Glimpses of India class 10 chapter 7 English First Flight summary

Glimpses of India class 10 chapter 7 English First Flight summary

Glimpses of India class 10 summary NCERT Solution for class 10 English First Flight summary chapter 7 A baker From Goa In class 10 chapter 7 summary


A Baker from Goa’ is description of a traditional Goan village written by Lucio Rodrigues in which the writer tells us about the presence and Importance of a baker during old Portuguese days in Goa.

Glimpses of India class 10 summary

The story begin with the narrators elders Memorising fondly time when leaves of bread were very famous during the reign of. portuguese over Goa. bakers also known as paders’ still occupy on important place in the villages of goa. the mixes, moulders and the furnances are still there for making bread leaves. The thud and jingle sound made by a baker with his bamboo stick can still be heard in some parts of the village. the writers tells that the same sound used to wake him up during his childhood days. the narrator furthers narrates that the bakers visited twice a day his one hand supported

The basket on his head and the others one carried the bamboo stick. the narrator and his friends would try to deep into his basket but it was the maid-servant who collected the loaves while kids used to look for bread bangles (a sweat bread specially bakes. ) The accounts were generally settled on monthly basis Presence of a baker was felt on every occasion marriage gift were meaning less without the sweat bread bol. bread was mast for any party. mother used to prepare sandwiches for the occasion of her daughter’s engagement and cakes and bolinahs were made for Christmas.

Earlier the bakers wore a special dress known as kabai. it was a single piece frock of knee length but during narrators, childhood they used to wear a shirt with half pants. bakers and even their servant led a joyful like as they earned well their plump bodies were the proof of their prospores life.

Conclusion of summary

It can be concluded that baking as a profession still occupies an Important place in the village of Goa.


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