The sound of Music class 9 chapter 2 summary

The sound of Music class 9 chapter 2 English Beehive summary

sound of music summary

Evelyn Glennie listens to sound without hearing it little girl Evelyn at Royal Academy of Music Rush hour crowd pushed for place on the underground train platform. a little girl of about seventeen was nervous for the coming train.

It was her first day at the famous Royal Academy of Music in London she was deaf. so she was facing a bigger challenge in life. Evelyn’s deafness detected Evelyn Glennie was from Scotland. she lost her hearing gradually her mother saw in when Evelyn was eight-year old. Evelyn hid this growing weakness from her friends and teachers.

By eleven her marks lessened the headmistress told her mother to take her to a specialist. it was known that her hearing loss was due to gradual nerve damage. she was advised to wear a hearing aid.

How Evelyn “hears”

But Evelyn was determined to lead a nor-mal life. she wanted to pursue her interest in music. One day she saw a girl playing xylo-phone. she too decided to play. it Ron Forbes recognised Evelyn’s talent in it. he told her to listen it not through ears but sense it some other way. Evelyn said that suddenly she could feel the higher and lower drums differently.

She could also sense certain notes in different parts of her body. she could open her mind and body to different sounds. Evelyn’s height of success she never looked back. she toured the united Kingdom with a Youth orchestra. she had decided to make music her life.

she auditioned for the Royal Academy of Music In London by playing the xylophone. there she scored the highest in its history. she moved from orchestral work to solo performances. after her three-year course she had got most of the top awards.

Evelyn world’s most wanted multiper-cussionist she is not proud of her achievements. she says that if one knows one’s goal, she is the world’s most wanted multiper-cussionist. she was mastery over 1, 000 Instruments.

Evelyn’s other interest without hearing she functions with ease. she speaks fluently with a Scottish lilt. she learnt French and mastered basic Japanese.


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