Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers class 12 Poem 6 summary

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers class 12 poem 6 English Flamingo summary

Aunt jennifer’s Tigers class 12 summary

In this poem, the poet described a lady he called Aunt jennifer .the poet also said that he was embroidering on a piece of cloth. which could be a tapestry or a tablecloth. furthermore, he ran fiercely in the green forest with a beautiful tiger. also he described its beauty compared to topaz. similar to the green forest background

They appear bright yellow. the company of men will not affect them, because they are not afraid. at this point. we can feel the contrast in behavior between the aunt and the tiger. Although the tiger she gave birth to is fierce, she is afraid of her husband. according to the poet, the tiger is a proud and brave citizen in the forest.

These creatures are very elegant and bright. in this paragraph, the poet defines Aunt jennifer’s fear of her husband while embroidering, she said that her fingers tremble because her husband doesn’t approve that she likes embroidery. so she was trembling while embroidering the piece of cloth. In addition, it is difficult for you to pull the needle up and down.

After that, define the wedding ring your husband gave you on the wedding day. moreover she thinks wearing this ring is a burden. she felt this way because her husband tortured her so much that he regarded the wedding ring as a burden rather than a beautiful gift from her husband. as she encountered many difficulties in her married life,

She described this small wedding ring as a heavy straps on her trembling fingers. this also means that the ring is related to some bad experiences in the form of torture you are facing. In addition, this experience is related to the dominant behavior of her husband.

In the last part, the poet said that although aunt’s tiger design can easily feel her desire for freedom and courage. however. the poet said that he could not have this kind of freedom in his life. only after his death can he be free. Ironically she would still be bound with chains in the shape of her husband’s wedding ring. this ring is the only proof of the pain she suffered from her husband.

On the contrary the tiger made by Aunt jennifer always leaps bravely and proudly on a piece of cloth, showing her desire for a life without. fear.

Conclusion of summary

By Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger summary the poet wants to represents the life of a woman who has to live under a constant fear from her husband. also she will only get freedom when she will die.

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