A Question of Trust class 10 chapter 4 summary

A Question of Trust class 10 chapter 4 English Footprints without feet summary

A Question of Trust class 10 summary

A Question of Trust was written by victor Canning. this story is about a thief. Horace Danby who was a good citizen. he was an unmarried fifty-year-old man who used to work as a locksmith. he was a successful businessman too and had two helpers to assist him.

Although he was a respectable man, he was not completely honest. he had a liking for rare and fancy books and would purchase them by any means. to pursue his expensive hobby, he would rob a safe once every year and purchased the expensive books covertly through an agent. He would Chalk out a well-devised plan before making any burglary attempt.

This time he had his eyes on a house at Shotover Grange and he carefully studied its rooms. electric wiring, its paths and the garden for two weeks.

The Family of that house was in London. One fine afternoon. the two caretakers of the house had gone to watch a movie. Horace realised this was the best time to execute his act. he came out from behind a wall of the garden and entered the house with all his tools packed in his bag. he had picked a key from the hook on the kitchen door. he quickly wore his gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints behind. he took the key from the hook and opened the door. he saw the dog. Sherry that wagged its tail when it saw Horace.

Danby knew the safe was hidden behind a poor painting in the drawing room. there was a beautiful vase full of flowers kept on the table. he was allergic to the fragrance of flowers he tickled his nose and kept sneezing repeatedly. he took out his tools and cut the burglar alarm. As he sneezed again loudly due to the fragrance of the flowers.

He heard the voice of a Young lady standing on the doorway behind him. the lady was dressed in red and pretended to be the house owner’s wife and she managed to convince Horace to believe her. she said that she had come there without notice to collect her Jewels as she wanted to wear those at a Party that night.


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