ice

Question”14 To say that for destruction ice is also great for the poet what does the ice” stand for? how is it sufficient to bring destruction? (CBSE 2013)

Answer” Ice” symbolises hatred hate is just as powerful as desire while desire consumes quickly hate can occur and linger in people’s minds and hearts for years and sometimes even lifetimes hate consumes the hater perhaps even more than the person or group hated and it can ruin lives thus hate can be very destructive sufficient to bring destruction

Fire and ice Long Question and answer

Fire and ice

Question”15 Discuss how exreme behaviour can hasten the end of the world with Respect to Fire’ and ice”

Answer” fire symbolises Desire and Ice symbolises hatred Desire is the kind of intense love or want that focuses people on getting and processing and acquiring or society is full of people who spend their get a bigger and better TV a more stylish car or more Extravagant house this kind of desired can lead people to Destruction in form of bankruptcy or even broken relationship Frost’s poem Speaks on the issue of Greed corrupting people and even society the power of hate which symbolised by ice is just as and great as Desire while desire consumes quickly hate produces shy yet restrained devastation for instance hate is the root cause of racism and war it can linger in people’s mind for lifetimes

Moreover it consumes the hater even more than the person hatred it thus ruins lives

Question”16 How will the world end? support your answer with scientific explanation

Answer” According to the scientists the two reasons for the destruction of the world will be either fiery core or the ice age Some scientists believed that the world would be incinerated from its fiery core while others were convinced that a coming ice age would destroy all living things on the Earth’s surface in other words either the deep heat or fire under the earth beds will lead to natural calamities like volcano eruptions earthquakes and tsunamis which will one day end the world or the melting of ice from the snowy mountains due to global warming will shrink the world as a result one day the entire world will die of the icy water frost thus tries to warm people against the two greatest problems facing humanity and the consequences of human vices with an increased effectiveness


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