The Midnight Visitor class 10 chapter 3 English summary

The Midnight Visitor class 10 chapter 3 English Footprints without feet summary

The Midnight visitor class 10 summary The Midnight visitor is a story writer by Robert Arthur it is about a detective who do not fit any description of a secret agent but acts wisely in the situation of danger and surprise.

In this story there is a secret agent Ausable who is staying at the 6th and the top floor of a french hotel he has come to paris from Boston twenty year ago. he has a good command over French and German languages he has a style of his own in American language too.

One day a young fowler. comes to meet him he wants to writer about a secret agent but he gets disappointed when he meets Ausable because he is not like the secret agents as he has read and heard about. fat unromantic short

when they enter the hotel room they find a man (another spy) Max, standing in the middle (centre) of the room with a pistol in his hand. he tells that he has come to grab the important report from Ausable (Report related to new musicles )

Ausable remains Cool he at once furnishes a story about the balcony he says that he will complain against the balcony to the management of the hotel. at this Max tells him that he has used a master key to enter into the room.

when there is sudden knocking at the door, Ausable smiles and makes another story that it must be the police because he has called them for the protection of the report. max becomes nervous he jumps through the window to the balcony but actually there is no balcony he falls down and gets killed.

The door opens and a waters who has been ordered, enters the room with a bottle of wine and two glasses. fowler fears that max will return soon but Ausable tells., him the fact that he will never return. In this way fowler gets impressed by Ausable’s cleverness and presence of mind.

Conclusion of summary

Don’t get panic in case of any emergency think wisely in order to tackle the problem


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