From the dairy of Anne frank class 10 chapter 4 summary

From the dairy of Anne frank class 10 chapter 4 summary

From the dairy of anne frank summary

This lesson is an extract of the personal diary of a young jewich girl named Anne frank it has historical significance because Anne, a Jewich girl was forced into hiding and she tells about her experiences dueing the second world war in this diary her diary ends abraplly in August 1944 as on that day he and her family were taken into custody by the germans

Anne wrote that her father was the most adorable person at the age of thirty-six he got married to Anne’s mother Edith in 1926 her sister Margot was born then she was born on 12th june 1929 then they lived in Germany in 1933 her father emigrated to Holland she along with Margot went to Aachen to stay with their grandmother by December both the sisters went to holland there she started studying at the Montessori Nursery school when she was in sixth class Mrs Kuperus was her headmistress at the end of the year there was farewell function the separation from the headmistress was full of tears

In her diary Anne made a mention of her school-experience the complete class was nervous about going to the next form some of the students had made bets and staked all their savings Regarding her they were declared pass” but Anne was not sure of maths all had been telling one another not a lose heart

Anne loved her grandmother very much she fell ill in the summer of 1941 she had an operation but she died in january 1942 her death was all the more troublesome at Anne’s birthday celebration a separate candle was lit for the grandmother in her diary anne wrote that all four members were doing well she was much dedicated to her this event was written by Anne on 20th june 1942 on saturday


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