We’re Not Afraid to Die. if we can all be together class 11 chapter 2 Important Question and Answer

We’re Not Afraid to Die. if we can all be together class 11 Question and Answer NCERT Solution for class 11 Question and Answer were prepared according to the latest question paper pattern Practicing these we re not Afraid to die if we can all be together Question and Answer for class 11 effective to improve your basics and learn all the key concepts¬†

We’re Not Afraid to Die. if we can all be together class 11 chapter 2 Question and Answer

Question”1 I holing our seafaring skills

Answer” It refers to the efforts made by the narrator and his wife to perfect or sharpen their knowledge of navigation, handing of the boat and equipment, and other sea skills.

Question”2 Ominous silence

Answer” It refers to the silence just before an impending danger. the peace and quiet suggest that something bad is going to happen.

Question”3 Mayday calls

Answer” They are radio-telephonic calls that are given by aircraft or ships stuck in a disastrous situation. they are distress calls made to secure help from other ships nearby.

Question”4 pinpricks in the vast ocean

Answer” This phrase refers to tiny islands in the vast ocean. they are so small that they appear like tiny pinheads on a map of the vast ocean.

Question”5 a tousled head

Answer” It refers to hair in disarray or the disarranged hair of the author’s son. his hair was all messed up and uncombed.

We’re Not Afraid to Die. if we can all be together class 11 (Understanding the text)

Question”1 List the steps taken by the caption

  1. to protect the ship when rough weather began
  2. to check the flooding of the water in the ship


  1. In order to protect the ship from rough weather. the captain decided to slow it down. so he dropped the storm jib and lashed heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stem. then they double fastened everything and went through their life-raft drill.
  2. Larry and herb started pumping out water. the captain stretched canvas and secured water proof hatch covers across the gaping holes. when the two hand pumps blocked and electric pump short circuited, he found another electric pump, connected it to an out pipe and started it.

Question”2 Describe the mental condition of the voyages on 4th and 5th january.

Answer” On January. 4 the voyagers felt relieved after 36 hours of continuous pumping out water. they had their first meal in almost two days. their respite was short-lived they faced dangerous situation on January 5. fear of death loomed large. they were under great mental stress.

Question”3 Describe the shifts in the narration of the events as indicated in the three section of the text. Give a subtitle to each section .

Answer” The first section describes a peaceful journey from plymouth England to 3500 km east of cape town africa. the narrator is relaxed and full of confidence. as the weather deteriorated. they faced gigantic waves. they took precautions to save themselves and struggle with the disaster. the narration becomes grim. but it exudes the fighting spirit. confidence and strong will power. by the morning of january 6, wave walker rode out the storm and by evening they sighted he Amsterdan island

The narrator is now relaxed .joy relief and complete confidence are apparent. the subtitle to each section is -section 1 cheerful journey section 2-facing the wave, section-3 searching the island.

We’re Not Afraid to Die. if we can all be together class 11 (Taking about the text)

Question”1 what difference did you notice between the reaction of the adults and the children when faced with danger?

Answer” There is a lot of difference between the way in which the adults and the children reacted when faced with danger. the adults felt the stress of the circumstances. but prepared themselves to face the dangers they took sufficient precautions to protect the ship when the rough weather began. they equipped everyone with lifelines, water proof clothes, and the life jackets.

Larry and herb worked cheerfully and optimistically for three days continuously to pump out water from the ship. mary replaced the narrator at the wheel when the deck was smashed. and steered the ship also served them meal after two days of struggle against odds. the narrator performed his role as captain with courage, determination, resourcefulness and full responsibility he undertook repair work and provide apparatus and directions needed to protect the ship. he also helped in steering the ship towards the island. the children suffered silently and patiently. sue did not want to bother her father with her troubles. Jon acted courageously .he was not afraid to die if all of them perished together.

Question”2 How does the story suggest the optimism helps to’ endure the direst stress?”

Answer” The story suggests that optimism certainly helps to endure the direst stress. the behaviour of the four adults during crisis bear it out. larry vigil and herb seigler were two crewmen. as the mighty waves smashed the deck, water entered the ship through many holes and openings. Right from the evening of january 2, Larry and herb started pumping out water.

They worked continuously excitedly and feverishly for 36 hours. it was a result of their continuous pumping that they reached the last few centimetres of water on January 4. they remained cheerful and optimistic while facing extremely dangerous situations. the narrator did not lose his courage, hope or presence of mind while facing problems. he did not worry about the loss of equipment. he used whatever was available there. his self confidence and practical knowledge helped them to steer out of storm and reach the lie Amsterdam island. mary stayed at the wheel for all those crucial hours. she did not lose hope or courage either.

Question”3 what lessons do we learn from such hazardous experiences when we are face with death?

Answer” Hazardous experiences may bring face to face with death. but they impart us many important lessons. of conduct. life is not always a bed of roses. we must react to dangerous and risks with patience and fortitude . adversity is the true test of character. the purity of gold is judged by putting it in fire. the hazardous experiences bring out the best in us. coward persons die many times before their death.

Fear is a negative feeling and leads to inactivity and abject surrender to circumstances. such sailors or soldiers lose the battle against the odds in life. On the other hand persons with self confidence, courage resourcefulness and presence of mind face all the dangerous boldly and overcome all disasters. their sharing and caring attitude inspires others also to face the adverse. circumstances boldly and tide over them.

We’re Not Afraid to Die. if we can all be together class 11 (Short Answer Type Questions)

Question”1 what did the narrator pan to do? what preparations did he make for it?

Answer” The narrator planned to go on a round-the-world sea voyage on the same pattern as captain james cook had done 200 years earlier. for the past 16years. he and his wife had spent all their leisure time developing and improving their skills with work -related to travel on the sea.

Question”2 Give a brief description of the narrator’s boat. how had the narrator equipped and tested it?

Answer” The Narrator’s boat was called wave-walker. it was beautiful 23 metre long 30 ton wooden-hulled ship. it had been professionally built. they had spent months fitting it out and testing in the roughest weather they could find.

Question”3 How long did the narrator plan his voyage to last?

Answer” The narrator had planned his round the world journey to cover 105, 000 kilometres in three years.

Question”4 when and with whom did the narrator begin his voyage?

Answer” The narrator began his sea voyage in july 1976. he had his wife mary. six year old son jonathan and seven year old daughter Suzanne with him. they set sail from plymouth, England.

Question”5 whom did the narrator employ and why? when did he so so?

Answer” The narrator employed two crewmen-American larry vigil and swiss herb seigler in order to help them tackle the southern Indian Ocean which is known as one of the roughest seas of the world. he engaged them before leaving cape town.

Question”6 what happened on their second day out of cape town? what worried the narrator and why?

Answer” On their second day out of cape town. they began to face strong storms. these storms blew continuously for the next few weeks. he was worried about the waves. their size was alarming this rose up to 15 ,metres. i; e as high as their main mast.

Question”7 How did they celebrate the Christmas holidays?

Answer” They are 35,000 kilometres east of cape town on 25 december .the weather was very bad. still they had a wonderful holiday-complete with a Christmas tree. new year’s day saw no improvement in weather.

Question”8 How did the weather change on January 2? how did they feel?

Answer” The weather changed for worse on January 2. Now the waves were gigantic as the ship rose to the top of each wave. they saw endless enormous seas rolling towards them. the screaming of the wind and spray was painful to the ears.

Question”9 what efforts were made to face the rough weather?

Answer” In order to face the rough weather, the speed of the ship was slowed down. they dropped the storm jib. they lashed heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stem. then they fastened together everything and went through their life-raft drill. they attached lifelines. put on waterproof clothes and life-jackets .

Question”10 what sort of were hit the ship? how did the narrator react?

Answer” It was a mighty and huge wave. it appeared perfectly vertical. it was almost twice the height of the other waves. it had a very unpleasant breaking crest. the narrator had never seen such an enormous wave. so he was filled with horror.

We’re Not Afraid to Die. if we can all be together class 11 (Long Question and Answer 6 Marks )

Question”1 Highlight the tremendous courage and forbearance shown by the two children during the struggle to keep the boat from sinking. what values do you learn from them?

Answer” The two children Suzanne and Jonathan, showed tremendous courage and forbearance during the epic struggle put up by their parents and the crewmen to keep the boat from sinking sue had been injured badly when the big wave hit the boat. her head swollen alarmingly and both her eyes were hind she also had a deep cut on her arm. but she did not complain

about her injuries as she did not want to worry her parents when they were trying to save them au. when the author went to comfort the children, his son Jonathan, asked him if they were going to die. when he was assured that they would au survive, he told his father that they were not afraid of dying if they could au be together. moreover Sue had patience and power enough to even draw the caricatures of her parents with a message of hope and exhibit extraordinary patience. courage and tolerance.

Question”2 We’re Not Afraid to die’ is a saga of patience and bravery. comment?

Answer” The story we’re not Afraid to die’ is a story of the rare courage and perseverance of the narrator’s family the narrator’s undertaking to replicate captain james cook’s voyage was a challenging task’ as they had to sail in some of the roughest seas. however the voyagers kept their spirits high and made aH efforts to save the boat and their lives. Even in the worst of circumstances. the captain did not give up hope and tried his best to protect the ship from flooding. AU the dangers and disasters were confronted with patience, courage and determination.

Even the children showed exemplary courage. they were not afraid to die if they were all together . the two crewmen continuously pumped out the water and never complained .they trusted their captain and worked as a team. luckily the voyagers were able to come out of a near-death experience due to their never-say die attitude. thus, the story proves to be a saga of patience and bravery.

Question”3 The hurdles of life can be challenged if we have the confidence to make optimum use of our potential. Elaborate.

Answer” The statement holds true in the light of the story we’re not afraid to die….’the narrator along with his wife. children, and two crewmen overcome the worst situation and defeated death by fighting the adverse situation which cropped up during their voyage. when the big wave hit the boat. it was severely damaged and the narrator was badly injured. however he did not pay attention to it and held on to the wheel .both larry and herb kept pumping out water and did not stop.

Moreover. when the handpumps stopped working and the electric pump short-circuited, he did not lose confidence and used an electric pump to drive out water from the boat. even the children had confidence in their father and they hoped to survive. they also showed great courage. jon said that they were not afraid to die if they are all together. sue made a card to thank her parents. it was a great example of unity and trust that they had on each other,

Thus, it can be concluded that by staying optimistic like the children and making the best use of your potential like the narrator. one can fight adversities and be a winner.


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