Mijbil the otter class 10 chapter 8 English First Flight summary

Mijbil the otter class 10 chapter 8 English First Flight summary

Mijbil the otter class 10 chapter 8 book English first flight summary The author of the story Gavin. Maxwell In this story the writer tells us how his life altered after he decided to keep an otter. here he is taking us through his journey and his experiences with Mijbil the otter.

Mijbil the otter class 10 summary

Mijbil the Otter is written by Gavin Maxwell. the story is about the lovely bond between Maxwell and his pet Mijbil. Gavin maxwell was travelling to Basra with his friend to the Consulate-general he was going there to collect and answer the mail from Europe. Maxwell casually told his friend. his desire to keep an otter as a pet. his friend told him to get one from the Tigris marshes in Iraq.

His Friend received the mail immediately. but Maxwell had to stay there for a few more days to receive his mail. the day he received the mail. he also saw two Arabs sitting in his accommodation and they were carrying a sack with a message. the message was from his friend. which said here’ is your otter. the otter was there in the sack. Maxwell called his otter, Mijbil and would often call him Mij.

Initially, Mij took a day to adapt to the new place. but slowly he started taking keen interest in his surroundings. Mij enjoyed playing with water. for otters water must keep moving. if the water is static. the otter get irritated. Mij enjoyed playing in water and had also learned to open the bathroom tap on its own. Mij played a lot of games. his favorite was juggling. Mij liked to play with marbles.

Maxwell was scared of the thought of transporting Mij to England. and Camusfearna. British Airlines didn’t allow animals. so Maxwell had to book a flight that allowed Mij to travel with him. he booked a flight to Paris and then to London. the new airline insisted that Mij should be packed in a box. Maxwell had a box made and one hour before the flight. Put Mij inside and left for a hurried. meal.

when he returned he saw that there was no sound from the box, and blood had tricked and dried. he opened the box and saw that Mij was exhausted. he was already late for the airport and reached there a few minutes before the flight took. off.

Maxwell explained the entire incident to an air hostess. she advised him to keep his pet on his lap. Maxwell was happy and as he opened the box, Mij leaped out and disappeared in the flight. the co-passengers panicked when they saw Mij on the flight. the air hostess helped Maxwell to find Mij. she took it and handed it to Maxwell.


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