Glimpses of India class 10 chapter 7 Important Question and answers

Glimpses of India Important Question and answers

Very short Question and answers

Glimpses of India

Question”1 what do the elders of Goa remember nostalgically ?

Answer” They remember nostalgically the old portuguese days and the loaves of bread

Question”2 what are the time tested things which still exist in goa?

Answer” the furnaces of the bakers of Goa are time tested things which still exist there

Question”3 when did the baker come daily?

Answer” He came daily twice once in the morning when he set out for his selling and the other time after selling the bread

Question”4 what was the baker’s place in Goa is the author’s childhood days?

Answer” In those days the baker was the friend companion and guid

Question”5 how is the entry of the baker described?

Answer” The entry of the baker is described as musical

Question”6 what is the name of the dress worn by the baker in olden days?

Answer” It was known with the name of kabai”

Question”7 what is the baker called in Goa?

Answer” Baker is called pader” in Goa

Question”8 what is the financial status of a baker of Goa?

Answer” A baker of Goa is mostly in a sound financial position

Question”9 what is a kabai?

Answer” A kabai is a type of frock made out of a single piece of cloth

Question:10 what are the elders in Goa nostalgic about?

Answer” The elders in Goaare nostalgic about the good old Portuguese days the portugese and their famous loaves of bread

Question”11 Is bread-making still popular In Goa? how do you know?

Answer” Yes bread-making is still popular in the city Goa the author has described about the existence of time old furnaces and their still burning fire the goa society is still having moulders bread mixers and bakers

Question”12 what is the baker called?

Answer” the baker is referred to as pader” in the city of Goa

Question”13 where were the monthly accounts of the baker recorded?

Answer” the monthly accounts of the baker recorded on some wall with a pencil

Long Question and answers

Glimpses of India

Question”1 when would the baker come everyday? why did the children run to meet him?

Answer” The baker would twice every day during the narrator’s childhood days Once in the morning to deliver the loaves of bread and secondly in the evening on his return after selling his stock the children would go running to him to take the special bread bangles he had made for them

Question”2 Match the following, what is a must

i. as marriage gifts? — cakes and bolinhas

ii. for a party or a feast? —- sweet bread called bol

iii. for a daughter’s engagement —– bread

iv. for Christmas? —– Sandwiches

Answer” i. as marriage gifts —- sweet bread called bol

ii. For a party or a feast —- bread

iii. For daughter’s engagement —- Sandwiches

iv. For Christmas — Cakes and Bolinhas

Question”3 what did the bakers wear” In the Portuguese days? when the author was young?

Answer” i, In the Portuguese days the bakers wore a unique knee -length frock dress typically known as kabai”

ii. In the narrator’s childhood days he has seen them wearing shirts and shorter than usual pants

Question”4 Who invites the comment — he is dressed like a pader? why?

Answer” During the narrator’s childhood days the bakers had a peculiar dress they wore shirts and shorter than usual pants thus if someone is seen wearing pants of this much length they in invite comment-he is dressed like a pader”

Question”5 what does a jackfruit-like appearance mean?

Answer” A jackfruit appearance means a well-built or plump physique similar to a jackfruit In those days bakers had plum physique because banking was a Profitable Profession his family and servants never starved and were prosperous

Question”6 which of these statements are correct?

i. The pader was an important person in the village in old times

Answer: True

ii paders still exist Goan villages

Answer” True

iii. The paders went away with the Portuguese

Answer” False they still exist in Goan villages

iv. The paders continue to wear a single -piece long frock

Answer” False they wear shirts and trousers that are shorter than the usual ones and longer than the half pants

v. Bread and cakes were an integral part of Goan life in the old days

AnswerFalse they are still an integral part of Goan culture

vi. Traditional bread-baking is still a very profitable busines

Answer true

vii. Paders and their families starve in the present times,

Answer” False” it is still a very profitable business and their families are happy and prosperous

Question”7 Is bread an important part of Goan life? how do you know this?

Answer” Bread is an important part of the Goan culture and it is evident from its presence at very important occasion, from sweet breads at marriages to sandwiches at engagement parties and cakes and Bolinhas at Christmas as well as other Occasions makes the presence of a baker in every village very, essential

Question”8 Tick the right answer” what is the tone of the author when he says the following?”

i . The thud and the jingle of the traditional baker’s bamboo can still be heard in some places (Nostalgic , hopeful, sad)

Answer” Nostalgic

ii. Maybe the father is not alive but the son still carries on the family profession (Nostalgic , hopeful, sad)

Answer” Nostalgic

iii. I still recall typical fragrance of those loaves ,(Nostalgic, hopeful, naughty)


iv. The tiger never brushed his teeth hot tea could wash and clean up everything so nicely after all (naughty, angry, funny )

Answer Funny

v. cakes and bolinhas are a must for Christmas as well as other festivals (sad, hopeful, matter of fact

Answer” Matter of fact

vi. The baker and his family never starved they always looked happy and prosperous (matter of fact hopeful , sad)

Answer” Matter of fact


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