The Ailing Planet: the Green movement’s Role class 11 chapter 5 English Hornbill Question and Answer

The Ailing Planet: the Green movement’s Role class 11 chapter 5 English Hornbill Question and Answer

The Ailing Planet: The Green movement’s Role class 11 Question and Answer NCERT Solution for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these The Ailing Planet: the green movement’s Role Question and Answer for class 11 effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts¬†

The Ailing Planet: the Green movement’s Role class 11 Questions (1 marks)

Question”1 a holistic and ecological view ?

Answer a complete and comprehensive view of ecology which takes into account all species

Question”2 sustainable development

Answer” development that takes care of the present needs and ensure at the same time that there are enough resources for the future generation

Question”3 Languish

Answer” remain unnoticed

Question”4 Ignominious darkness

Answer” To remain in the dark in a humiliating manner

Question”5 Inter alia

Answer” among other things

Question”6 decimated

Answer” reduced drastically

Question”7 catastropic depletion

Answer” disastrous reduction in number

Question”8 transcending concern

Answer” Main anxiety or worry

The Ailing Planet: the Green movement’s Role class 11 (understanding the text)

Question”1 what does the notice the world’s most dangerous animal at a cage in the zoo at Lusaka, Zambia, signify ?

Answer” The notice signifies that there is depletion of resources and deterioration of environment. Man is responsible for this and his own survival is threatened.

Question”2 How are the earth’s principal biological systems being depleted?

Answer” There are four principal biological systems of the earth. these systems are fisheries, forests grasslands and croplands. however. due to the increasing demand of human beings to such an’ unsustainable ‘extent the productivity of these systems is being hampered. the excessive demand results in deterioration and depletion of these resources . a country where protein is consumed on a large scale, over-fishing is common, which leads to the collapse of fisheries in that area. Grasslands have been turned into deserts and production of crop is decreasing. the forests are destroyed in large proportions. to obtain firewood. depletion of tropical forests has also led to the extinction of several species.

Question”3 why does the author aver that the growth of world population is one of the strongest factors distorting the future of human society?

Answer” Over-population is one of the strongest factor responsible for a nation’s poverty and unemployment. it disturbs the earth’s principal biological systems leading to degradation of environment . the author highlights the problem of over-population by pointing out the mental more workers to earn money. they do not realise that more children only means more unemployed people. he argues, that development is the best contraceptive, which includes spread of education, improvement of health and rise in income.

Spread of education leads to awareness among people, which in turn results in a fall in the fertility, rate. the author makes a comment which emphasises the never ending circle of population and poverty by asserting that’ the choice is really between control of population and the perpetuation of poverty’

The Ailing Planet: the Green movement’s Role class 11 (Taking about the text)

Question”1 Laws are never respected not enforced in India.

Answer” India, the biggest democracy in the world, is condemned for its easy attitude towards laws. laws are constituted but never respected nor enforced in our country. for Instance , the Indian constitution mentions that casteism, untouchability and bonded labour shall be abolished ‘ however these evils flourish barefacedly even today.

The author points out that Article 48A of the Indian constitution, propounds that’ the state shall endeavour to protect and improve the environment and to safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country’ however, little is done in favour of this. what we see is a near catastrophic depletion’ of forests over the last four decades forests are disappearing over the decades at the rate of 3.7 million acres a year . Area that are officially designated as forest land, In reality are treeless. the actual loss of forests is eight times the rate pointed by the government statistics.

Question”2 Are we to leave our successors scorched planet of advancing deserts, Impoverished landscapes and an ailing environment ?”

Answer” As we learn in the text. the first brandt report raised the above mentioned question about the deteriorating condition of the planet, earth is like a patient in declining health’ the depletion of forests, grasslands fisheries and croplands are the result of excessive demand for resources. over-population has led to a severe strain on the health of our planet. we must realise soon that in this’ Era of Responsibility ‘it is solely our duty to preserve our planet. we must realise that the earth belongs as much to the future generation as much to us. Rather making it our property ,we should do our best to preserve it for the generation we have ‘ borrowed it from’

Question”3 we have not Inherited this earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children’ ?

Answer” Over the decades, a change has come in the perception of the people in respect to the planet. the human perception has shifted to a holistic and ecological view of the world’ earth is a living organism that has limited resources these resources will not last forever. the earth has its metabolic needs that require to be preserved. the need of the hour is sustainable. development ‘ which propounds the need of meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising with those of future generation.

the present problems are not necessarily fatal for us but they are a passport for future’ this is the Era of responsibility ‘ that calls for a responsible action from us. we must realise that the earths belongs as much to the future generation as much it belongs to us.

Question”4 The Problems of over population that directly affect our everyday life. ?

Answer” Over-population leads to the issues of poverty and unemployment .the vicious circle of population and poverty will continue unless the root cause I.e population is taken care of .it hampers the development of a country .it leads to the consumption of the natural resources at a much faster rate. the fossils consumed the resources depleted. the warming caused are all the repercussions of the fast-growing population

The Ailing Planet: the Green movement’s Role class 11 short Question and Answer (2 marks )

Question”1 what is the significance of green movement in the modern world ?

Answer” The green movement has brought a great awareness among people. it has taught us that we are just partners on the earth sharing this planet with other living organisms. having learnt this, human beings worldwide have reduced the large amount of destruction being caused on earth. people have realised that the earth’s existence has been threatened and have begun to do whatever was possible individually.

Question”2 what do you understand by the green movement?

Answer” The green movement was founded in 1972 in new zealand and brought great awareness to humanity about preserving our planet for the future. it taught us that we are only partners. having equal rights as nay other organisms to live on earth. the green movement has made people realise that earth’s existence was threatened and so they started to do whatever was possible to save it through the efforts of each individual and each nation. they reduced the large amount of destruction that was caused to the various economic systems on earth.

Question”3 what shift in human perception has been seen as a result of the green movement?

Answer” Man’s view about the earth was earlier a mechanistic view. but now it has moved towards a holistic and ecological view of the world. this shift in perception is revolutionary. for the first time in human history ,these is a growing worldwide consciousness that earth itself is a living organism, an enormous being of which we are parts. it has its own metabolic needs and vital processes which need to be respected and preserved.

Question”4 what are the changes that have come in the perception of man? what is his holistic and ecologic view of the world?

Answer” A great transformation has come in the perception of man. initially. man’s view was only mechanistic in nature. but fortunately, he has changed his outlook he doesn’t consider this world to be a machine. there is a growing worldwide consciousness that earth itself is a living organism. it has its own metabolic needs. it has some vital processes and they need to be preserved .this holistic and ecologic view is a comprehensive view of the world with all its natural resources and species.

Question”5 Define the concept of sustainable development .how do the earth’s vital signs reveal a patient in declining health?

Answer” sustainable development is the development that meets the needs of the present without harming the needs of future generation. Earth’s vital signs give dangerous signals that it is not in good health. in most parts of the world, fisheries have been ruined .forests are disappearing .grasslands and croplands are being concerted into deserts and wastelands.

Earth and its environment show all-round degradation and deterioration. hence these are definite signs that earth is like a patient in declining health.

Question”6 why is Earth said to be an ailing planet?

Answer” Due to the insensitive exploitation of earth’s resources by humans for their survival and development, earth has lost almost all its vital resources. with drying rivers, depleted and polluted environment and deteriorated forests and greenery, earth is having a difficult time to its survive and thus is is said to be ailing planet.

Question”7 what question did the first brandt report raise?

Answer” One of the early international commissions which death with the question of ecology and environment was the brandt commission .the first brandt report raised the question’ are we to leave our successors a scorched planet of advancing deserts, impoverished landscapes. and ailing environment

Question”8 How are Earth’s principal biological systems important?

Answer” Mr . Lester R Brown his thoughtful book, the Global Economic prospect, points out that earth’s principal biological systems are four-fisheries, forests. grasslands, and croplands they form the foundation of the global economic system. they supply our entire needs of food, besides providing virtually all the raw materials for industry except minerals and petroleum derived synthetics.

Question”9 what is the cause of the collapse of fisheries?

Answer” fisheries have collapsed due to over-fishing fish are an important source of protein which is essential for growth. with the spread of education , people all over the world have become conscious about consuming proteins. this has led to fishermen trying to meet the demand for fish by over-fishing, ;leading the collapse of fisheries.

Question”10 what happens when the productivity of the principal biological systems gets impaired?

Answer” In large area of the world. human claims on the principal biological systems are reaching such an unsustainable level that their productivity is being impaired. when this happens. fisheries collapse, forests disappear, grasslands are converted into barren wastelands and croplands deteriorate. thus, for example, in some places firewood has become more expensive that than food which is cooked by burning the firewood.

Question”11 why and how are our grasslands being converted into barren wastelands, and croplands deteriorating ?

Answer” One of the greatest reason of the deterioration of these grasslands, and croplands is the growth of population. population has been increasing drastically. as a result, the pressure on land is increasing . over-grazing of animals has caused have to our grassland .due to this grasslands . in the same way the pressure of population on croplands is affecting their productivity .more mouths mean more food and hence, more pressure on croplands.

The Ailing Planet: the Green movement’s Role class 11 Long Question and Answer (6 marks)

Question”1 The author in his article has brought out a very important fact that we need to preserve the planet earth for our future generations. do you feel that earth is our legacy? why. why not.?

Answer” Earth is not our ancestral property. we cannot make undue claims on it. in our foolishness. we have depleted the natural resources without realising how it is going to affect our future generations. the fruits that we eat today are the products of a tree which was not planted by us. we have to base our thought process on similar lines. what we sow today. our next generation will reap in future.

Our earth is not our legacy. In the words of Margaret generation has a freehold on this earth. all we have is a life tenancy -with a full repairing lease. we should take care of earth’s resources as borrowed wealth. we can neither overuse them nor neglect them. we have to return them for the next generation to use without any damage. and if possible with further additions.

Mr Lester R Brown has rightly said’ we have not inherited this earth from our forefathers’ we have borrowed it from our children’

Question”2 In spite of knowing the deplorable condition of the environment, human beings only make a show of doing something about. it Elaborate.

Answer” The issue of indiscriminate exploitation of nature has become an essential feature of human existence. although sustainable development of resources is a goal for most nations. the reality is hardly so. this uncaring behaviour is manifested in practices such as deforestation. destruction of wetlands. excessive mining for oil and mineral supplies. over-fishing and so. on the root causes for such practices are overpopulation, inefficiency in resources utilisation, over-consumption, poverty and ineffective structures such as human institutions. regulatory bodies, and attitudes.

Question”3 Overpopulation not only leads to under development but also to unemployment and poverty, which are related to one another. support your answer with suitable arguments.

Answer” The world population is on the rise at an increasing rate. with this ever-increasing population. development of human civilisation and the well-being of the planet seems almost next to impossible. it is rightly said that overpopulation not only leads to underdevelopment but also to unemployment and poverty which are related to one another.

In fact, it is the rise in population which has posed numerous environmental problems because of the ever increasing demands. more and more grasslands are concerted into wastelands. croplands have lost their fertility due to over-utilisation. fisheries are in a poor condition due to over-fishing ; the number of trees in forests is dwindling because of the excess need of fuelwood and other products for human consumption. all these are in a poor state only because of the rise in population . another adverse effect of population rise on the environment is global warming , which also needs to be addressed.


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