Third Level class 12chapter 1 English vistas summary

Third Level class 12 chapter 1 English Vistas summary

Third level class 12 summary

In new York, Grand central station has two floors. however, charley, a 31 year old city resident said there is a third layer. furthermore, he claims that he has been there. to discuss this issue. he visited a friend of a psychologist. he called it fulfilment of the walking dreams’ and explained charlie’s psychology through the modern world is full of fear.

Insecurity wars and worries. everyone wants to escape to a temporary refuge. reality for him, hobbies like collecting stamps are a sign of this escape. central station is sometimes like a maze to Charlie. when he was n the subway before, he got lost several times. once he walked into the lobby of the Roosevelt hotel.

And another time, he appeared in an office building three blocks away. however this time he lost his way and something unique happened. Charlie visits the third floor. In the silent corridor. Charlie continued to move forward. turning left and going downstairs until he came

Across a station with an old building completely different from the two familiar levels. coupled with this small old room. there are fewer ticket offices and train doors. a wooden information kiosk, swinging open flame gas lamps and brass spittoons. all of these remind you of the architecture of the 19th century. also see people in old fashioned clothing.

when he noticed the date in the world newspaper he saw june 11, 1894. when you try to buy two tickets, you realize that you need the old currency. he always wanted to go to Galesburg with his wife Luisa. In his mind it is still a wonderful city, with old wooden houses. huge meadows and huge trees. this place has beautiful and long summer. sunsets and people have time.

So at lunch the next day, he exchange three hundred yuan for about two hundred old coins . In addition, the amount does not bother him. because he believes everything will be cheaper. however he could no longer find the hallway that led to the third floor. when his wife found out about this, she asked him to stop looking. unexpectedly his friend sam weiner also disappeared and his wife continued to search for him over the weekend also Sam is the person Charlie shared the Galesburg ideas with .

Charlie inherited the hobby of collecting stamps from his grandfather. one day, while going through the stamps collection. Charlie found a letter that was not there before. also it had a photo of president Garfield printed on a faded six cent stamp.

Conclusion of summary

Through the third level, the writer wants to escape from the modern world to peaceful and quite old times.


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