The Little Girl class 9 chapter 3 English Beehive Summary

The Little Girl class 9 chapter 3 English Beehive Summary

The Little Girl class 9 summary

Kezia’s fears about her father Kezia’s father was a figure of fear for her. she avoided him before going to work, he would come to her. he would give her a casual Kiss. but when he went, Kezia would feel a great relief.

How Kezia comes before father in the evening in the evening Kezia’s father came home. Kezia would hear his loud voice calling for tea. Kezia’s mother would ask Kezia to be a good girl to take off father’s shoes. when she would take off his shoes. he would ask if she had been a good girl that day but she was terrified of him. she would stutter due to fear. she in fact, would try to speak. but she would hesitate due to fear. for Kezia her father was like a giant.

what happened on a Sunday afternoon on a Sunday afternoon grandmother asked Kezia to have a nice talk with father and mother. but Kezia always found mother reading and father snoring. so she waited for father. she continued staring at father. she waited till he awoke. when he actually awoke, he asked her not to stare. she looked like an owl.

Kezia makes a birthday gift for father one day Kezia’s grandmother told her that her father’s birthday was next week. she suggested to Kezia to make him a pin cushion of yellow silk. so Kezia made a pin-cushion for father. she needed something to stuff the pin-cushion. so she gathered a few sheets of fine paper and put them into it. these sheets belonged to her father. they had an important speech which he was to deliver.

A hue and cry in the house that night there was a hue and cry in the house. father’s great speech for the Port Authority had been lost. rooms were searched. Servants were questioned. father went to Kezia’s room. he asked her about them. Kezia didn’t tell a lie. she told him that she had tom those papers.

Father summons Kezia and beats her father asked Kezia to come to the drawing-room he was very angry. he was pacing to and fro. kezia if she had done that. she whispered father asked mother to go to kezia’s room and fetch those torn papers. Meanwhile he asked Kezia to hold out her hands. he beat her on her hands. he did so to teach her not to touch anything that didn’t belong to her


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