Albert Einstein at school class 11 chapter 4 English snapshots summary

Albert Einstein at school class 11 chapter 4 English snapshots summary

Albert Einstein at school class 11 summary

Albert’s class was on. the history teacher, Mr. Braun, asked Albert when the Prussians defeated the French at waterloo Albert told him that he didn’t know. the teacher said that he had often told them. Albert said that he must have forgotten. this irritated the teacher. did he ask Albert’ why? Albert replied that he didn’t see a point in learning dates. one could learn about them from books Ideas are more important than facts and figures .the teacher thought that Albert didn’t believe in education .he talked in a sarcastic manner. Albert told him that learning facts were not education. the teacher said that Albert was a disgrace to be there.

Albert felt miserable when he left the school that afternoon. he didn’t like this school. he would have to come to it again. he lived in a small room. it was one of the poorest quarters of Munich. the landlady beat her children regularly, her husband came every Saturday he drank in the evening .he then beat her. he didn’t like the children’s crying every time. he told these things to Yuri. he hated the atmoshphere of slum violence.

Next time his cousin Elsa came to Munich .she told Albert that if she tried he could pass the examination .there were more stupid boys than him. moreover, passing the examination was not difficult he had not understood what he is taught. he should merely repeat in the examination. he told Elsa that he was not good at learning things by heart. he liked music as it gave him comfort. he also liked Geology.

Albert didn’t like to remain in school .he met Yuri after six months. he had an idea. he told Yuri that he needed a medical certificate. it should state that he suffered from a nervous breakdown. then he could get rid of school. he asked Yuri if he had a doctor friend. Yuri told him that he knew Dr. Ernest Weil. Yuri told him not to deceive him. he must be frank with him. Albert visited Dr. Ernest Weil. then he had come near a nervous breakdown.

Dr. Ernest issued him the certificate. Albert told Dr. Ernest about his plans. he would go to Milan. he hoped to get admission into an Italian college or institute. it was possible from the comments of the Mathematics teacher. Mr. Koch. the mathematics teacher was a different man. he understood Albert well. he gave a glowing testimonial to him. he wrote that Albert knew so much that he couldn’t teach him anymore. he was ready to enter college.

The head teacher summoned Albert to his room. he wanted Albert to leave the school then. Albert asked why it was so he asked if he should think he was to be expelled. the head teacher told him that if he went of his own accord, that question didn’t arise.

The headteacher gave several reasons for his asking him to leave the school. Albert’s presence made it impossible for the teacher to teach and pupils to learn. he rebelled and so serious work would be done while he was there. Albert felt that the medical certificate was useless. Albert wished to tell him what he thought of him and the school. but he did not he went out of the room. before leaving the town, Albert saw Yuri. he had no other real friends.

Conclusion of summary

To sum up, Albert Einstein at school summary, we learn even the most genius minds did not have an easy life and it is the struggle that make us what we are,


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