The Browning version class 11 chapter 6 English hornbill summary

The Browning version class 11 chapter 6 English hornbill summary

The browning version class 11 summary

this is an excerpt from Terence Rattigan’s play the browning version. the scene is set in a good school. Taplow. a boy of sixteen has come in to do extra work for his master Mr. Crocker harris. he has not yet arrived. another master. frank younger in years than Mr. Crocker-harris finds Taplow waiting. Incidentally, it is the last day of the term.

Taplow is a student in the lower fifth form. he does not know whether he will get his division all right or not. he tells frank that Mr. Crocker-harris does not tell them the results like the other masters. frank informs Taplow that there is a rule that form results should only be announced by the headmaster on the last day of the term. Taplow says that no one except Mr. Crocker-harris pays attention it

Frank then asks Taplow what he would like to study if his result is favorable. Taplow indicates his preference for science. frank remarks that they get all the slackers in science. Taplow disagrees with him and says that he is extremely interested in science. frank observes frankly that he is not interested in the science he is to teach. Taplow on the other hand finds the study of the Greek play’ Agamemnon’s muck. his objection is to the way, the play is taught to them-just a lot of Greek words strung together and fifty lines if one gets them wrong. Taplow’s answers show that he is feeling a bit bitter. frank is surprised that Taplow has come in to do extra work even on the last day of school. Taplow says that he missed a day last week when he was ill. so he has to put in extra work. the weather is quite fine and he might be playing golf. he knows that Mr. Crocker-harris must be quite busy them as he is leaving the school for good the next day.

The conversation then shifts to Mr.Crocker-harris Taplow had asked him the previous day if he had given him a good division and he said that he had given Taplow exactly what he deserved. no less and certainly no more. Taplow is afraid that he might have marked him down. rather than up, for taking extra work. the man is hardly human. frank then encourages Taplow to repeat the remarks of Mr. Crocker-harris frank does not find his imitation up to the mark and asks him to read his Aeschylus and be quiet.

Frank suggests to Taplow that he might cut the class and play golf as Mr. Crocker-harris has not turned up. Taplow is shocked at the suggestion as he can’t think of ever doing so, which frank envies. Mr. Crocker-harris for the effect he has on the boys. they seem scared to death of him. Taplow says that the crock is not a sadist like other masters. he would not be so frightening if he were. it would then seem that he had some feelings. he seems’ dry like a nut and hates people to like him. still, Taplow likes. sometimes Mr. Crocker-harris sees it and he shrivels up even more.

Taplow then relates an incident when his master related one of his classical jokes in the class. nobody laughed, as they couldn’t understand it. Taplow laughed as he knew he had meant it as funny. he felt sorry for his master for having made such a poor joke. Taplow has forgotten the joke but offers to imitate the reaction of Mr. Crocker-harris. the laughter of Mr. Frank encourages Taplow to do. so frank seems to enjoy the joke and asks Taplow to tell it. to others.

Conclusion of summary

Through the Browning version summary. the writers wants to say that teachers are not as bad they seem all they want is good for their students.

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