NCERT Solution for class 10 The Sermon at Benares chapter 10 Question and answer

The Sermon at Benares class 10 chapter 10 Question and answers

The Sermon at benares class 10 Question and answers NCERT Solution for class 10 The Sermon at Benares class 10 Question and answers Prepared according to the latest Exam Pattern Practicing these The Sermon at Benares class 10 Question and answer really effective to Increase your basics and learn all the key concepts

Thinking About the text

The Sermon at Benares class 10 Question and answer

Question”1 When her son dies, Kisa Gotami goes from house to house? what does she ask for? does she get it ? why not?

Answer” After the death of her only son Kisa Gotami was overcome with grief she carried the dead body of her son in her arms and went from door to door asking for medicine to cure her child but nobody could Provide any medicine for there is no such medicine available which can bring a dead person back to life

Question”2 Kisa Gotami again goes from house to house after she speaks with me Buddha what does she ask for? Does she get it? why not?

Answer” Gautama Buddha asks Kisa to bring a handful of Mustard at the door Kisa Gotami went from door to door but Couldn’t find a single house where death had not taken a beloved away she could not get it as death is inevitable and anyone who is born is bound to dies one day

Question”3 what does Kisa Gotami understand the second time that she failed to understand the first time ? was this what Buddha wanted her to understand?

Answer” After failing to Procure a handful of Mustard seeds from a house where death and never Knocked at the Door she sat down by the roadside feeling helpless she saw the lights of the city that Flickered and were Extinguished at last it was darkness everywhere she realised that death was common to all and she was being selfish in her grief yes this is what Buddha wanted her to understand that everyone who is born has to die one day

Question”4 why do you think Kisa Gotami Understood this only the second time? In what way did buddha change her understanding?

Answer” Earlier she could see only her grief when she went from door to door the second time she understood that everyone was dealing the with the loss of a beloved one there was not a single house in the town where death had not taken a father a mother a sister a brother son or a daughter everyone at some point or the other have experienced the death of their loved ones Gautama Buddha helped her to understand all this as he told her to bring a handful to mustard seeds from a house where death had never Knocked at the door this way she got aware that death is common to all human beings,

Question”5 How do you usually understand the idea of Selfishness? Do you agree with Kisa Gotami that she was being selfish in her grief?

Answer” A selfish person is one who only thinks about himself or herself and to some extent Kisa Gotami was being selfish because we are humans and it is natural for us to dies we do not easily accept the death of our loved ones same has happened with Kisa Gotami as it was her only child she did not want to die finally went to Buddha to ask for help

Thinking About Language

The Sermon at Benares class 10 Question and answer

Question”1 This text is written in an old Fashioned style for it reports an Incident more than two Millennia old look for the following words and Phrases in the text and try to rephrases them in more current language based on how you understand them

(a) Give medicine for thy child

Answer” Give you Medicine for your child

(b) Pray tell me

Answer” Please tell me

(c) Kisa repaired to the Buddha

Answer” Kisa went to the Buddha

(d) There was no house but someone had died in it

Answer” There was not a single house where no one

(e) Kinsmen

Answer” Relatives

(f) Mark!

Answer” Listen

Question”2 You Know that we can combine sentences using words like and or, but yet and then but sometimes no such word seems appropriate In such a case we can use a semicolon (:) or a dash (-) to combine two clauses

She has no interest in Music: I doubt she will become a singer like her mother the second clause here gives the speaker’s Opinion on the first clause

Here is a sentences from the text that uses semicolons to combine clauses break up the sentence into three simple sentences can you then say which has a better rhythm when you read it the single sentence using semicolons or the three simple sentences?

For there is not any means by which those who have been born can avoid dying after reaching old age there is death of such a nature are living beings

Answer” The single sentence using semicolons has a better rhythm this is because the three parts of the sentence are connected to each other in their meanings the second clause gives further information on the first clause the third clause is directly related to both the first and the second their meanings are better conveyed when they are joined by semicolons

Thinking about the Poem

The Sermon at Benares class 10 Question and answer

Question”1 what does the young man by “great honey coloured / Ramparts at your ear? why does he say that young men are thrown into despair” by them?

Answer” The young man in the poem Praises the great honey Colored Hair of Anne Anne’s hair have been called rampart meanings a wall it is called so because they act as a wall as they Prevent Young men from looking beyond those yellow hair and into her soul her hair are so attractive that Young men Cannot look at anything else Anne’s yellow hair are so pretty that Young men hopelessly fall in love with her she is so pretty that everyone wants her which cannot happen hence they are thrown into despair,

Question”2 What Colour is the young woman’s hair? what does she say she can change it to? why would she want to do so?

Answer” Anne’s hair are yellow in Colour just like honey she says that she can dye it black brown or carrot Colour which means that she can change it to any Colour of her Choice she says so to express that outer beauty can be changed anytime but that’s not real or permanent she wants Young men to look deep into her soul and wants them to love and appreciate her for her inner beauty rather than her external superficial appearance

Question”3 Objects have qualities which make them desirable to others Can you think of some objects ( a car, a phone, a dress-) and say what qualities make one object more desirable than another? Imagine you were trying to sell an object what qualities would you emphasise?

Answer” There are various objects having qualities in our live that make it desirable to others for Example”

Object Qualities
Car Colour, speed , fuel consumption , brand
Dress Pattern, Colour , material , fit
Phone Brand, technology , user friendliness,
Bag Design, Colour, brand , price style
The Sermon at benares class 10 Short Question and answers [ 2 Marks each]

Question”1 why did Prince Siddhartha leave the palace and become a beggar? [CBSE 2012]

Answer” Once Prince Siddartha while hunting saw a sick man, then an aged man, then a funeral Procession and finally a monk begging for alms Looking at this he left the palace and became a beggar to search for enlightenment

Question”2 what do you know about the early life of buddha?

Answer” Gautam Buddha was born in a royal family his Childhood name was siddhartha at the age of 12, he was sent away for schooling in Hindu sacred scriptures and four years later he got married to a princess

Question”3 where did Buddha preach his first sermon?

Answer” Gautam Buddha preached his first sermon at the city of benaes which is regarded as the holiest of the bathing places on the river Ganges

Question”4 How did Kisa Gotami realise that life and death is a Process? [CBSE 2016]

Answer” Kisa Gotami went from house to house but was unable to find one house where nobody had died she was tired and hopeless and sat down at the wayside watching the lights of the city as they flickered up and were extinguished again she realised that similar to the city lights human lives also flicker up for some time and are extinguished again

Question”5 what was the effect of the sufferings of the world on Buddha?

Answer” at the age of 25 while hunting one day buddha saw a sick man then an aged man then a funeral procession and finally a mink begging for alms these moved his so much that he went out into the world to seek enlightenment

Question”6 According to Kisa Gotami what is the greatestgrief of life? [CBSE 2014]

Answer” According to Kisa Gotami the greatest grief in life is the death of one’s loved ones and one;s inability to stop then from dying therefore instead of lamenting on it the wise should not grieve weeping will only increase the pain and disturb the peace of mind of a person


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