Mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 English snapshots summary

Mother’s day class 11 chapter 5 English snapshots summary

Mother’s day class 11 summary

Mother’s day’ is a hilarious drawing-room comedy by J.B raises a serious issue and deals with it humorously. the comic undertone. however, does not belittle the importance of the issues raised in the play.

The play centers around Annie Pearson. a devoted wife and doting mother. she is a pleasant but worried-looking woman in her forties. her neighbor, Mrs. Fitzgerald. is a fortune teller. she tells Mrs. Pearson to make up her mind and asserts herself if she wants to be the mistress of her own house and the boss of her own family. at present Mrs. Pearson is reduced to the status of an unpaid domestic servant who does all the domestic chores without even being requested for them or thanked later on. she is taken for granted and ordered about.

Mrs. Fitzgerald tells her that husbands. sons and daughters should take notice. of wives and mothers, not giving them orders and treating them like dirt, Mrs. Pearson endures the ill-treatment because she is very fond of her husband and children though they are quite thoughtless and selfish. she tries her best to have it out with them but does not know how to begin. she wants to get tea things ready as the members of her family are about to drop in Mrs. Fitzgerald asks her to let them wait or look after themselves for once.

Since Mrs. Pearson is too soft towards her family. Mrs. Fitzgerald offers a way out. she suggests a change of personalities for a short duration. Mrs. Pearson is doubtful about the success of the plan, but yields. with the help of magic spells learned in the East, Mrs. Fitzgerald carries out an interchange of personalities. now Mrs. Pearson having the personality of her neighbor becomes bold and dominating and Mrs. Fitzgerald is nervous and fluttering.

Doris Pearson’s pretty girl in her early twenties is the first to face the cool and incisive mother. as usual, Doris the spoilt. girl asks her mother about her yellow silk dress. Mrs. Pearson keeps on smoking. Doris is astounded. however, she asks if they are having tea in the kitchen. Mrs. Pearson tells her politely to have it wherever she likes. Doris angrily asks her if it isn’t ready. Mrs. Pearson tells her that she has had what she wanted. she surprises her with the remark that she might go out later and get a square meal at the Clarendon. when Doris angrily asks her mother again whether she has ironed her yellow silk dress. Mrs. Pearson tells her that she puts in twice the hours she does and gets no wages or thanks for it. she criticizes her boyfriend Charlie Spence for having buck teeth and being half-witted. she tells Doris frankly that at her age she would have found somebody better than Charlie Spence.

Cyril and Doris go into a huddle and whisper about the behavior of their mother. Doris states that she could not believe her eyes as she found her mother smoking and playing cards when she came in. Cyril had asked her if she was feelings off-color and she said she wasn’t Doris observes that she is suddenly all different. she made her cry not only by what she said but by the way she said it and looked. Doris thinks that she had a concussion as a result of falling. Cyril asks if she has become slightly crazy.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Pearson comes back. she is caring a bottle of a stout and half-filled glass. Cyril and Doris try to stop their guffawing and giggling. Irs Pearson regards them with contempt and asks them to behave according to theirs. age. she finds nothing funny in their jokes. Doris is tearful again. she wants to know what they have done. Mrs. Pearson at once tells them that they have done nothing. they simply come in asking for something. go out again and then come back when there’s nowhere else to go. Cyril tells her aggressively that he’ll find something to eat himself if she won’t get tea ready. Mrs. Pearson tells him to help himself. when Cyril and Doris say that they have been working all day. Mrs. Pearson says that she has also done her eight hours.

Conclusion of summary

Through the mother’s day summary, the writer wants to say that we all should respect, care and help our mother for all the hardship she does for us.


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