NCERT Solution for class 10 Poem 5 The ball poem Question and answers

The Ball Poem 5 class 10 Question and answers

Check the below NCERT Solution for class 10 the ball poem 5 Question and answers were Prepared based on the latest Exam pattern we have Provided The ball poem 5 class 10 Question and answer to help students understand the concept very well

Thinking About the poem

The ball class 10 Question and answer

Question”1 why does the poet say, i” would not Intrude on him? why doesn’t he offer him money to buy another ball?

Answer” The poet wants the boy to experience the loss he should learn that it is the part of life that’s why the poet doesn’t want to interfere the boy and doesn’t want to offer money to buy another ball

Question”2 Staring down/ all his young days into the harbor where/ his ball went.. do you think the boy has had the ball for a long time? is it linked to the memories of days when he played with it?

Answer” Yes”it seems like the boy has had the ball for a long time when it bounced into the water all his memories of the days of childhood flashed in front of him this led to a realisation that those moments would not come back just like the ball he can buy new balls and can similarly create new moments but those that are gone would not return

Question”3 what does” In the world of Possessions “meant?

Answer” In the world of possessions means people like to possess all sorts of things in the world money is external because it can buy only material objects it cannot buy everything that one loses

Question”4 Do you think the boy has lost anything earlier? pick out the words that suggest the answer”

Answer” No it seems that the boy has not lost anything earlier the words that suggest so are senses first responsibility in a world of possessions”

Long Type Question and answer

The ball class 10 Question and answer

Question”1 why is it important for everyone to experience loss and to stand up after it?

Answer” It is Important for everyone to experience loss and to stand up after it in order to be strong and to get on with life one needs to stay strong no matter how much it hurts inside staying strong is the only way to survive moreover one needs to learn to accept and let go and not cling to something that they can never have one should understand that the past is gone and it will never come back Experiencing loss sometimes helps us to grow up and face hardship like loss this helps us in breaking all the boundaries into freedom

Question”2 write the central idea of the poem the ball poem”

Answer” The poet John Berryman in the poem the ball poem” describes the grief of a boy over the loss of his ball this loss makes him realise his first responsibility the poet wants us to understand that in this materialistic world nothing is forever we will be forced to give up things which we love and even in time of problems we have to learn to stand up Everyone needs to learn to accept and let go and not stick to something that they can never have we have to learn to accept fate of our life

Question”3 what does the poet say the boy is learning from the loss of the ball? try to Explain this in yours own words

Answer” The boy has lost his ball while playing the poet says that from this loss the boy will learn in his years what it means to lose something thus he will understand the nature of loss or how to face and cope up with losses one suffer in life this experience of losing something will enable him to learn to be self reliant and to stand up on his feet in the life where losses do occur though they might not be important enough to worry about

Question”4 Have you ever lost something you liked very much? write a paragraph describing how you felt then and saying whether and how you got over you loss

Answer” Yes”I have lost a valuable thing when I was 5 years old I was gifted a bicycle by my uncle on my birthday I always wanted a bicycle and so it was very special for me I lived on the fifth floor in my building so we used to park the bicycle in the parking area on the ground floor one day when I went down to see my bicycle it was not there I was very tensed and I started crying and went to tell my mom about it she told me that they will try to find it the whole day we were searching for the bicycle but couldn’t find it was very sad for few days but my parents explained me that we loose things in our life but we have to overcome with the loss and move on Gradually I reconciled with the situation and consoled myself after few weeks my parents got a new bicycle for me and I was very happy

Question”5 why is the boy so sad to lose a ball which is such a small thing?

Answer” In the poem the boy has lost a ball that he was playing with the ball skipped from his hand and went into the nearby water body he was very sad and was helplessly looking into the water where his ball had gone no doubt the ball is an easily available and inexpensive item but the ball that the boy has lost is valuable for him his memories of young days and feelings associated with the ball are very special for him it was not an ordinary but special ball for him no other ball could take its place so he is sad to lose it

Question”6 why did the poet not console the boy?

Answer” The poet says that he could console him that he may get new balls or he could also give him some money to buy another ball but he stops himself from doing so because he thinks that the money may bring a new ball will not bring the memories and feelings attached to the lost ball he further says that the time has come for the boy to learn his responsibilities the poet wants to say that now the boy will learn the toughest lesson of life the lesson of accepting the harsh realities of life that one day we will lose our loved ones and our loved things so the poet wanted the boy to learn this lesson of life by himself and thus he didn’t console him ,


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