CBSE A letter to God class 10 chapter 1 English Detailed summary

A letter to God class 10 chapter 1 English Detailed summary

A letter to god summary

Introduction” It is a story of deep faith in god In this story the where G.L Fuentes has depicted the faith in god of a simple poor family

In this story there is a farmer Lencho, who lives in a small house at the top of a hill with his wife and sons he is poor but an honest and a hardworking farmer his crops have always been good this time also he expects it to be good he wishes to have a downpour it starts raining in the evening but soon the rain gets changed into hailstorm and his crop of corn gets destroyed completely he has a great faith in god hence he writes a letter to god and asks him to send some money (100 pesos)

The postman shows the strange letter to the postmaster firstly they laugh but when the postmaster reads it he becomes serious he decides to help lencho he collects money from his employees and friends he gives a part of his salary too but he is able to collect only 70 pesos he puts it into an envelope after few days Lencho comes to collect letter he is not surprised on receiving he gets but when he collects the money he gets angry he writes another letters to god he asks god to send him rest of the money but at the some time request him not to send it through mail he considers the employees of the post office as bunch of crooks who have stolen 30 pesos out of the 100 pesos sent by the god


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