The hundred Dresses class 10 chapter 6 Important Question and answers

The hundred Dresses class 10 Most important Question and answers


Question and answer

Question”1 where in the classroom does Wanda sit and why?

Answer” Wanda used to sit that corner of the classroom where the rough boys sat the boys who got the lowest marks and had loudest laughter no one ever knew why she sat there but there were guesses that it was because of the dirt her shoes carried from all the mud

Question”2 where does Wanda live? what kind of a place do you think it is?

Answer” Wanda lived in boggins heights according to the description given in the chapter it was that part of the city or town where poor people lived the place was filled mud which is where Wanda got the dirt on her shoes from

Question”3 who did Maddie think would win the drawing contest ? why?

Answer” Maddie thought that her best friend peggie would win the drawing contest because she was the best artist in the room

Question”4 who won the drawing contest? what had the winner drawn?

Answer” Wanda had won the drawing contest she had flawlessly drawn a hundred different dresses

Question”5 When and why do peggy and maddie notice Wanda’s asbence?

Answer” On wednesday peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda was missing they had been waiting for her outside school before school began as she did not come they even got late for school it was then they realized her absence from school

Question”6 what do you think’ to have fun with her Means?

Answer” To have fun with her” means to tease her about the hundred dresses she claimed to have which is contradictory to the fact that she always wore the same faded blue dress

Question”7 In what way was wanda different from the other children?

‘Answer” Wanda was a quiet and shy girl who has no friends she had the weirdest name in her class which differentiated her from everyone else

Question”8 Did wanda have a hundred dresses? why do you think she said she did?

Answer” No wanda did not actually have a hundred dresses she only had drawings of them she was a poor girl who would have desired to have a closet full of hundred dresses all lined up that is why she said that she did have them

Question”9 why is Maddie embarrassed by the questions peggy asks Wanda? is she also like Wanda or is she different?

Answer” Maddie is embarrassed by how Peggy deals with Wanda not because she cares about Wanda but because she was poor herself and feared that one day they would treat her the same way Maddie is a poor girl but not as poor as Wanda and unlike Wanda she had a lot of friends”

Question”10 why didn’t Maddie ask peggie to stop teasing Wanda? what was she afraid of?

Answer” Maddie did not ask peggy to stop teasing Wanda because as she too was poor she feared that she could be the next target for the girls as maddie wore hands down clothes given by peggy she was afraid that if they did not tease Wanda then probably they would start teasing her,

Question”11 how is Wanda seen as different by the other girls? how do they treat her?

Answer” Other girls saw Wanda as poor and vulnerable she had a strange name did not make friends and remained quit she sat in the corner with the rough and noisy boys wanda always wore the same dress and came from a place full of mud on the roads the other girls treated her badly and belittled her they made fun of Wanda

Question”12 how does Wanda feel about the dresses game? why does she say that she has a hundred dresses?

Answer” Wanda felt embarrassed and insulted when other girls played the dresses game on her she claimed to have a hundred dresses in order to put those insults and jokes away actually she was preparing drawings of a hundred dresses for the drawing competition and she referred to them when the girls asked het that how many did she have

Question”13 why does maddie stand by and not do anythings? how is she different from peggy? (was peggy’s friendship important to maddie? why? which lines in the text tell you this?

Answer” Maddie stands quietly and Watches as peggy humiliates wands because she felt that Peggy was high and mighty thus peggy could never be wrong as Maddie was poor herself she feared that she could be the next target for the girls to mock at aslo maddie did not tease Wanda while peggy did yes Peggy’s friendship was important to Maddie the lines which indicate this are

Peggy was the most popular girl in school she was pretty she had many pretty clothes and her hair was curly Maddie was her closet friend

Question”14 what does miss mason think of Wanda’s drawings ? what do the children think of them? how do you know?

Answer” Miss mason thought of Wanda’s drawings to be wonderful she even said that judges liked it so much and thought any one of them to be worthy of winning the children too were awestruck at the sight of such beautiful paintings it is evident from the fact that the boys who had no interest in dresses were whistling and peggy who thought of herself to be the best artist accepted that Wanda’s drawings were amazing

part 2

Question and answers

Question”1 what does Maddie want to do?

Answer: Maddie who is wanted to make everything right with Wanda she hoped for one last chance to make amends and tell her how sorry she was

Question”2 what did Mr Petronski’s letter say?

Answer” The letter began with a salutation to miss Mason Wanda’s father conveyed his intention of not sending both of his children Wanda and jake to school anymore he mentioned that they were now being shifted to another city a big one where no one would care enough about their strange name a big city with a lot of people having weird names

Question”3 Is miss Mason angry with the class or is she Unhappy and upset?

Answer” Miss Mason is amazed after reading the letter she is upset about the fact that her students have treated someone badly because they came from a different place and had an Unusual name Even though she was Unhappy she gave the children benefit of the doubt that whatever happened must have happened in thoughtlessness

Question”4 How does Maddie feel after listening to the note from Wanda’s father?

Answer” Maddie gets sad and feels extremely bad after listening to the note from Wanda’s father she felt like a coward for not standing up against other girls who were teasing wanda all she could think about is how they made Wanda feel and hoped for a chance to make amends

Question”5 what does Maddie want to do?

Answer” Maddie who is wanted to make everything right with Wanda she hoped for one last chance to make amends and tell her how sorry she was

Question”6 what Excuses does Peggy think up for her behaviour? why?

Answer” In order to free herself of the guilt, Peggy exclaims that she is thankful that she never made fun of her because she was a polish immigrant and had an unfamiliar name she only asked her about the number of dresses she had Peggy said that wanda should not have lied that she had a hundred dresses and sixty pairs of shoes

Question”7 what are Maddie;s thoughts as they go to boggins heights?

Answer” Maddie could only think about making amends with Wanda she hoped the petronski’s hadn;t left the town all she could think of was a chance to meet her and stop her from moving she wanted to tell her that everyone at the school admired her and her drawings

Question”8 why does Wanda’s house remind maddie of wanda’s blue dress?

Answer” Wanda’s house was a little one up on the hill there were dry grasses all around it but no sign of life could be seen near it the surroundings looked shabby but clean this reminded Maddie of Wanda’s faded blue dress which looked clean but shabby as it if was never ironed

Question”9 what does Maddie think about? what important decision does she come to?

Answer” when they learned that the petronski’s have finally moved away maddie couldn’t stop thinking about never being able to say sorry she couldn’t sleep that night as she was thinking too deeply as a result of deep thinking she came to a conclusion that she will never let anyone tease someone because they have an unfamiliar and long name she decided to stand against all the wrongs

Question”10 what did the girl write to Wanda?

Answer “ Peggy and maddie decided to write an apology letter to wanda but somehow they ended up writing a friendly note telling her that she won the contest asking how is she liking new place and that they missed her a lot,

Question”11 Did they get a reply? who was more anxious for a reply peggy or maddie? how do you know?

Answer” No they didn;t get a reply but the letter didn’t come back also so they concluded that she must have Received it but was too furious to have replied to it, out of the two girls maddie was more curious for a reply she desperately wanted to make everything right with wanda this is evidents as weeks after used to make scenarios in her head where she would defend wanda from the mean girls,


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