The Ailing Planet: the green movement’s Role class 11 chapter 5 English Hornbill summary

The Ailing Planet: the green movement’s Role class 11 chapter 5 English Hornbill summary

The Ailing planet : the green movement’s role class 11 summary

The Green movement started nearly twenty-five years ago. the world’s first nationwide green party was founded in New Zealand in 1972. since then. the movement has not looked back. No other movement in world history has excited the human race so much as the green movement. for the first time. there is a growing awareness that the earth itself is a living organism. it has its own metabolic needs and essential processes.

The signs of the earth’s life show a patient in declining health. people have now fully realized their moral duty to be good custodians of the planet and responsible trustees of the legacy to future generations.

The world commission on Environment and development popularized the concept of sustainable development in 1987. It defined the idea as the development that meets the needs of the present without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Man is the most dangerous animal in the world. now he has realized the wisdom of shifting from a system based on domination to one based on partnership scientists have arranged a list of 1.4 million living species on earth besides a man. about three to a hundred million other living species still stay unnamed in humiliating darkness.

The Brandt Commission was the first international commission to deal with the question of ecology and environment the first Brandt report raised the question of whether we were to leave our successors dried earth of increasing deserts. poor landscapes and an ailing environment. Mr. Lester R. Brown has listed the earth’s four main biological systems. these are fisheries, forests grasslands, and croplands. they form the basis of the world’s economic system. they supply us with food and raw materials for industry. In large areas of the world. these systems are reaching an unsustainable level. their productivity is being damaged. when he happens. fisheries break down, forests disappear. grasslands are changed into barren wastelands and croplands become worse.

overfishing is common in protein hungry world. in poor countries, local forests are destroyed to obtain fuel for cooking. tropical forests are wearing away at the rate of forty to fifty million acres a year. the growing use of dung for burning deprives the soil of an important natural fertilizer. over the last four decades, India’s forests have reached disastrous exhaustion. 3.7 million acres a year. large areas. officially named forests land. are almost treeless. A UN study warns that the environment has deteriorated quite badly in many of the eighty-eight countries investigated.

The growth of world population is one of the strongest factors distorting the future of human society. mankind reached the first billion mark in more than a million years. that was the world population in the year 1800. by the year 1900, a second billion was added. the twentieth century has added another 3.7 billion. the present world population is estimated at 5.7 billion. every four days the world population increases by one million.

Conclusion of summary

To conclude, the ailing planet:the green movement’s role summary, it tells us about the situation of this planet is in a crucial condition and how we must do our best to save it.

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