No Men Are Foreign class 9 Poem 6 English summary

No Men Are Foreign class 9 Poem 6 English Beehive summary

No Are Foreign class 9 summary

In the beginning the poet says that no men are strange and no country is foreign’ so the poet tries to remove all the borders of countries from the earth’s surface only then no country will be foreign. also when there will be no borders. the no country will be foreign. and we can feel free to move around. In this way. the entire earth is one and all the people who live on this earth belong to one human race.

Moreover, Inside the uniforms of soldiers from different countries. humans are the same. because god has made us all similarly. we all breathe in the same way. after that poet says that all the soldiers are our brother. as we all walk the same ‘mother’ Earth and upon death, will bury in the same earth

In the next part. they’ refers to people of other countries we also fight with them discriminate them and call them foreigners. he also says that nature has given them plenty just like he did to us. god has given everyone equal air, water and sunlight which means God does not differentiate. when there is no war. we all do farming .we live a comfortable life and eat things given by nature.

In addition. he points out that during war and winter we starve and the people of another country also face the same things. so the poet wants to say that we and foreigners of other countries are the same. hand as ours, and they work hard like us. the poet gives all these examples to express the readers that there is no difference between people of a different country.

Poet asks the reader to remember something. he further says that keep in mind that God has bestowed our enemies with a similar appearance to us. God has give them similar eyes that open and shut like our. God has also given them strength which we can win through love. and on every land life is the most common thing. moreover. when we realize that they are like us. then there will be no war.

when someone tells us to hate some one of another country and think then as our enemy and we do that then we deprive, condemn, and cheat our-selves the poet says that we should stay away from such negativity. during the war both parties bear losses. war is not in anyone’s favor. when we pick any weapon against someone. we should recall one thing………..


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